(Closed) I haven't won a giveaway yet.

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I am kinda bummed out but I'll keep trying any tips?

AtomicWoodchuck (1 year ago*)

Using the search function and gaining an understanding of the "expected wins" figure are my tips.

Good luck in this venture...

I understand the estimated wins figure I'll try more


(1 year ago)

Then you understand that there is no need to be bummed out since, statistically speaking, you would be outstandingly lucky to have won anything at this stage :)

You are, however, not the first to have expressed your distress in the forums upon failing to prevail in the face of such overwhelming odds. These threads have filled the void left by the sorely missed DOTA 2 giveaway topics, and no matter how many times they are heard, such tragic tales of human suffering never fail to bring a tear to the eye.

I feel your pain.


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I wouldn't say it's a distress it's just my friend who showed me this site told me his wins was over 200 and I was enthused.


(1 year ago)

I'm assuming his estimated win figure is somewhat higher than 0.09?


(1 year ago)

im sure you will win before you hit 700 entries, your at 80 so you go ta long way to go


(1 year ago)

Just join some groups if possible, I gotten to a few real nice ones(public ones nothing special,) But it does increase your chance of winning with the private links and groups givaways.. Irony of my giving advice is that i haven't won anything either, But no complaints here at least i get the chance to try and will keep trying :)

ps seen some comments saying they seen people with 1000 entries and only have won once.. Now i feels sad . I thought my situation was normal :,( well maybe ill win by 2000 entries :P


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Semoponume (1 year ago)

Keep trying and don't have any expectations.

Expectations are for the weak!


(1 year ago)

Yet you expect to have won something with so few entries?


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Lezz (1 year ago)

80 entries?... just 80 entries? are you serious?...

anyway, the general tip, is to find a dragon, and eat his heart... but without killing it.

I will try that thanks!


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zeitschleifer (1 year ago)

smoke weed every day.it helps a lot

Or maybe have sex j's with ling ling


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DeltaBladeX (1 year ago)

Delta was kind enough to put that guide together for people just like you. I would at least thank him for his time and effort on your behalf.


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If only it worked for you.


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drabit642 (1 year ago)

Less people entered = better odds = your friend.

In your profile it says your estimated odds of winning something across all the games you've tried to win and lost, (copies of the game/entries) when it starts nearing 10 estimated and 0 actually won, then you should be worried :)

Chaps2k2 (1 year ago)


Azriel27842 (1 year ago)

You've only entered 80! I've seen people who have entered over 1,000 and only won one. So just keep trying

MrD (1 year ago)

Dat estimated win. ^_^

KILLMENOWs (1 year ago)

Giveaways entered: 80

You forgot the link.


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DarkyHBK (1 year ago)

God, you've entered 80 giveaways and won none ? Damn, such tough luck, I'm sorry for you. You should have won AT LEAST 34 of those 80 !

zeyqer (1 year ago)


SuicideBroccoli (1 year ago)

Enter MOAR!

deywid12345 (1 year ago)

almost 3k entered and 1 won (this game was giveawain on reddit for free i just didnt knew...)

xth3rm4lx (1 year ago)

i have won 5 in 8 months

Wheatley5981 (1 year ago)


buLkhead (1 year ago)

I haven't won anything in last 3 months :(

Tropica (1 year ago)

You have only 80 entries, I got my first win after ~400 entries.

xboxer (1 year ago)

Use this cheat software to get more chance.

Khalaq (1 year ago*)

I recommend you do two things right away.

1) Read the FAQ for the site. This will prevent you from asking questions that people will flame you for.
2) Pay special attention to the information on bundled games If you do not, will be (rightfully) flamed for it.

And Delta has already responded with a link to his guide. Check it out.

ChrisITA (1 year ago)

>80 entries

>0.09 estimated wins

>"I can't win fuck this shit"

COMbine22 (1 year ago)

Look who's complaining, 80 entries. I've seen people with 1000 (no mistake, one thousand) entries and no wins.

chairmankao (1 year ago*)

My tip: Always use a condom unless you're prepared to handle the challenges of parenthood.

Enzime (1 year ago*)

At your rate, it will take 6/7 years for your first win. :P

dirtySanchez (1 year ago)

yes please close it ...

wokcz (1 year ago)

Buy games and act like you won them.

Ruaben (1 year ago*)

I fell so bad about you, here's a imaginary cookie

SkyPoweR (1 year ago)

im so sad for you :(

keenguitar (1 year ago)

You seem to be from outer space. I'm sure you'll win soon.

SilsChaos (1 year ago)

xD good one torik

Gameraaaaa (1 year ago)

I've entered a little more than 1500 giveaways and never won any public one. The most "crowded" group giveaway I won counted as much as 22 people. Winning something here is just a matter of luck, so be prepared not to win any time soon.

SilsChaos (1 year ago)

Show up more. Enter more giveaways. Give more giveaways ~ just cuz we like 'em =) Oh yeah, and click your heels 3 times and say....

RoxXan (1 year ago)

friendly tip : stop making threads like this, wont help u :D
(i mean with 80 entries in 7 months, u cant expect to win something, or you have to be mega uber super-pro hardcore lucky) :D

dewin (1 year ago)

I haven't won anything yet either and I'm at ~300 giveaways

However, I did make a giveaway who was won by someone who had entered 4 giveaways at the time. Some people are just lucky.

FizzgigUK (1 year ago)

86 entered? You have an estimated win total of 0.09. That means you need to ENTER MORE GIVEAWAYS. Why do people find this so difficult to understand?

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