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So far I'm on hour #4, and I've played:
- Limbo (beat it, yay!)
- Payday: The Heist
- Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
- Madden NFL 13
- Minecraft
- Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

Hour #6, 25% to the end!
+ Lone Survivor
+ Rogue Soul
+ Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
+ Angry Birds

Hour #11, almost half-way now.
+ 8-Bit Night
+ Quantum Conundrum
+ Hitman: Blood Money
+ Counter Strike: Global Offensive
+ Metro 2033

Just one hour left!
+ Borderlands 2
+ Portal 2
+ Rochard
+ Pokemon White
+ Jamestown
+ The Last Remnant
+ Guild Wars 2
+ League of Legends
+ Magic the Gathering Online

I'll be streaming as much as possible here.

Here are a couple games I'm giving away today:
The Basement Collection
Batman: Arkham Asylum
The Orange Box

ChrisITA (1 year ago)

Streaming link?

I couldn't find a good way to stream (never done it before), so I've just started to take screenshots.


(1 year ago)

ToxicThunder (1 year ago)

I think thats kind of u

bfrheostat (1 year ago)

That's good as its purpose but also would be bad for your health. Good luck :)

jurm02 (1 year ago*)

I'm still taking food and pee breaks, we're trying to keep people healthy here, not the opposite.


(1 year ago)

Good ^^ And don't forget to drink ;)


(1 year ago)

xylotism (1 year ago*)

Here's a link to the image gallery, I'll be adding screenshots and things as the day goes on.

Edit: Changed the link to a better (cleaner) gallery system.

xylotism (1 year ago)

Live streaming here!

Very cool, man! Thanks for doing this.


(1 year ago)

Drafek (1 year ago)


ordalien (1 year ago)

Good Luck. I am at work and canĀ“t play. ^^

Athard (1 year ago)

Good luck!

brianmortensen (1 year ago)

I think you are doing something great!

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