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Hi there! Welcome to the SteamGifts community. We're glad you're here, and even more glad that you took an interest in the FAQ! There's been a lot of confusion and debate as to rules, ethics, behavior, etc., so here is a handy write up for everyone.

Sections for policies are in this order: Base Rules, Giveaways, Site Etiquette, Keys Considered Exploited, Policy on Bundles, Contributor Giveaways, Site and Points FAQ, and Tutorials.

New to SteamGifts?

The New Gifter's Guide to Gifting - credit goes to cfriend

Formatting FAQ - How to edit text your comments in the community - me

SteamGifts Site Addon, Steam Menu Mod, and iPhone/Android App - credit goes to Kennyist, ronzano, and Zo

Will it activate on Steam? - credit goes to AJValentine

NEW Support Categories

SteamGifts Staff:

Please note that our staff will never message you to beg for a gift, to encourage you to click on referral links, to ask about Steam account details, or to threaten your Steam account. Please report any impersonators.

FAQ Translated

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Întrebări frecvente/Reguli (Romanian FAQ) - Credit goes to BloodyRo

A Update on points

Official CG Announcements - with thanks to tragikos for keeping this updated.

Base Rules:

  • Please submit any support requests in the Support Forum. The forum is not used to receive support from the mods or admin.
  • Don't enter for games you already own.
  • Do not ask for any sort of payment/exchange in order to enter a giveaway. This applies to group rules as well.
  • Do not link to any referral programs.
  • Don't trade, sell, resubmit, or give away games you win.
  • Do not link or distribute private giveaway URL's unless expressly asked to do so by the giveaway's creator.
  • Winnings must be redeemed on the winning account.
  • Begging in the community will not be tolerated.
  • Only one SG account allowed per person. Please do not share accounts.
  • Try to be active in the forum/chat.
  • Do not call out submitters in giveaways. Please click the report button or submit a ticket, do not comment on the giveaway claiming the giveaway to be fake.
  • Please avoid using NSFW or offensive avatars. Avatars are not synced with the "Sync" feature of SteamGifts, it happens automatically.


  • The submitter and winner(s) of the giveaway have seven (7) days to complete the gifting process. This includes the activation of the gift on the Steam account of the winner.
  • Please note you cannot gift games from your Steam library. They are permanently attached to your account and not giftable.
  • Do not misrepresent the title being given away.
  • Extraneous/special rules for giveaways require moderator approval. Public giveaways cannot have any special rules. Would you like to know more?
  • Please do not offer trades in the description of your giveaways.
  • All games must be Steam-redeemable.
  • Do not submit what we consider exploited CD-keys without proof of purchase. These are listed below.
  • Do not submit CD-keys or Steam gifts that have regional restrictions, or those that require VPN activation or methods to bypass regional restrictions.
  • Do not submit guest passes, coupons, beta keys, or in-game items from games such as Team Fortress 2.
  • Do not submit Steam or online game accounts (EVE, RIFT, etc).
  • Do not submit coupons or special Steam items, such as coal.
  • Only enter for DLC if you have the required base game.
  • You must redeem the game on the account you entered with, and may not trade it to others.

Chat Room, Forum, and Site Etiquette:

  • The chat room or forum is NOT used for trading items/games. For your trades, visit SteamTrades.
  • Please avoid creating topics for political discussion.
  • Do not link to any referral programs.
  • Puzzles: Do not leak, post answers, suggest hints, or directly link to the prize/giveaway.
  • If you would like to include some self-promotion in the chat or forum, please run it by a mod first.
  • Be considerate of all users at all times related to the site/chat, etc.
  • Do not beg or offer to trade in chat or forum. Do not beg for games in chat/forum or PM SG members from chat for games.
  • Always thank submitters. Thanking is not required to enter a giveaway.
  • Please do not call out users in the forum or chat. Submit a ticket in the Support Forum.
  • Please limit the amount of NSFW links in the forum and chat, and always warn when you do link to NSFW material.

Keys Considered Exploited:

  • Dead Island
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • Bulletstorm
  • Homefront Shotgun DLC
  • AI War
  • Supreme Commander / Forged Alliance
  • Portal 2
  • DiRT 3
  • Puppy Games Keys
  • Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 (Region Locked)
  • Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Multiplayer
  • Eets (in certain amounts)
  • World of Goo
  • Puzzle Agent
  • Risen 2: Dark Waters - Air Temple DLC

IGN Prime Keys

  • Members may submit these keys as giveaways only in small amounts. Excessive numbers of identical IGN Prime keys will be seen as exploiting IGN and will lead to a suspension.

