(Closed) I hope i win one time.

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I really hope i win one time. I have made one giveaway With 2 games and i really hope i win too.

madnessnewb (1 year ago)

Good luck then.

Mew2 (1 year ago)




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shrubbery first! Fortix will do.


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kulapik (1 year ago)


StarshipGhost (1 year ago)

you've only entered 8 giveaways... took me about 100 tries to win. Hope wont get you anything... you have to know you are going to win and believe it. Dont listen to Obama

took me >1k(and then got 3 more in a row) chance is funny


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NOOOOOO your picture made me think of this video.


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KILLMENOWs (1 year ago)

Your time to win will come.

PeacefulWarbreaker (1 year ago)

me too. lol, j/k i won too much already :)

DrRosetti (1 year ago)

You've entered only 8 giveaways. Come on guy!

Srsbizns (1 year ago)

Wait a while, suga. You've only entered 8 giveaways.

kenji86 (1 year ago*)

You only entered 8 GA's????? You should go over 9000!!!!!!

boerenlater (1 year ago)

You will win mate, just have patience. Took me more than 2000entries before my 1st win.

wow... that really sucks. must have took many months


(1 year ago)

I have a bit more than 800 entries, and 0 won, and I always thought I'm unlucky.

2000 entries and you won a private giveaway, wow, that's some patience.


(1 year ago)

That's chance, for ya. Some people enter 3000 before their first win.


(1 year ago)

Or worse you're this guy http://www.steamgifts.com/user/LythKross


(1 year ago)

Your first win is an awesome one, though.

Congrats on having patience!


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Chupong (1 year ago)

My first win is on 85 entries. Luck bro, luck

Seibitsu (1 year ago)

I bet you'll win someday. My first win was on a GA with like 900 or more players.

Go go powah rangers !!


(1 year ago)

Power Rangers SPD! Power Rangers to the rescue!


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paranoid4ndroid (1 year ago)

Don't be rude, it's just another qq-topic.

Zaek (1 year ago)

Sir.. i wont my fist giveaway around 2000 enteris... and 25,000 people had the chance of winning it... Galactic arms

Devil231 (1 year ago)

what's the point of this topic?


(1 year ago)

still pointless


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xing (1 year ago)

i won my second entry, and the second game i won was around 550...

EddyGaming (1 year ago)

Someone is nice and contributes to the site as beginner

enter contrib only GAs to win mooooar!

Ruaben (1 year ago)

So I do

mada890 (1 year ago)


Khalaq (1 year ago)

If you keep entering giveaways, you will eventually win, probably. It's like the lottery, only there's no entry fee.

This ^


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chairmankao (1 year ago*)

I have no respect for this loser attitude. I hope to win EVERY TIME.

Lezz (1 year ago)

this puzzle is hard as hell...

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