as the title says

TsundereKanojo (1 year ago)

When you have something.

There is a heads up in the upper part of the website saying that you won and a link to the giveaway, and contact to the guy/gal that is giving away, if he doesn't contact you first


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Jamoke (1 year ago)

Well... Does it itch?

hahahaha i love you you made me laugh so hard


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tonkinese (1 year ago)

whoops forgot to add "won"

Hanneman213 (1 year ago)

Green banner on the home page.

This. And it has a hyperlink to the page for the game you won. You can't miss it.


(1 year ago)

believe me some retards do.. i have seen it happen..


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Deiru (1 year ago)

There will be a green bar, pretty hard to miss, saying "CONGRATULATIONS...."

PTG (1 year ago)

Thread closing in 3, 2, 1...

NurEinSpitzname (1 year ago)

Once your speakers start playing the famous "You've won!" song.

SuddleD (1 year ago)

Its about the same thing as when a giveaway you create ends....try it some time!

TheUnknownM (1 year ago*)

Green banner says "You won" or something on the home page... Now... can a mod close this thread, hate seeing people saying the same thing like every week :P

Congratulations, you're the winner of a giveaway! Watch your e-mail, and let us know when you receive the gift by clicking here.


(1 year ago)

Ah yeah, that what it says


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MDuh (1 year ago)

You won something already, you should know how it looks

owait, dev giveaway :P

tonkinese (1 year ago)

thanks everyone and yes i do intend to give away waiting for Christmas so i can do packs

Awesome, glad to see that you're willing to make a contribution to the site!


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Raverkid (1 year ago)

If you see this then it's a pretty safe bet that you won.



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Ha, that actually made me laugh a bit


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DanDaMan (1 year ago)

You read the fac

Fucking Asshole Cunts? I think you mean the FAQ.


(1 year ago*)

fak u


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nosef (1 year ago)

Fk your avatar D:<

nagleator (1 year ago)

Green banner right on the home page

SentoX (1 year ago)


Just in case you were wondering what it would look like :D

FrozenBlade (1 year ago)

you won't know you've won something until you've won something

bufetman (1 year ago)

you wake up in the morning with a warm feeling all around you. and unless you peed yourself, you might have won :)

kha0sman (1 year ago)

It's pretty obvious when you do, plus there's an option in the giveaways tab that even says games won.

PE99 (1 year ago*)

If you wake up with a boner you won.

HillaryClinton (1 year ago)

Chris Hanson knocks on your door.

NastyNate813 (1 year ago)

When you feel tiger blood flowing through your veins, as seen here

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