Contributor Giveaways

The option to create contributor giveaways is now available to everyone. Head over to the create a giveaway page, and you'll see a new input box for contributor only. Simply enter an amount, and only users that have successfully sent that value or greater to other users in the community will be able to enter. The maximum amount you can enter is twice your own contributions.

For example, if you have contributed $25.00, you can create contributor giveaways between $0.01 - $50.00. The option is disabled for users that have not contributed in the past. This option can be combined with both private and group giveaways as well. Keep in mind, group giveaways look at contributions in general, not for that particular group only.

Next, the display of giveaways has slightly changed. For example, take a look at lokonopa's profile. Contributor giveaways list the amount necessary on the right side. It'll be displayed in green if you can enter, or red if you cannot. Also, group and private giveaways are coloured. Once again, take another look at lokonopa's profile, this time, the won page. You can easily see private and group giveaways highlighted. These same display options are used on the homepage and general giveaway listings.


Formatting FAQ - Written by lokonopa

Markdown Examples


Are you affiliated with Steam?

  • No! We are a collective of avid gamers who enjoy Valve's incredible digital distribution service.

Will I get in trouble using this or is this against Steam's TOS?

  • As of now, we have yet to hear of a single issue with the thousands of gifts given away from the community. If any concerns were to arise, we would be more than happy to reach out to Valve, and do our best to address these issues, helping them understand the winners have no connections with the users providing the games. Overall, we're simply helping people find a way to share their extra copies, and SteamGifts is not setup to dodge country restrictions or pricing in anyway. Hopefully in the future we'll be able to get game publishers or even Valve involved.

When are you getting rid of the invites?

  • Site registration is now open and invites are no longer in place as of November 9th, 2011.

What's with these points?

  • The point system is designed to prevent users from entering for every single giveaway. This lowers the overall number of entries, and provides everyone with better odds of winning games they're interested in playing. New users start out with 25P. Every time anyone submits a game, every member of the site, excluding the giveaway creator, receives 5 percent of that gifts value (in USD) in points. For example, if a $50 gift is created, every user on the site receives 2.5 points. And, if a $20 gift is created, everyone would receive 1 point. These points can then be spent on entering giveaways.

    1P = $1 - When entering a giveaway, 1P is equal to $1. If you're entering for a chance to win a game valued at $20, you'll spend 20 points. If at anytime you decide to remove your entry while the giveaway is open, those points will be returned.

    The maximum number of points that can be banked is 300. This is to prevent users from stocking up on points while being away for long periods of time.

How are the winners chosen?

  • The winners are randomly selected.

Do I get my points back when the giveaway is over?

  • No, points are spent on the opportunity to win, and not returned after the giveaway closes.

Does SteamGifts somehow supply me with the game(s)?

  • SteamGifts itself does not gift any games directly. Only the submitter of a giveaway that created the giveaway is responsible for sending out the gift(s). When creating a giveway, you agree that you have an available copy of the gift(s). You cannot gift games from your library as they are permanently attached to your Steam account upon activation.

Can I win a game for someone else I know?

  • Members may only enter for their own account for games they do not already own.

I haven't won anything, and this other person has won a bunch. What gives?

  • Winners are selected at random from the database the moment a giveaway closes. The past history of a member has no affect on their chances of winning, and everyone always has an equal opportunity of being selected.

How can I increase my odds of winning or acquire more points faster?

  • There are no ways to increase your odds of winning, you have the same chances of winning as everyone else. Points, as explained in the "points" portion of the FAQ, only increase when a public giveaway is submitted. Group and private giveaways currently do not distribute points.

What type of security is in place to protect my Steam information?

  • SteamGifts and SteamGameSales take advantage of the Steam OpenID platform. When you choose to login, you're forwarded over to the official Steam site, where they authenticate your information as usual. If you successfully login, they pass across your 64bit Steam ID, which is public information (ex: 76561198020696458). Although our sites are extremely secure, if the database was ever hacked, and all the information compromised, you would still be safe, because the only information we know or save is public data.

    Our sites have been verified on the official Steam forums by moderators multiple times, we have tens of thousands of members, and sites such as SteamGameSales are stickied and recommended on their forums for tracking sales and price reductions.

