(Closed) Do you want Loadout?

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This site is giving keys. But the site is in Portuguese so BRBR UEHAUEHAUEHUAHE

[Register] http://gamerlife.com.br/v3/wp-login.php?action=register

You can use your facebook account!

[Get your key here] http://gamerlife.com.br/v3/?p=24227#keys

K0nnazzz (1 year ago*)

como eu adorava estar agora no brasil..... (i would love to be in brazil right now xD)

porque? Portugal não é um mau lugar


(1 year ago)

pois não, é bem bom :D


(1 year ago)

melhor que o brasil.


(1 year ago)

aqui ta frio ai ta calor , verao, etcc xD


(1 year ago*)

brbrbrbrbrbr hahahaha. Frio é muito melhor.


(1 year ago)

CEO (1 year ago)

not steam. then no. but thanks for sharing.

it is steam...


(1 year ago)

are you serious?


(1 year ago)

cool i am going to register and get key now. ty


(1 year ago)

Definitely a Steam key.


(1 year ago)

woot i got a key!


(1 year ago)

Soto928 (1 year ago)

Works. I use Chrome so it translates the pages for me.



(1 year ago)

Yup, it works. :)


(1 year ago)

DackXYZ (1 year ago)

Got my key, cheers.

ShadowmarN (1 year ago)

OMG, thank you so much, this is awesome!

saskey (1 year ago)

I can confirm it works for Steam

MagmaClaw (1 year ago)

thnx got 1

nialfour (1 year ago)


Emre (1 year ago)

Thanks man

MagmaClaw (1 year ago)

its a beta?



(1 year ago)

Alberto (1 year ago)

És um ganda bacano!!

maurih1games (1 year ago)

Never let this thread down!

PE99 (1 year ago)

Was kinda excited, then i realized i have it in my Steam library.

Completely forgot about that D:

aalovasz (1 year ago)


NemoKhan (1 year ago)

Sweet, thanks for the heads-up OP! Only 360 keys left, get 'em while they're there!

Here's another up!


(1 year ago)

Zomby2D (1 year ago)

I was thinking of a different game but I already have the Loadout beta.

So one of you can take this key: TFDM3-TM0IY-R89Y2

DeltaBladeX (1 year ago)

Thanks for allowing me to get a new game. :D

Arpione (1 year ago)

238 keys left

Emre (1 year ago)

will it be free when it's released?

CrashRHCP (1 year ago)

Obrigado pela chave!

DoctorRagnarok (1 year ago)

It says beta but when you redeem it it says Retail. Hum.

Dooleh (1 year ago)

tnx for the info mate , i got a key ^^

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