We are up for a new start, since it got a little out of hand the last time. I'm talking about this group (I sure hope that I didn't mess up the link, never done this before!)

We're inviting, so let me know if anyone wants to join. Only rule I can think of at this moment is; SteamGifts Contributions - 50$

I'm not asking for a welcome giveaway nor a monthly one; just a place to chill out, talk with other members, play with us, or contribute with giveaways if you'd like.

And I'm all for getting tips and heads up, I'm trying my best and just managed to get the ownership :)

Member limit 40 [full]

darkrai531 (1 year ago)

herro me pls? kthx

kthx i rove u


(1 year ago)

Dawe (1 year ago)

Can you please invite me? I really like to play CS 1.6, and Killing Floor, and if i won't forget to do it, i will be at chat also. :D Oh and one more thing: I guess i'm gonna do some giveaways after easter. :)

Memoscorp (1 year ago)

I'd like an invite.

AndoneSV (1 year ago)

i would be interested in joining , so can i get a inv?

S15 (1 year ago)

please invite me

dalek69 (1 year ago*)

SteamGifts contributions 50$
For giving everyone in this group a chance to enter giveaways; please don't make a giveaway with contributing value to enter

That not make any sense :/

Edit: Still, I would like to be invited =)


I think there's an understood (over $50) in there.

bobofatt (Support)

(1 year ago)

Ok I see, didn't think in that way


(1 year ago)

Estbarul (1 year ago)

I'd like to join please :)

RagersReplacement (1 year ago*)

I'd be interested in joining if there's any chance to at least drop dudezx to a member. Having someone like that have admin controls just feels like letting a kid run with scissors and knives. With his harassing of random SG users (top contributors and girls) to his first group post/introduction of how he wants to talk about weed in the group comments just doesn't sound like he's got what it takes to be an admin. Wouldn't be surprised if he starts kicking members who don't like to smoke weed or give him free games and names of girls they know on Steam.

I'm sure he'll understand if I do, so I'm on it. :)


(1 year ago)

MrBacon (1 year ago)

Invite me or I will find you.

karpik2087 (1 year ago)

I'm ready to join :)

cucumber (1 year ago)

SteamGifts contributions 50$

For giving everyone in this group a chance to enter giveaways; please don't make a giveaway with contributing value to enter.

i'd strongly recommend against creating all these new leeching groups,you. if you want to leech,do it elsewhere.

I just meant that I don't want leecher in this group (so 0$ = not invited), and IF someone does make a giveaway - they shouldn't add a contribution value imho, 'cause it's for the benefit for all members of a group? Now I'm confused if I've misunderstood myself and all these rules :(

After all - I've made a pretty good giveaway for this group, and others has also contributed.


(1 year ago*)

This is the same group leeeechez and that dudezx was the second admin. Foxpile, you are so smart, seriously.


(1 year ago)

Isn't this accusation a little bit uncalled for? 1: We're not forcing anyone to make a giveaway unless they want to. 2: I've changed -all- rules from the previous owner, and made him a member, but I'm keeping my eye on him.


(1 year ago)

Ok, you convinced me. I'm in.



(1 year ago)

I don't understand why passing the group onto someone is a problem? The group has new changed rules so does it matter what it was before or who ran it?


(1 year ago)

TeeJaxOff (1 year ago)

Interested in joining if you're still looking :)

Carmah (1 year ago)

I'd be interested if you're still looking for more. Thanks.

SoulSylver (1 year ago)

I'm interested in joining :)

Nolimit (1 year ago)

Damn, I'm at 41$

GamerPlava (1 year ago)

I'll join, I'm trying to find more people to interact with so I don't go crazy being a stay at home parent.

MitchPT (1 year ago)

can u invite me? :)

EliteWarriorII (1 year ago)

Count me in !

EyEBURNeR (1 year ago)

can i have some bacon, i mean, invite ^_^ ?

EvoSoldier (1 year ago)

Yes please :)

zealousdt (1 year ago)

I'd like to join.

talon2claw (1 year ago)

I'm willing to give the group a try.

Laudes (1 year ago)

If it's a group just full of bundles (yes I seriously get mad over seeing such, I can pass entering games I don't find interesting, but to find bundle games everywhere just makes me furious) then don't even click any buttons on me. If not then I would consider it. You can add me if you want to. Dont' ninja invite me to the group, add me as a friend first if anything...

Just a quick question, your giveaways.. you're telling me that they were not from any bundles?


(1 year ago)

I LOLed.


(1 year ago)

kulapik (1 year ago)

I would like to enter. I am already on other private groups so I can't assure giveaway, but i'll give it a try :P

anilkaos (1 year ago)

I would like to join :)

justAEA (1 year ago)

Give this guy an invite!

arimajeen (1 year ago*)

Can I join? :3

Corinne (1 year ago)

Won't be joining, but I'm glad you made some big changes to the admin team and rules. Good luck, Foxpile :)

Haha, thanks! Can't get any worse than it was in the beginning, so that's a relief. And if you ever change your mind you'll be welcome to join :)


(1 year ago)

JackFrost (1 year ago)

I would love an invite :)

Thanks a lot!

spydrebyte (1 year ago)

If its ok, Id like to put my name down :)

Mew2 (1 year ago*)

May I join this group? The rule changes were great!

Jstar269 (1 year ago)

May I Join?

Look at the one rule and then look at your profile. Think you answered the question for yourself.


(1 year ago)

dimon222 (1 year ago)

Invite would be cool.

the master of groups has appeared O_O


(1 year ago)

beojew (1 year ago)

I would love to join this

BubbyBobble (1 year ago*)

Sounds like a lovely group! I'd like to have an invite so I can check it out, please. ^_^
ETA Thank you so very much! <3

wwfarch (1 year ago)

I'd be interested in checking it out now that ownership has changed. I'll probably be more active in chat etc... on the weekends but will usually chime in on interesting discussions on the discussion board throughout the week.

Lexen (1 year ago)

Group with suspiciously liberal rules? Ok, sign me in. Can't say I'm very generous donator, but it's never too late to kick me overboard.

bugi97 (1 year ago)

i'm interested

Death2Videodrome (1 year ago)

id like to join your group... thank you, in advance... :)

9M1lrnsi4227Fr43oq (1 year ago)

may i join?

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