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As most of you may know, once you get level 10 on Steam you get to feature a showcase on your profile. One of the choices is a customizable Achievement Showcase where you get to pick which achievements you want displayed. I have found a few letters / symbols / simple objects in some of the games I own and was wondering if any of you fine folk noticed any others to add to the collection.
To see what game an achieve pic is from, look at the app ID.
Yes, you do have to own the game and earn the achievement to display it.

A A+ E G H+ I I IV M O S T T V W X X

1 1 1 #1 2 2 2 3 3 3 !+2= 8 ? ? ? ! $ $ $

Tissue box Pwnt Pacifier GG Smiley Meat AOK / World's Smallest Violin Heart All-Star Smiley Sandwich MAH LAZER Steam Thumbs up Fruit Rage Planets Crown Lambda

Also, why not.

HatlessZombieHunter (1 year ago)

Gotta try it :> Thanks!

luneaux (1 year ago)

Better get to lv 10 then D:

Nostram (1 year ago)

I happened to notice that one someones profile last night actually. Very interesting.

Haha, couldn't be me!


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WilliWuerstchen (1 year ago)

Not many I can think about.. But nice idea ;D

h 3

Thanks! Added H, I will have to go earn it in Deus Ex now haha.


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H+3= Half-Life 3 confirmed


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SilenR (1 year ago)


nice one


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MDuh (1 year ago)

nice thread

funymunky (1 year ago)

There has GOT to be a puzzle somewhere.



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Sandvich18 (1 year ago)

YES, a better looking T, thank you!
Gah, Binding of Isaac! lol


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Oathkeeper (1 year ago)


Also, is there any site which, as I initially thought this thread was about, will show an image wall of all the achivements/all your achievements as a collage?

That's what I was hoping for but the best I can find so far is a neverending scroll at AchievementStats.com


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CrippledLamp (1 year ago)
CombatWars (1 year ago*)



There's a lot of numbers in Counter Strike games...o.o

Monukai (1 year ago*)

Zero Gear has 0, 1, 66, GG

Defy Gravity has BT, A, W, M, GM, E, ?, 1

The Bridge has roman numerals I through IV

e: Faerie Solitaire has more roman numerals as well as "FS"

those are the only ones I know off the top of my head

Thanks! Those Bridge numerals are much cleaner then the FS ones


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MDuh (1 year ago*)

Unepic has letter of "ACFHLMPUVX"
Serious sam 3 has a question mark
Fairy bloom has anime references on it :DD
After fall insanity has numbers from 1-10. Pictures are locked so use achievement manager
Waveform has letter "S"
e.y.e. divine cybermacy has "ABOX", number 0, inverted g, rotated C, inverted E, infinity sign
Puzzle agent 2 has "2"
Anomaly 2 has some cool icons
May payne 3 has "V" and "1,2,3"
Critical mass has letter "R"
Anodyne has letter "A"
Sniper: ghost warrior has numeral numbers for 1-4
Jamestown has big and small "G"
Deus Ex: HR has letter "Z" and "H+"


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must've been a busy day lol


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I revert those achievements anyways.


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AlohaHawaii (1 year ago)

Blackwell deception: C
Civ 5: T, V, X, Omega
Faerie solitaire: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, over 9000, 10,000, FS + some stars
Party of sin: T
Primordia: Info
Puzzle agent 2: 2
Tiny and Big: grandpa's leftovers: RB (hard to notice though), P, UP + some smileys

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