(Closed) No Option to buy Batman DLC's?

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What is this, I was waiting for a batman 75% sale to get the remaining DLC and to my surprise there's no option to buy those separately.

Steam wants me to buy the goty version to get the remaining DLCs? zzzz
there's no upgrade for goty version either -_______________-

Only managed to get harley quinn's dlc before :<

Desidiosus (1 year ago)

They removed the option to buy the DLCs separately during the winter sale. Only way to get them now is to buy the GOTY version, which has a separate entry so you'll end up with 2 Batman Arkham City entries in your Steam library.

^ had to do that myself :(


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gnoj (1 year ago)

Not that I'd get this game anyway because of it's DRM, but this is one reason why I always wait for the Complete/GOTY edition to come out. Unfortunately they did the same thing with Arkham Asylum so folks should have seen it coming. If you really want all the DLC your best bet now would be to buy the GOTY and then ask Steam Support to remove the regular version from your library if the redundant entry bothers you.

I won't drop a whole 7.50$ just to get the remaining DLCs. I just found a shipment of Arkham asylum DLCs and they seem to work on legit steam copies according to some users. I might just get those instead, seriously disappointed.


(1 year ago)

what do you mean found a shipment?


(1 year ago)

Probably an online listing.


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that's why i was asking because i'd like to get them too if they're still sold separately


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omega64 (1 year ago)

You would have to buy them from Windows Live.

Shmilly (1 year ago)

To be fair the GOTY edition is at a great price right now on Steam, so it's well worth picking it up.

hlarileru (1 year ago)

You are lucky. I can buy boxed goty at local store but steam says "This item is currently unavailable in your region."

You can activate those kind of games, a boxed copy will give you a code for steamworks, those can be activated even if they are "unavailable".


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Mindestens (1 year ago)

This is just what I did a while ago, one day I have to ask support to remove Arkham City and normal version of King Arthur from my library... I barely enter giveaways for games without all DLCs now.

i have both kings arthur 1 on my library, does it create any problem when playing, or it's just a visual library thing that bothered?


(1 year ago*)

I'm not aware of any gameplay problems, I just find it annoying to have duplicate versions of something I have there, especially having 'worse' versions. I avoid visual annoyance most of the time by using different categories (added 'dupes' to my trash category) but I still don't like thought that number of products in my library is kinda innacurate.


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webtax (1 year ago)

at least there is a goty version, i wanted to play minerva's den dlc for bioshock 2, but it is just not available on steam, you are forced to get it from gfwl

thegaminglyfe (1 year ago)

I think you're gonna have to buy the goty edition or buy the dlc from the gfwl marketplace

ki11fr3ak (1 year ago)

I heard the that the price for GOTY is reduced for people who own the base game ... try adding the GOTY to your cart and check the price should be lower

You heard wrong.


(1 year ago)

They heard right :)

At the moment it's 75% off because of the daily deal , but if I add the GOTY to my basket when it'a full price I get offered a 66% loyalty discount .

So, even with the loyalty discount it's cheaper as a daily deal :)


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Thanks for checking it out :D


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No problem :)


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chairmankao (1 year ago)

I think it sucks. I don't see why they can't remove the old base game but leave the DLCs ad a purchase option. As was stated above, sometimes best to wait for the GOTY version.

Jonex (1 year ago*)

I'm in the exact same position. Only managed to get the Quinn DLC and missed out the rest. I think it's terrible that they fucked over the early people who bought the game. We should all get free upgrades to GOTY.

Gilgongo (1 year ago)

Not really Steam's fault. Warner Bros. just decided to stop providing Steam with separate dlc keys now that the GoTY is out. A really stupid, money-grubbing move by the publisher.

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