(Closed) Cheap ARMA II Key?

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Hey everybody,

like the title says im looking for a cheap ARMA II key, because I want to check this overhyped Arma II Mod - DayZ.

Since my favourite keyselling store is not selling this game, I asked myself if someone else knows a good deal for this game.

Best regards

Memoir (2 years ago)

You should probably go to SteamTrades.

You shouldn't be asking to buy/sell stuff here.

Good luck in...buying. :P

I see what you did there.


(2 years ago)

He's looking for a store rather than a trade, though, it appears.


(2 years ago)

People "trade" stuff for Steam Wallet. I call that buying. :P


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Damn ninjas already took it!


(2 years ago)

Nope, I did. Thanks for the key.


(2 years ago)

It's a magic key.. It has unlimited uses!


(2 years ago*)

Ooh, will be using it regularly.


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Flanlord (2 years ago)

I've heard you can use the free copy of ARMA2, then just buy the operation arrowhead expansion for ~$20 or whatever to shave another $10 off the overhead.

Operation Arrowhead isn't an expansion. It's a standalone game. You can play it without Arma 2 (just like me).


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GrandSasha (2 years ago)

Keep in mind that DayZ works with "ARMA II: Combined Operations" or with "ARMA II Free" and "ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead".

Having only ARMA II is not enough.

TheInsaneDump (2 years ago)

You can get the free version of ARMA 2 and just buy Operation Arrowhead when it becomes a daily deal during the summer sale.

Scorcher24 (2 years ago)

I suggest you buy the Arma X Anniversary Edition. It contains all Addons, DLC + the old games. Really worth it.

It is 30€ on german amazon, no clue what it is in your country.

But keep in mind that the summersale is coming up, might be heavily discounted.

HillaryClinton (2 years ago)

Wait for the summer sale.

PooTeZ (2 years ago)

you need both arma 2 and arma 2 oa if u want day-z

You actually only need Operation Arrowhead and Arma 2 free


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Voho (2 years ago)

You can get a key for free off a game magazine site, but then you need to get the files seperately.

Teach us master!


(2 years ago)

No keys on that site now


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Muskotti (2 years ago)

Wait for the Steam Summer sales and hope for the best.

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