(Closed) List Of ALL Free Games On Steam !

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This list is made by me and it will be updated. If you found free game and it's not listed please tell me in comments !

>>> BEST F2P GAME <<<

vote in comments ;)

Free For Everyone / Not On F2P List On Steam

Alien Swarm: store

America's Army 3: store

Arma II FREE: (steam://install/107400)

Spacewar: (steam://install/480)

BattleForge: (steam://install/24770)

Codename Gordon: (steam://install/92)

COIL: store ( for some reason marked as demo )

Mightier: store ( for some reason marked as demo )

Moonbase Alpha: store

Peggle Extreme: store

Sam & Max Episode 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die!: store

The Cat and the Coup: store

TrackMania Nations Forever: store

F2P Games

AirMech: store

APB Reloaded: store

Battle for Graxia: store

Bloodline Champions: store

Bullet Run: store

Champions Online: Free for All: store

Continent of the 9th Seal: store

CrimeCraft GangWars: store

DC Universe Online: store

District 187: store

Dungeons & Dragons Online: store

Dwarfs!? F2P: store

EverQuest Free-to-Play: store

EverQuest II Free-to-Play: store

Fallen Earth Free2Play: store

Football Superstars: store

Frontline Tactics: store

Global Agenda: Free Agent: store

Gotham City Impostors Free to Play: store

Iron Grip: Marauders: store

Magic: The Gathering - Tactics: store

Microsoft Flight: store

Moon Breakers: store

Pandora Saga: Weapons of Balance: store

PlanetSide 2: store

PoxNora: store

Puzzle Pirates: store

Realm of the Mad God: store

ROSE Online: store

Spiral Knights: store

Super Crate Box: store

Super MNC: store

Star Trek Online: store

Stronghold Kingdoms: store

Team Fortress 2: store

The Lord of the Rings Online: store

Tribes: Ascend: store

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes: store

World of Battles: Morningstar: store

Alliance of Valiant Arms: store

Age of Empires Online: store [restricted in: Venezuela]

Arctic Combat: store

Atlantica: store

Blacklight: Retribution: store

Brawl Busters: store

Combat Arms: store

Dragon Nest: store

Dungeon Fighter Online: store

Forsaken World: store

Mabinogi: store

MapleStory: store

Microvolts: store

Rusty Hearts: store

Vindictus: store

War Inc. Battlezone: store

War of the Immortals: store

I hope this is useful :) comment if you want me to change something.

Change Log::

*added Codename Gordon, deleted Between (somehow it does not work) and fixed link for Peggle Extreme

*deleted BattleForge store link and added install link for Steam

*Spacewar added

*huge update ! added F2P games

Kancer420 (1 year ago)

Isn't there an official thread on the Steam Forums with all this stuff?



(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

The title of this thread states "on Steam" where as your links are clearly just ripped from another post on another forum.

If you actually took the time to do that yourself then I'm sorry, you should have just ripped them from another post.


(1 year ago)

some other free STEAM games is not listed there.


(1 year ago)

Or you know, even easier :P


(1 year ago*)

But, you know, most of the games OP said aren't there... or can you see Trackmania, can you see The Cat and The Coup?


(1 year ago)

Can I see Coil there? And Mightier? And Trackmania? No I can't!


(1 year ago)

just added F2P games


(1 year ago)

Coil and Mightier are incorrectly listed on Steam as a demos. I'm assuming Trackmania is due to it being listed as Third-Party rather than Free To Play.

Blame Steam, not me!


(1 year ago)

yep , for some reason they are marked as demos but there is not full version ;/


(1 year ago)

They've been out since before Steam supported Free To Play games so it most likely has something to do with that.


(1 year ago)

qetc (1 year ago)


xSkeletor (1 year ago)

i did not know about it lol well if someone is lazy than he can use this topic but if it's useless than just delete it (moderator)


(1 year ago)

or Here


(1 year ago)

or here

TheShobo (Support)

(1 year ago)

zelghadis (1 year ago)

How is Arma II free? -.- clicky seems 15Eur to me ;P



(1 year ago*)

changed it :) wrong app id , put this link in your browser


(1 year ago)

Like this; http://www.arma2.com/free


(1 year ago)

Yeah, if you don't mind some missing textures, you could just use the free version and one of the expansions for DayZ, saving, like twenty bucks when they weren't on sale.


