You have probably seen some comments about deals on Nuuvem by now. You are probably interested on them, since you are reading this. I will try to write down some simple information and instructions about using this site.
I am in no way linked to Nuuvem, nor do I represent them.

What is Nuuvem?

Nuuvem is a Brazilian website that sells games. They have some good deals with some of the major game producers, like EA and Sega.
It IS legit. I already bought Steam-redeemable games there.

Are all games for Steam?

No. Some of their games do not use Steamworks. You can check if a game is Steam-redeemable following this simple instructions:

  1. Go to the page of the game that you want.
  2. Check if there is a "Notícia Específica" on the middle left of the page. If there is one, check if it says "Este game utiliza a ferramenta steamworks". You may use ctrl+f to search for "steamworks" too (Example here). If you find it, you got yourself a Steam game.

Another way to check for Steam games is to search for "steam" on that blue search box at the top right of the screen.

What is R$? How much it is worth?

R$ is the Brazilian Real, the local currency. It is not Russian.
On a quick search on Google (03/22/2012), I get the current conversion rate:
1 Brazil real = 0.549753 U.S. dollars
This means that a R$10,00 game is around 5.50 USD.
If you buy your game using paypal, you may get a different value for your local money.

How can I pay for a game?

You can use paypal. There are some other ways to use an international credit card or other things, but I don't think they will be interesting for you and cannot guarantee that they will work.

How do I buy a game?

  1. On the game page, click on the "Comprar", or "Adicionar ao carrinho" button. It has a small cart. You can do it for several games and pay it once. You can only do it once for each game, just like Steam.
  2. On the next page, you will have to identify yourself. You may register a new account, or use Facebook, or even Twitter. For a new account, they ask you the following information (in this order): Name, Last Name, Email, Login, Password, Password again. There is also a checkbox about their terms of service and another one for their newsletter.
  3. After identifying yourself, you just have to choose your way to pay for the games. If you choose paypal, it will pop an internal windows in English.

How do I retrieve my games?

You have to click on your username (up there in the right) and then on "Meus games". After that, you can click on your game and check your keys.

Credit goes to KeyserSozer for the idea.

He lives in the best place in the world.
wbarton (Support) (2 years ago)

Awesome points incoming, good sir.

cfriend (2 years ago*)

tl;dr--can navigate nuuvem well enough as is--but good on you! Very helpful.

Arukardo (2 years ago)

Thank you for this guide.

Infernotoni (2 years ago)

The site is really great. Thanks for the guide, good idea.

Bloodman (2 years ago*)

Thanks for the guide

Btw guys Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai is 12.5 Euro lol you save 17,5 euro brand new game

It is already available to play, despite the release date being tomorrow. Just played the new campaign.


(2 years ago)

RagersReplacement (2 years ago)

Thanks for taking the time to write this guide. Btw if you use paypal is there a conversion fee involved?

Paypal gives you a worse conversion than your credit card, but they do not have a conversion fee.


(2 years ago)

renhoelder (2 years ago)

Thank you for the guide. One alternative would be just to use the Chrome browser and let it translate most of the site for you. It doesn't translate all, but the rest is very easy to figure out.



(2 years ago)

Tzell (2 years ago)

thanks! I got deus ex HR from there in the past. And just got dungeon siege 3 for about 8$.

ChieftainT (2 years ago)

Are the games bought from there multilingual?



(2 years ago)

Macaco (2 years ago)

Guide to browsing nuuvem: >translate.google.com >type in nuuvem.com.br >click GO >HUEHUEHUEHUE >profit

I think it also converts currency amounts to your local. Can't remember for sure.



(2 years ago)

Scriptbr (2 years ago*)

Great guide, I'm sure it will help lots of people! :)
Nuuvem really needs to make their site available in other languages, though. They have an opportunity to grow and are missing it.

EoNev (2 years ago)

I just got a copy of Deus Ex:HR for about €6.30, so I have to thank you for posting this guide.

sepang (2 years ago)

Thank you for Notícia Específica thing.

BrutoDetestsSB (2 years ago)

Is Nuuvem.br authorized to sell outside Brazil? I hope so.

They provide you with steam keys, when activated they show up as 'retail copies' of the games. There isn't anything stopping you from having a Brazilian friend who bought the game and gave you the key... I'd assume that at the very worst it would be a gray area legally.

Wouldn't worry about it much. Found that navigation was fairly easy even before translation, and Google Chrome's built-in page translator handled it no problem when I wanted to double check right before purchase.


(2 years ago)

yurigreger (2 years ago)

You can also search in search bar for Steam, this way you will have all Steam available games in the list.

Onomatopesha (2 years ago*)

Oh my, just checked some prices in there, and the exchange REALLY helps me.

USD = 4.40ARS

BRL = 2.30ARS

Thank you for this link!!!

yurigreger (2 years ago*)

People, don't forget that not all games are steam activate games, which means that you will need to use nuuvem account to download them, unfortunatelly they are not this good in download speed yet, what do not means that they will not fix this problem in the future.

negativ62 (2 years ago)

thanks =)

Delitabr (2 years ago)

Modern Warfare 2 EUR 7.78 - USD 10.37


Trepichio (2 years ago)


Froostiin (2 years ago)

Any problem, send me a PM on steam, i'm from Brazil...

defiantBlaze (2 years ago)

Brazil represent.

renatomur (2 years ago)

Grande iniciativa! Espero que a loja venda muito e torne viável mais promoções pra gente do Brasil. ;)

supersonic09 (2 years ago)

Hey are the games there activateable in AUS

They should be. I still haven't seen any complain about region locks.


(2 years ago)

Suits (2 years ago)

It's pretty standard lay-out, so you don't even need to know portuguese to buy something. Got DXHR there :)

Arthor (2 years ago)

I have received many games from this store/web page. And the respond to your questions which is always great!

NobodyMK (2 years ago)

Thank you for this guide! It allowed me to get Mount and Blade Collection for ~$5.50.

Miknoj (2 years ago)

Do the keys work for Europe though?

Yes they work. Just bought Mount & Blade Collection and it worked without any problems.


(2 years ago)

skyerxd (2 years ago)

this weekend: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/5301533019818765386242131109054257226921711544297029_n.jpg

Kushiel (2 years ago*)

Thanks for the guide.

BadKarMa (2 years ago)

About thr R$ exchange rate:
You can use Wolfram Alpha to calculate it. Just enter "R$19.99" and it shows the amount in your local currency. Please note that the R has to be upper case.

Deques (2 years ago)

How do I download non-steam games from their site? Each time I try to download I get an installation guide of a game

No idea, I never had to download a non-steam game. Can you give us some screenshots or something?


(2 years ago)

You should first log into your account in "acesse sua conta" uper right side Log in with your datas, in the following fields "login = user" and "senha = password". Once inside, it will list your purchased game Chose that game which you want to download and click, you will probably find the link to download in the right window, just click it to download and use your own supplied serial key.

Remember you should be in "meus games" = my games.


(2 years ago*)

213ss (2 years ago)

Thanks for guide. Great formatting.

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