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I saw this while I was buying my Indie Gala Bundle. One of the options you can split your payment towards is Gala Project X. After a couple googles, I have been unable to fins any information on it. Does anybody know what it is?

Joenathanbro (1 year ago)

A new video game project

JooJooFace (1 year ago*)

From the Indie Gala Page:

"Gala Project X
Part of your contribution can be donated to support Gala Project X. The new exciting videogame project entirely backed by Indiegala. Updates will follow soon!"

They're saving up to put a PS4 in all of the company bathrooms.


(1 year ago)

Yeah, thats what I saw, I was wondering if there was any more information anywhere for it


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movac (1 year ago)

A gala is a fancy party, and Project X is a movie about a wild party. Obviously Gala Project X involves both tuxes and beer bongs.

Sounds fun!


(1 year ago)

If it has anything to do with Italian's political wild parties, it will be full of hookers.


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L1NU5 (1 year ago)

It's a porn movie that will be filmed at the Grand Galloping Gala

Cheap parasprite hookers will be cast in every role.


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