(Closed) Indie Gala Happy Hour

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Happy Hour! Double Gifts! During Happy Hour time NEW buyers for every BEAT THE AVERAGE gift purchase get a 2nd bonus BTA gift for free ( 2x1 ) ! All gifts are doubled! Remember to check 'IS IT A GIFT'!

And if you are an early buyer the deal is EVEN BIGGER!

Yes! If you already bought the current indiegala bundle and BEAT THE AVERAGE, you get 2 bonus BTA gifts for free for every BTA gift purchased ( 3 x 1 )

And if you bought and BEAT THE AVERAGE in the first week you get 3 BTA bonus gifts for free for every gift purchased ( 4 x 1 )

Remember to check 'IS IT A GIFT' ! if you want to take advantage of Happy Hour.


crazyseeder (1 year ago*)

hmmm. i think i might use this one to gift a friend copy of trine and magicka. thanks for the heads up.

megadeyong (1 year ago)

i have bought the bundle for 5.92€ in the 2 week, will i get the bonus games?

i think you have to buy it again to get some extra copies


(1 year ago)

You did and so you are entitled to two extra copies if you buy one BTA more now. Had you buy it in the first week, you'd get three extra copies buying one more now.


(1 year ago*)

Yarr! 4 copies in the pocket :)


(1 year ago)

lorek (1 year ago)

Happy hour is back on.

Tobio (1 year ago*)
Mew2 (1 year ago*)

This made me happy. Four copies for the price of one. Thanks for sharing.

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