TF2 Trading Cards worth?

17 Comments - Created by omarQamar 10 months ago

How much are 2 Scouts, 1 Sniper, 1 Soldier and 1 Pyro cards worth in total? I would check myself, but Steam, browser and desktop app, is laggy for me.

boxanata (10 months ago*)

Market prices right now:

  • Scout: $0.42
  • Sniper: $0.46
  • Soldier: $0.47
  • Pyro: $0.50

Your Grand total cost (Inc 2x Scout):

  • $2.27
thomas404 (10 months ago)

Each one is going at about £0.29-£0.32 each, which is about $0.40-$0.45.

omarQamar (10 months ago)

But if I sell them on the market, once the fees are cut, how much will I have left from the $2.27 (5 cards total according to Boxanata's reply)?

If I'm right on the VALVe cut, you'll get ~$1.93.


(10 months ago)

Not bad I guess. Thanks


(10 months ago)

You might have better luck trading them for keys / metal


(10 months ago)

Chiasm (10 months ago)

I'm selling them for 1,000,003 dollar each or trading for a Fortix.



(10 months ago)

FML (10 months ago)

On top of all that, it's basically free money (or cosmetics if you make badges). They are dropped from you playing a set number of games and Valve says they will be adding more. As long as they don't change the prices of the games they sell because of this, it's icing on a (so far) very awesome cake. Except for F2P games, which drop cards based on how much you spend in thier shops (only DOTA2 and TF2 so far), but if you already regularly shop through them then, again, icing on a sweet cake.

Very true, some extra cash to spend in the Summer Sale I guess!


(10 months ago)

Voidolt (10 months ago)

If you want Background and emotion . worth is nice :)

If you want a specific background/emoticon you're better off selling them and then buying the background/emoticon you want =p


(10 months ago)

Thats not a bad idea. I got the spy background which I don't want.


(10 months ago)

UnrealrageSRB (10 months ago*)

If you ask me they worth same as Dota 2.
But they no worth as same as Portal 2 and CS:GO.

You can get few games with that cards.I money,I don't know how much they worth.

NastyNate813 (10 months ago*)

Can you get TF2 cards without buying something in the store? What if you bought it before the game was F2P?

read this


(10 months ago)

Thank you Suits.


(10 months ago)