(Closed) Fortix giveaways inside!

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Hello there!

I finally saved some money so it's time to give back. It's not much but it's Fortix. 4 times here, 5th time for a fine group I want to keep clean from beggars and blah blah blah...

You just want links, right? Here you are:

For forum users

For SwiatGry.pl members - join us, we have giveaways!

This one's in case you missed it

This one's in case you gave 29,97$ or more

Enjoy! And remember, you shouldn't buy Fortix for yourself :)

Tankred (1 year ago)

Thanks dude! :)

distfromnbk (1 year ago)

Thanks a lot for the chance!

Osiris11235 (1 year ago)

Thanks a ton!

deolic (1 year ago)

Dzięki x4

teurmug (1 year ago)

I actually wanted to buy it but there is the rule about only winning fortix so here i come :)

kOROMOShYdOpOlOuS (1 year ago)

bumpy thanks!!

nirnir581 (1 year ago)


NashCZ (1 year ago)

Thank you :)

forseeker (1 year ago)

"And remember, you shouldn't buy Fortix for yourself :)" If you say so, I'll enter them all. Thanks.

paranoid4ndroid (1 year ago)

Thanks. Fortix dream will never die. * plays a sad song *

CEO (1 year ago)

ty already have it.

bbankrablo (1 year ago)

Oh, I tought Fortix 2... :(
Already have 1

Oxol (1 year ago)

Entered all I could, thanks! It's actually a nice game!

Severus135 (1 year ago)


NymCast (1 year ago)

Thanks a lot!

Karfein (1 year ago)

Just refreshing the topic so more people are aware of additional Fortix giveaways (and possibly get more unique/short/emotional game proposals). I hope it's not against the rules or anything ;)

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