What are the base requirements to join the site?

  • We require all registered users to have at least $100.00 worth of games associated with their Steam account. This is to prevent users from creating multiple Steam accounts for use on this site, which might result in cheating. This value is automatically generated when you register, using the game list from your Steam profile.

How will I know I've won?

A green banner with a winning message will appear on each page of SteamGifts.com while you are logged in on your account. Clicking on the link in the green banner will redirect you to the winning giveaway. SteamGifts.com does not currently notify the winners of giveaways in any other fashion.

I won a giveaway, but haven't received the gift.

  • The giveaway creator has 1 week to email it before you can mark the gift as "Not received". If it's been more than 24 hours since the giveaway ended try and add the giveaway host to Steam and remind them to send the gift.

I've changed my avatar on Steam, but SteamGifts is still my old one?

  • This is an automated process and can take up to eight hours for SteamGifts to update with your avatar. Syncing your account does not affect this process.

I created and completed a giveaway and the winner has marked it as received, but my contributor value isn't rising. Is there something wrong?

  • No, absolutely not. There're three reasons this might be happening. The first is simply solved by waiting. There is a delay of up to twenty minutes before your value changes and it will update shortly. The second is that single entry giveaways do not count towards your contribution value. Because they only got one entry, they are not considered as a raffle, but rather a direct gift. The other is due to having too many bundle games given away. Your contributor value will be locked until you submit further giveaways that are not from bundles and will continue to rise gradually until the full value has been reached. For more information on how values are calculated when bundle games are involved, please check this thread.

What does the asterisk (*) mean beside a game on the Create a Giveaway list?

  • An asterisk next to a game title on the Create a Giveaway list indicates that the game is included in the bundle list and thus you might not receive full contribution value for it. For more information please check this thread.

Understanding Feedback

The feedback system is setup to ensure users maintain a minimum of roughly 75% received on their gifts sent. Three is added to this number to give new users room to get started. For example...

  1. A user has 35 received, 10 not received (78%). They would be limited to a total of 12 not received before dropping below 75%, plus the 3 given to all users, so 15 in total. Since they already have 10 not received, they could post 5 additional gifts.

  2. Another user has 10 received, 0 not received (100%). They're able to post 3 not received gifts before reaching 75%. Once again, add the 3 to this number, and they can list 6 additional gifts.

Giveaway Types

Group Giveaways

You're now able to limit your giveaway to a particular Steam group. When creating a giveaway, select the Steam Group option, along with one of your groups. If you don't see your group on the page, you might need to sync your account. They offer a few major benefits...

  • You can safely share the link in chat rooms and on forums, without worrying about non-group members joining.
  • It's not necessary to share the link. The giveaway will automatically appear on the site, profiles, search, etc, for member in the group (thanks for the suggestion tragikos).
  • As the site grows, group giveaways offer more exclusivity and thus, improved odds of winning. If you're a member of our official group, or any other group that uses the site, you'll see these new giveaways appearing in the list, and they'll have much fewer entries than the others.

Private Giveaways

The other feature of creating of a giveaway is the choice of making your giveaway private. When made private, you will be given a unique URL after creating the giveaway. You can share this link as you please, but please be aware anyone with this link would be able to enter your private giveaway. Unlike Group giveaways, Private giveaways do not appear on the on the main page. They are visible only on profiles, where they are unclickable. The URL to share your private giveaway will be available in Manage.

Contributor Giveaways

When you create a giveaway, you'll see an input box for contributor only. Simply enter an amount, and only users that have successfully sent that value or greater to other users in the community will be able to enter. The maximum amount you can enter is twice your own contributions. For example, if you have contributed $25.00, you can create contributor giveaways between $0.01 - $50.00. The option is disabled for users that have not contributed in the past. This option can be combined with all types of giveaways (public, private or group). Keep in mind, group giveaways look at contributions in general, not for that particular group only.

The display of contributor giveaways is slightly different. Contributor giveaways list the amount necessary on the right side. It will be displayed in green if you can enter, or red if you cannot. Also, group and private giveaways are colored, blue for private, green for group, so you can easily see private and group giveaways at a glance. These same display options are used on the homepage and general giveaway listings.

newtothegame (3 years ago)

A very descriptive explanation, thanks :P

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am I the only one that looked at this and said: Too long, did not read !