(1 year ago)

Tetrarchy (1 year ago)

How's America's Army? Is the game any good?



(1 year ago)

Aww. :(


(1 year ago)

adderke (1 year ago)

free for everyone??? Even for... Me?



(1 year ago)

Farseer (1 year ago)

Team Fortress2 ?

Miguedeth (1 year ago)

any of those games good?

blacklight retribution


(1 year ago)

I readed on a website that Alien Swarm is a pretty awesome 4 co-op game. Also, you can get the promo hat for TF2. I would love to play it, but my CPU doesn't support SSE2 instruction set :/


(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

Lol. readed.

OT, yes, Alien swarm is a really really good f2p game.


(1 year ago)

Planetside 2 is neat.


(1 year ago)

Trackmania if you like to build your one track....2 years ago i have build a gigantic track in the air with a lot of platforms,jumps,speed boosts...it was like a maze.


(1 year ago)

FapFap (1 year ago)

I punch your face.

I throw stone in your father.

Rendolf (1 year ago)

trackmania Oo
thanks, you are great

Ludicus (1 year ago)

Ah, The Cat and The Coup, that was pretty interesting. If only Trackmania had cloud saving... <3

MrBacon (1 year ago)

Thanks for reminding me I bought Trackmania 2 Canyon.

beep23 (1 year ago)

Peggle Extreme link not working, but thanks for sharing :D

It is, but its just a demo, not a full game. After playing some levels a big screen with information how to buy the full game pops up.


(1 year ago)

it's full game but edited by Valve and yes , it shows how to buy Peggle Deluxe


(1 year ago)

laivamaa (1 year ago)

And the most pointless thread of 2013 so far goes to.. opens up letter.. OP! Congratulations OP, you win!

at least it might help some people... go hate somewhere else :P


(1 year ago)

I was only making a joke. D:


(1 year ago)

whatever ;p


(1 year ago)

Cheeseburgermafia (1 year ago)

OP seems to have typed these links out by hand, and transposed 4383 and 3483.

Go here for Peggle Extreme.


Is that the full version?

I remember playing the demo a while back and it was pay (I think).


(1 year ago)

it's full version but it's like modified by Valve.


(1 year ago)

Piku (1 year ago)

Super Crate Box, it's pretty fun



(1 year ago)

im going to add F2P games today :)


(1 year ago)

Proxseries (1 year ago)

Codename Gordon!

Not on the store but it is still avaiable by typing this into your browser: steam://install/92

added to list ;)


(1 year ago)

Atlanteanrs (1 year ago*)


Oh, so you couldn't answer me properly, and you had to edit your post! Good work on that!


(1 year ago)

Much better than having an argument.
Plus, I didnt post that, my friends were over at my house so I edited it as soon as they left.
If you have ever seen me around SteamGifts you would know that I am not a jerk like that.

Have a nice day :)


(1 year ago)

Stripper (1 year ago)

I'm going to add more games later

PitIcarus (1 year ago)

you forget dota 2, nobody pays for it xD

1kimon0 (1 year ago)



Spacewar added :)


(1 year ago)

LIGrenadier (1 year ago*)

Just use the semi-official list in the Steam forums, linked to several times below.

JoRakha (1 year ago)

Sam & Man? Sam & Max?

fixed ;)


(1 year ago)

:) ok


(1 year ago)

Stripper (1 year ago)

F2P games added ;)

Redino (1 year ago)

Add some of the Half-Life stuff you can get from graphics

I will try to add free DLC list :)


(1 year ago)

josgba2002 (1 year ago)

Age of Empires Online isn't available in my country... Why steam would restric a F2P game?

no idea , can you give me country you live in so i can warn other people about country restriction ?


(1 year ago)


Edit: There are others F2P restricted here, but I don't remember exactly and I'm too lazy to check


(1 year ago*)

Rallygou (1 year ago)

I love spiral knights :3 ...

Getty (1 year ago)

Alien Swarm my favourite

EpicHeMan (1 year ago)

OMFG PEGGLE FOR FREE. whaaaaaaaaat - thanks :D

MaNs1nH0 (1 year ago)

Nice list!

SynFull (1 year ago)

I'm only interested in Games that give hats for TF2.

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