Just asking the community for some help about this: I just bought this game for a well already but at some points when I play the game it starts to lag like hell as I check my ping it goes from 300 then 500 all the way to 900! The game remains unplayable at some points and I doubt that it's my Internet, games such as TF2 and MW3 work fine to me, just why not CS GO? Please help me how to fix this.

thepanda420 (1 year ago)

It depends completely on the server you're in, just go to browse servers and look for ones with sub 100 ping <3

Like every random server I joined so far my ping still remains being way too high at moments, that ain't right.


(1 year ago)

Then instead of joining random servers, join a server close to you.


(1 year ago)

Ironically I joined a server from WTFToronto and it my ping still gets as high, yet I live in Toronto. ._.


(1 year ago)

Ozymandyus (1 year ago*)

If you're on Windows 7 or Vista, sometimes running:

  • netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

in cmd can help. Sometimes Windows will automatically mess with your connection, and running that command will turn stop it from doing that. It could also be a million other things

Dragon9000 (1 year ago)

You downloading something outside of Counter Strike: GO? If so...close it.....Also close any programs you don't need or aren't using for maximum connection

I assumed "Stop downloading porn" would have been the first comment.


(1 year ago)

I never download anything when I'm playing, I still don't get what the problem is.


(1 year ago)

Have you closed any random programs you don't need open/running?


(1 year ago)

DeadlyCreeper (1 year ago)

Stop downloading porn.



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dkdenmarkdk (1 year ago)

Maybe get some better internet, and join servers with low ping. Or try to unplug the internet for 5 minuts and plug it back in. IF you can do that of course.

this always works for me


(1 year ago)

HatlessZombieHunter (1 year ago)

I had very high ping in games when I had virus.

Jonex (1 year ago)

I haven't heard anyone else getting high ping like that in CS GO only. It must be something else running on your computer eating up bandwidth. Check the steam forums for more answers/others with a similar problem.

AvidWriter (1 year ago)

Yea try resetting your modem. Run a speed test see if it's your normal speed. Check you network and make sure while you are idle it's not still sending or receiving for no reasons. Also try servers with low ping to start with.

zell963 (1 year ago)

Have you tried actually looking for servers with low ping? Usually that is a search option. Either that or just random spikes in the amount of bandwidth other people in your household might be using.

helwing (1 year ago)

Match making might've sent you else where for an evenly matched game. Try seeing if community servers will give you lower pings, servers closest to your position.

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