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What's the TimeZone when creating a Giveaway? I just made my first and it doesn't say in here or on the page.


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Slinden (3 years ago)

It would be nice to have this in a dedicated page.

It is, Stickies were implemented this morning


(3 years ago)

lokonopa (3 years ago)

Very nice, sir! Looking good. These stickies will be excellent resources for those new folk.

RoqueDemon (3 years ago)

A very good guide. Good job :D

skzorak (3 years ago)

If you don't receive the gift you entered for and won, do you get points back?

I'm not sure here just guessing, but I highly doubt it due to the fact that you don’t even get your points back if you lose or win the competitions - so I can’t see how you would get the points back overall. Isn't it that once the competitions are over, and you had entered points in it you can’t get your points back no matter what?


(3 years ago)

I understand not getting them back if you just win/lose the giveaway, but maybe if the person doesn't come through and gift the game, maybe everyone who entered that giveaway should get the points back for it, since the game wasn't even gifted at all.


(3 years ago)

but also if it was a fake prize the percentage of points given for it's creation should have never been given as well.


(3 years ago)

True, but at the time - say it's a 50 dollar game - It would have generated 5 points, and the people who entered would have spent 50. Even with removing the points generated, people would still be out 45 points.


(3 years ago)

GLaPOS (3 years ago)

This looks good! Thank you for your time and services.

Phonix644 (3 years ago)

Yeah good guide, great job mate!

Lynx (3 years ago)

Nice.Good job!

nofing (3 years ago)

So, does this mean Humble Indie Bundles are still allowed and generate points?

they are worth about $6. when made and to enter.


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GPGrand (3 years ago)

Nice guide, helped answer a few question I had about the system.

StevenT (3 years ago)

Thanks for the FAQ, though i still have one question: I created a 10P giveaway, should I expect 10P in my bank after the giveaway is closed? I was trying to track it by trying out. I didnt receive 10P right away after closure, then i lost it out of sight and now i have extra P but it could be from the 10% that everyone gets on the site.


You don't get points for submitting games right now. That may change in the future depending upon our observations - i.e. do gifters need incentive?


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(3 years ago)

I just got another question: If i make a giveaway of 2 copies of 10P , will it generate 2P for all the users ?

example: 1 giveaway 1 copy of value 10P will generate 1P for all users on site. 1 giveaway 2 copies of value 10P will generate 2P for all users on site ??

thanks again


(3 years ago)

I'm not actually sure about this one. I imagine CG will answer you in a few hours - he appears to have gone offline right now so I can't poke him for an answer. :p


(3 years ago)

Copies are not taken into account. If you create 2 copies of a 10P game, everyone will receive 1P. This is because it's still only 10P to enter.

cg (Admin)

(3 years ago)

Mysterious (3 years ago)

"I haven't won anything, and this other person has won a bunch. <b>It's rigged, isn't it?</b>" This made me laugh! :D Anyway, nice guide.

I'm now more than ever convinced that it is rigged:


I mean, seriously?! The guy joins a day before, and wins immediately in a giveaway with 3,510 entries?! You gotta be effin kidding me! -.-


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Darkroot (3 years ago)

Can we also have that people post thoughtful comments instead of generic and boring post whoring "Thanks for the sub!"

I don't see how thanking for a submission is boring and postwhoring.


(3 years ago)

I don't see how four word comments in any way represent gratitude for a sub. Is it that much effort to write a comprehensive sentence?


(3 years ago)

Thanks for the comment.


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Taerdin (3 years ago)

This was very helpful, thanks!

CatastrophicLolcats (3 years ago*)

May I humbly request that you include whether discussion about the things banned in Base Rules are allowed or not (getting around price regioncy and the like).

Just started a topic that was suppost to be about the discussion (rather than using the website) and decided to delete it. Having discussions about things Valve wouldn't like on a site that would already get quite a bit of attention from them already doesn't seem like the best idea in hindsight. So the rules might have to be a bit more clear.

XenoLair (3 years ago)

Good to know.

Nistenf (3 years ago)

Very nice and informative thread!

Thomas (3 years ago)

It's not letting me enter any more giveaways?

Why not?

XenoLair (3 years ago)

You should make it mandatory for people to comment and say thanks :) I see 200+ entries and 10 comments :(

Oktoberwolf (3 years ago)

Nice FAQ, it was totally needed (see Dark Messiah issue a.e)

Fed (3 years ago)

Seems fair to me.

