Hey guys i have some games like bastion and awesomenauts that i would love to play with my 360 controller which is some cheap knock of gamestop wired controller. I figured it would be as easy as plug it in and instal some driver that pops up but i didn't see anything come up :/. I have windows 7 and a fairly new PC if anyone as any ideas it would be greatly appreciated thanks :). Ps- sorry I'm new to steam and this is my first ever forum post so excuse some of my noobish behaviors.

BrandonL (1 year ago)

If the controller has XInput (which im sure any xbox360 controller does), it should just be plug it in and it works

TheMisterT (1 year ago)

Just plug it in and you're ready!

touche112 (1 year ago)

Just plug it in. It's plug and play.

Incog (1 year ago*)

you may have to find the driver yourself if it's a knockoff. Since you didn't give the make/model of the actual controller, I suggest you do a google search for it.

removed the rest of my post, as if it IS an actual M$ controller it'll plug and play like the others mentioned

astaroth1 (1 year ago)

Put your 360 controller in a 2.0 USB and try again , windows 7 will recognize as a "new" and will install a driver. That's it

Lewder (1 year ago)

Can you not just google this?

That's what i was thinking.


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Why not? We talk about everything here in SG.


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Mmoney (1 year ago*)

I did try googling it but none of the sites i went to helped and i wanted to try a forum. i have plugged it in and it lights up and everything but when i go to play a game like bastion and im in the game my controller does nothing

It worked for awesomenauts i still havnt had luck with bastion could it not be compatable with certain games? even if TB did say it worked haha. I also just tried it with terraria but it did nothing... i feel like an idiot

Make sure your controller is enabled for that game and you have the Microsoft software for it installed.


(1 year ago)

Did you go into the settings and set the control scheme to the controller one?


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copsofhalo (1 year ago)
benedictlee123 (1 year ago)

you need a program

Nicaprio (1 year ago)

i was looking for this answer a couple of weeks ago.

First you need a xbox 360 wireless receiver or had a wired control. After that, from microsoft you download the driver from gaming accesories downloads support page. You install and voila, you should be able to play. A plug & play cord do not work because just communicate with the battery.

I bought the receiver for 18 dollars here in Mexico. But you can get it in the states for even a 7 dollars in amazon.

Now playing Darksiders and DiRT 3 with the xbox control. And in fact, it works great with the receiver because it handles up to 4 controllers. I made the test with a MAME emulator and the game Dungeons & Dragons Shadows over Mistiara and Dolphin Game Cube emulator. Playing Mario Kart with my friends, in my PC with 4 xbox wireless controllers is weird and amazing

BoGG (1 year ago)

Well you should just do a google search for 'Xbox 360CE'

you mentioned it worked with some games but not with Bastion, this simply means that your computer doesn't recognize it as a XBox 360 controller and some games like Bastion are picky and will only work with real Xbox 360 controller. This search will let you find the x360ce utility which will get you to make a custom file that you can then just place in your game directory (be Bastion or any other game that isn't working at first) and then these games will work with your controller. Have fun !!

Chiasm (1 year ago)

You should put the controller in boiling water for 3 minutes and then carefully tie the cord around your cat's tail. This is the standard procedure actually, it is written in the controller manual, I'm surprised you haven't looked it up by yourself.

Suits (1 year ago)

If it doesn't plug and play it is a real knock off, yes

Stelio (1 year ago)

Hmm that's odd, plug and play for me on all my computers :)

C0rnr4g3 (1 year ago)

DS3 Tool(MotioninJoy)

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