K so well, I downloaded Dota 2 the spectator client and now I cant enter any of the dota 2 giveaways that are giving away the beta keys. I REALLY want to at least be able to enter them and have a chance. I keep force syncing my account to see if Dota 2 will disappear from my account games if I just uninstall but it doesnt work. PLEASE HELP!! D:

EDIT: I already entered a few BEFORE I had installed the spectator client so I have entered a few. BUT, if I remove my entry, I cannot replace it again. wtf.

kosovaarcher (1 year ago)

because the website thinks taht the dota 2 spectator is the full game so it wont let u join

delete the game and resync and it should work

Yeah, no I already deleted it and uninstalled from my steam. But it still says that I own. FML


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Rinarin (Mod) (1 year ago)

Still appears on your game list as Dota 2 so you won't be able to. It's on steam's side, as long as it's on your games list, that will happen.

Lezz (1 year ago)

just wait, is going to be realesed F2P for everyone, maybe in some weeks... or months...

Synch (1 year ago)

No Dota 2 for you

SoulfulAngel (1 year ago)

The fact that they actually made a spectator client is dumb. Well, only reason I'm saying this is because I can't get into the real one. D: Whyyyyy...

Andarus (1 year ago)

Why would someone install a spectator client...



(1 year ago)

I downloaded it thinking it was the full client, or a smaller version, i didnt know it was spectator only...


(1 year ago)

So they can watch the International.


(1 year ago)

If you want to watch this boring game, then you can watch it on streams and not in the Gameclient. I saw a Stream of it on TeamLiquid.


(1 year ago)

To gasp Spectate.


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Vercinger (1 year ago)

Contact Steam support about it. Ask them to either change the spectator client to a different AppID or remove it from your account. If they do the latter, they'll need to repeat it for everyone using Steamgifts.

SoulfulAngel (1 year ago)

k TY everyone! :I

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