Japo (3 years ago)

All right, gj with the web

Sneeches (3 years ago)

great thread, good to keep the community well informed :)

Madride4Life (3 years ago)

I have question, which I believe is not in the above topic.

I have one steam account ( which I am not using anymore ), and I have call of duty black ops russian version on it . And I would like to give it away ( it's neither a key or gift from steam ) . So what I meant is, can I GA an account ?

thnx ^_^

No, I believe that would violate the Steam SSA.


(3 years ago)

how to be sure ?


(3 years ago)

You can't really give away steam accounts. Also it's a regional version of Black Ops. This site is not for giving away accounts.


(3 years ago)

metalmanijak (3 years ago)

Is it okay if I give free invites? Every day in your steam group I see people begging for invites so I give them if I have!

  • Please make sure the people YOU invite follow these rules

Adding random people you don't know makes the site look bad and makes you look bad.


(3 years ago)

Adding random people is Perfectly fine, just make sure they can read first and it shouldn't be a problem. I mean, even if You don't add them they'll likely get invited through a number of mass invites like the one given to Bay12Games.


(3 years ago)

TheRealMcFly (3 years ago)

I figured this is the best place for these questions before I email:

  1. Why are Humble Bundles allowed? Given the "points" system here, this seems to be an easy way to abuse the system.
  2. Why are CD keys allowed? Again, this seems to be a way to abuse the system through piracy.

I'm a mod at r/playitforward on reddit and we've found removing these things was a positive for the community, so I'm wondering what your thoughts are on them. Thanks!

  1. Humble Bundles do not generate points anymore.

  2. valid point that I believe is coming up more and more in discussion.


(3 years ago)

Fly's correct, and I'm going to discuss this with the other mods.


(3 years ago)

AvohkahTamer (3 years ago)

Quick question, which isn't urgent seeing as I haven't even won my first giveaway yet:

If I and my invited friend were to theoretically enter the same giveaway, and I won rather than him, would it be against the rules for me to transfer the prize to him as a kind gesture, rather than redeeming it for myself? I see there are rules against selling and trading your prizes, but nothing is said about just giving them away as a gift to a friend.


Yes it would be bad to do. This site is not for winning and gifting to your friend. The winner is the winner. This is easily verified by the gifter seeing which account redeemed the gift. This site is not for regifting to other people. If they want to win, invite them. Since you did invite your friend, and he didn't win, then he did not win.


(3 years ago*)

Ah, thanks for clearing it up. Just to reiterate, that situation has not happened at all (neither me nor my friend have won anything yet), but I wanted to double-check here just in case.


(3 years ago)

suspiciousllama (3 years ago)

"Do not submit exploited games/keys (Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Multiplayer, Eets, etc)"

So I won and redeemed an eets serial key...should I be worried, notify steam or something?

theshim (3 years ago)

This is an excellent guide for a really cool site. You guys rock!

Sierra (3 years ago)

Excellent written and simple FAQ. Very helpful and easy to understand.

Yatterman (3 years ago)

Question about Eets, if you only submit one, since I can only get one legitimately, can I submit it? I already bought the game awhile ago.

teammat3 (3 years ago)

Nice FAQ

Mu6o (3 years ago)

For the points. If I make a giveaway do I get 20 points if the game cost 20$ or I collect just 2?

Dwarden (3 years ago*)

good guide, worth read

WtfduDe (3 years ago)

Nice guide, its help.

ChaoticLord (3 years ago)

Anyone else having issues with Steamgifts.com and Google Chrome or is it just me?

Using safari, Chrome-Firefox-IE was all giving problems to me :\


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Maggus (3 years ago)

Nice FAQ, helped a lot, thanks!

Nolimit (3 years ago)

Thanks, answered few questions of mine.

jmcu (3 years ago)

Thats a great starting point..

RivaGe (3 years ago)

Maybe there should be a huge bald text on the giveaway creation page stating that you actually have to buy the game you're gifting? There are several people who create giveaways thinking the games are free (lol). Like this guy - http://www.steamgifts.com/user/fr1ky0ne His comment on TDU2 giveaway: fr1ky0ne (9 minutes ago) soory i fucked things up my friend told me you simply gift the game not that you have to buy it and than give gift code i am so soory

Bald text? Did it start losing its hair at an early age?


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