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Hey all, I used to use steam-roulette.heroku.com/ to pick which game to play next, but it has been broken. Anyone know some alternative sites I could use to randomly pick which game to play?

BronzePage (2 years ago)

Try it on Chrome. I had the same problem. Are you using Firefox?

Ah, yup. Works fine on Chrome. Many thanks :)


(2 years ago)

No problem.

Oh, the ups and downs of having 2 browsers.


(2 years ago)

Spidernumerouno (2 years ago)

I'll pick one from your list: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Do it for me.

Because why not.


(2 years ago)

Suicide keeps popping up whenever I put your profile in. Weird.


(2 years ago)

Yeah, I'm gonna go play the brand-new Non-Steam game S.Uicide!

ty yatterman


(2 years ago)

YllwShyGuy (2 years ago*)

Roulette works fine on Chrome, thanks BronzePage! Now I'm off to randomly play B.U.T.T.O.N.

Raito1337 (2 years ago)


is an alternative.

It told me to play The Ship tutorial.


(2 years ago)

Maybe you need it ?


(2 years ago)

annelions (2 years ago)

Go to Random.org, let it pick a number and play that one on your library. If it picks 5, you play the 5th one down. ;)

Lol. Grid doesn't work with this. And my grid is decked out.


(2 years ago)

Are you seriously that freaking dumb that the concept of counting across then starting back in the first position of the next row is unheard of?


(2 years ago)

Defias (2 years ago*)

---Spin the wheel! ---spinning --- CoD:MW2...... never.

Gush (2 years ago)

I wrote Gabe's id and it shown me Internal Server Error D:

ThisIsDan (2 years ago)

Looks like it's back. Intresting site, bookmarked :D

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