(Closed) Humble Bundle Gifting Steam Keys

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Thompzen (1 year ago*)

will batman arkham city goty be in the wb humble bundle :O?

i seriously should stop buying/trading games if i dont want to play them right now >.<

ofc not thats a marketing tactic.....How do i know.......Your reaction

nah tbh it could come since its been on sale alot lately so fingers crossed.


(1 year ago*)

It's probably from the Humble store.


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llllShaDoW15llll (1 year ago)

Thanks man

Dunther (1 year ago)

Woa, that's awesome

Throgan (1 year ago)

This looks good

bobofatt (Support) (1 year ago)

Oh, very nice. I guess this clarifies what "personal use only" means?



(1 year ago)

Agreed! I'm glad we finally got that out of the way! lol


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iAmSmokey (1 year ago)

obvious troll is obvious

wuut (1 year ago)

Why would anone create a new system just to abolish it?

What the hell is this


(1 year ago)

+1 seems crazy/pointless. they must have gotten hate mail. more than they did for the crossplatform drm free thing or they would have ignored it


(1 year ago)

midnightshooter (1 year ago*)

Im the only one who thought that they were giving free Batman or am i that stupid?!

Haha, trust me you're were not the only one. xD


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Ekaros (1 year ago)

This way?

Dunno if I should do that...

soo closeee... already used.


(1 year ago)

Hmm kinda interesting how it doesn't show the person... Or any fact that it was used...


(1 year ago)

It's taken... Not me though


(1 year ago)

I took it but i already have bought the worms bundle. What should i do ?


(1 year ago)

Try sharing it again? ;D


(1 year ago)

There is no Gift box. I know what to do. I ll redeem yours to my account and gift my copy here. Thanks for tah game :P


(1 year ago)

Flaw with this system #n: you accept the gift link blindly and if you already own it that's tough luck because you can't pass it on to someone who didn't own it - with Steam keys it would remain unredeemed until someone who doesn't own it redeemed it.


(1 year ago*)

Yup. If i knew what it was i wouldnt redeem it. So in behalf of Ekaros good will and my politeness and honor i "regift" this: https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=cmH2CYcSev6bDN67

Have fun whoever gets it.


(1 year ago*)

Damn. I was too late ><


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Rabbidking (1 year ago)

Cool. When the WB bundle launches, I can finally gift Scribblenauts to a friend who's been dying to play it. Thanks for the heads-up!

I'm also tempted to wag my finger at Humble bundle for teasing us with the WB Bundle for the second time today (even though the first one was Scribblenauts' fault). Might as well just tell us what the 2nd week's BTA bonuses are :/

andie (1 year ago*)

I'm actually quite happy with this "solution". The way I see it this will prevent people from earning money off of keys by trading and then retrading their way up, but for those of us that want to gift extra keys to friends there's no problem. I'm cool with that! :)

how does it prevent that?


(1 year ago)

Once the gift is activated it's used and can't be retraded. :)


(1 year ago)

now i got it... pretty nice solution :)


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Slayx (1 year ago)

dafuq is this? i thought free games :(

xfumblesx (1 year ago)

If this means no more wasting copies of games I already own I'm cool with this.

I guess it's to stop key resellers on auction sites.

Ekaros (1 year ago)

I have to admit this system needs little bit more retuning...

Sisyphus17 (1 year ago)

Sounds reasonable enough.

gift4u (1 year ago)

Nice work!!!

kirbman101 (1 year ago)

This seems like they'll be moving away from multi-game keys and still allowing us to give games to our friends, so I'm happy with this.

I agree. It annoyed me when they had those giant bulk keys. Had to give all the games to a friend instead of just the one he wanted. Now I can just give each game to people that want them.


(1 year ago)

abaris919 (1 year ago)

Way to go!

Tychox (1 year ago)

that's insidious!

nonamE2192 (1 year ago)

They got me back

ExDec (1 year ago)

This system actually could work. Atleast people will be able to give others games they don't need.

zombiemakermx (1 year ago)

I like this but, it's too funny how they implement the new key system to do the things "more easy", and now you have to do 4 steps to gift a key.

Well, I prefer 4 steps to gift over 4 steps to activate games.


(1 year ago)

TheBeastDam (1 year ago)

This is perfect.

Peroxide (1 year ago*)

My Team17 bundle is showing the gift link for the games I already had as well. I'm not sure about any bundles before that since I've revealed the keys on all of them.

This is a great feature though! This along with the auto redemption means we should never see single keys again and we'll always be able to activate the games we want and giveaway the ones we don't.

When you gift the Steam key, do you lose access to the DRM-free version?

bobofatt (Support)

(1 year ago)

I'm pretty sure the Team 17 Weekly and WB Bundle are both Steam key only.


(1 year ago)

Ah, gift option not added to older bundles.

bobofatt (Support)

(1 year ago)

kurokitsune91 (1 year ago)

awesome! That makes the WB bundle now an insta-buy. Only hesitated because I already have Scribblenauts.

I'm the opposite, I want Scribblenauts, but already have AC.

Add me on Steam. ;)


(1 year ago)

Hey if you'd be willing to trade something in return I'd be more than happy to. ;P but this isn't a trading forum.


(1 year ago)

I never said anything of the sort, I simply said to add me!

I wanted to chit chat about other things we may have in opposite...obviously,


(1 year ago)

this guy


(1 year ago)

Suits (1 year ago)


Pr0n (1 year ago)

Good update, now points will skyrocket again.

BernardoOne (1 year ago)

I now laugh at everyone that said that gifting keys was agains TOS and that it wasnt "personal use"

Awesome of humble bundle, I already have most games on this bundle( the only one I do not have is FEAR 2). I would skip it because of the new policies, but as they fixed it im getting it! Also, this will solve the "keep drm free copy, giveaway steam key" problem.

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