[CLOSED] Euro Truck Simulator 2 | [CLOSED] Gone Home | [CLOSED] Foul Play | [CLOSED] Dust: An Elysian Tail | [CLOSED] Monaco: What's Yours is Mine
Required CV was set at a $42 mark for each and every one of them.
The ZERO CV batch: [CLOSED] Don't Starve | [CLOSED] Tetrobot and Co. | [CLOSED] BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
The Public batch (CV 0.01): [CLOSED] Foul Play | [CLOSED] Cook Serve Delicious!

[CLOSED] Don't Starve (CV 30) courtesy of massi2323
[CLOSED] Wargame: European Escalation (NO CV) courtesy of frankyboy

But there is more in store.

Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians (CV 50) courtesy of massi2323

Tux love from pelish:
Natural Selection 2 - Deluxe Edition
Wargame: European Escalation

Garry's Mod (CV 0.01) from nullzero
Receiver (CV 0.01) from Antilucid

All of the above games work on GNU/Linux.

British VG Reviewers Special (NO CV): [CLOSED] Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons | [CLOSED] Papers Please (Linux support coming in January 2014!)

Feel free to join in by giving away games with GNU/Linux support!

Oh, and even if you are a linux-hater, no one is really stopping you from entering anyway (except for your conscience… well, no one, really).

UPDATE (Dec 28): New batch will be announced soon. Keep calm.
UPDATE (Dec 29): Haven't decided yet on how exactly to proceed after this one, but there will be more.
UPDATE (Dec 30): Many thanks to massi2323, pelish, frankyboy, nullzero, and Antilucid for adding STEAM to this thread's momentum.
UPDATE (Dec 30): Congratulations to all the winners so far, it's really ironic how people with Hotmail and WindowsLive emails emerge victorious in linux-themed giveaways…

Once again, I thank everybody for participating. Special thanks go to all who contributed!
I will be away until Jan 9, so the first post won't be updated for a while, but I shall return with another giveaway batch! So do not forget about this thread yet.

UPDATE (Apr 10): My apologies to anyone (anyone?) waiting for this thread to come back to life in January. I got caught up into various things up until (and including) this moment, but I am happy to announce that new giveawaves are coming! All giveaways above the line are now long closed, so I will also be closing this discussion. Everyone is wholeheartedly invited into this new thread here.

ZachMayer (11 months ago)

=D Thank you!

theenframed (11 months ago)

Yep, it has been a marvellous year for linux gaming. Highlights for me include Euro Truck 2 and Metro Last Light. Oh, and the steam release of OOTP 14 just before xmas. My only disappointment was lack of the announcements regarding big titles coming to linux in 2014. It would have been nice to have some more confirmed titles in time for the sale. Next year should be amazing nonetheless.

Well, one major title that kicks off 2014 is Papers, Please!
Although, it did work pretty smooth under wine for me.


(11 months ago)

DeltaBladeX (11 months ago)

I might not be a Linux gamer myself, but I thank.you for being generous with these giveaways.

I really need to get a system I can mess with just to try it out. I had one old system I tried it on, but that was a broken clunker with unrecognized hardware.

I guess one of the easier way to try it out would be something like Wubi - it makes a dual-boot setup creation easy and straightforward.
My main gaming system currently is booted from a usb flashdrive and runs in RAM. This started out as a lazy POC, but turned out to be a long-term lazy solution… :)


(11 months ago)

Vegan (11 months ago)

Just received The Old Gods for christmas :-) ( crusader kings 2 add on )

Harnace (11 months ago)

Thanks for the giveaways. Nice that Linux gets more love and attention :D

wotgamer (11 months ago*)

OSX has also benefited in a crazy amount of ways, since linux usually means an osx port too :D woo

rollerandrei (11 months ago)


cicyractu (11 months ago)

By the way, once those 5 giveaways are over, there will be more. Stay tuned!

ruzgar (11 months ago*)

thanks. I couldn't join them since Imma kinda leecher

I'll post some without a required CV later on.
But, yeah, the original idea was to encourage contributors.


(11 months ago)

Was at cv 33 when I saw this thread first. "The heck I'm gonna buy that $10 game now instead of the last day of winter sale"... now I ended up at 103 cv :o


(11 months ago)

massi2323 (11 months ago*)

I managed to snag a copy of Don't Starve while it was 92% off, so why not contribute with some linux gaming love. The CV is set at 30$.

Yay! That's the spirit! Thank you! Adding it to the first post for enhanced visibility.


(11 months ago)

Nice, wish I was awake when it happened :( I would have picked it up immediately without thought lol. Thanks for putting up your other copy on here :) ( Yes I am aware that I prob wont win it, but its still nice that you are doing what you are with the extra copy. )


(11 months ago*)

cicyractu (11 months ago)

Congratulations to the first lucky bunch! They have some unwrapping to do now, and we shall proceed afterwards.

Three new giveaways will be launched in 15 minutes. Everyone is invited!
And if you have any linux goodies to share, you are more than welcome to do so!


(11 months ago*)

qwertz12 (11 months ago)

I'm really glad you linux people get good games too. :) Thank you for spreading the fun!

massi2323 (11 months ago)

Made another giveaway, this time it's Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians and the CV is 50$.

Once again, thank you very much for your contributions!
I only wish more people could learn by example, and share the joy.


(11 months ago)

My pleasure


(11 months ago)

mrczoko (11 months ago)

sure, I'll bump

Now we're talking!
Thank you for sharing! Really appreciate it!


(11 months ago)

Thank you very much! Glad to see more people sharing my sentiments.


(11 months ago)

SteeLESP (11 months ago)


Pesmerga (11 months ago)

thanks :3

nullzero (11 months ago)

Yay! One more for the linux ride!

Garry's Mod (min $0.01)

The more the merrier! Thanks a bunch!


(11 months ago)

Sev501 (11 months ago)

Awesome! Just finished setting up Fedora on the other box and ubuntu on my laptop! xD

Antilucid (11 months ago)

Awesome thread. As an owner of a Steam Machine, I fully support more Linux Giveaways. Thanks.

MrD (11 months ago)


Antilucid (11 months ago*)

Here is my private giveaway for this thread


Good luck and Happy New Years.

Thank you! Have some great Holidays!


(11 months ago)

DarkCobra86 (11 months ago)


NODAK (11 months ago)

Cool idea. Thank you all Linux game donators. :)

tallpaul02 (11 months ago)

Thanks very much :D

I'm dual booting my work laptop between Win7 and Ubuntu, so thanks very much for giving away Linux compatible games :D

wieh (11 months ago)

thanks, great action. ppl need to know about linux :)

cicyractu (11 months ago)

Congratulations to the lucky and some /very lucky/ winners of the second wave.
Six GA in this thread are still open. Don't miss out!

pampuch721 (11 months ago)

Thanks for giveaways!
Also, since I am having classes with Linux and so, I wanted to start using it. Well, I'd even uninstall Windows. However, due to small number of games working there, I will still use Windows for now... Just hope that more games will work on Linux.

maxx87 (11 months ago*)

Hey guys, Linux gamer here. I'm giving away this fine cross-platform (including Linux) game right now for the next five hours :): Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians

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