(Closed) DarkSiders 2 - Van der Smash DLC

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This dlc can be obtained for free when you link your steam account to your thq account. I redeemed mine just today, so it still works:


I saw some giveaways of that pop up here, so I thought I share this.

You need to own the game though.

Scorcher24 (1 year ago)


AtomicWoodchuck (1 year ago*)

Are these considered exploited?

I've seen people giving away large amounts (25+) of these keys.

I think yes and I reported some of these ppl.


(1 year ago)

Caerbannog (1 year ago)

Here's to hoping this particular DLC will be added to the bundle list since it is easily exploitable.

lucidus (1 year ago)

Check the first page, there's a guy who has exploited this dlc a lot. I stopped counting at 64 and just reported him.

Wonder how they did it.


(1 year ago)

AJValentine (1 year ago)

thanks, got mine :)

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