I got:

Prime World: Defenders -75% Hamilton's Great Adventure -75% Dungeon Hearts -25% and Triple Town -50%

I don't really plan to buy any of those; I'll maybe create a giveaway though...

Is it possible to get coupons for AAA games?

morbid237 (11 months ago)

my gf crafted her bit trip runner badge (probably her 4th or 5th overall craft) and she got a 90% off portal 2 PLUS a rare background. I was like wtf!?!? all i ever get are 33-50% off coupons with the occasional 75%

virgo79 (11 months ago)

I got 50% off Trine 2 coupon just now

madjoki (11 months ago)

I'm waiting till coupons are replaced by something worth it (Winter sale?) and suggest everyone do the same :D

Copons seems very bad, only good ones are for games that I own or don't want.

Sisyphus17 (11 months ago)

I didn't get any coupons when I crafted badges.

Then you never crafted a badge outside of the summer sale event.


(11 months ago)

Ah, that would make sense. They replaced the coupon with a Summer Sale card, eh?


(11 months ago)

Asperyules (11 months ago)

Prime World: Defenders -75%, Hamilton's Great Adventure -75%.

Now Prime World has -%33 discount, I can't use my %75 coupon.Steam went full retard.

Zomby2D (11 months ago)

Best I got was a 75% off Ultratron. Bought the game then it became the 75% daily deal a few hours later. At least it wasn't discounted higher than what my coupon gave me.

mastaninjax (11 months ago*)

I keep crafting 50% off Sniper Elite games >.<

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