(Closed) Indie Gala 'Average'?

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Has anyone else noticed that the 'average' for the current Indie Gala X doesn't actually change? It's been at a flat $5.78 since the start of the bundle and they're just shy of 7,000 bundle sales at the moment.

After 7,000 sales, the average would obviously fluctuate somewhat, but it hasn't. All previous bundles I've purchased from them, the average has moved over time and if you refresh the page it updates accordingly. It just seems strange that this time around it doesn't.

Is this just a ploy to keep the average up during the early days to counter the people who just pay $1, and then wait for a happy-hour? Either way, it's not right.

wuddih (2 years ago*)

it changed, at start it was under 5$ and like 2 hours ago it was like 6k bundles sold and somewhat lower average. additionally by default, the more bundles sold the more static the average gets.

Detruire (2 years ago)

It has been $5.78 or $5.77 every time that I've looked at the page. (now, a few hours ago, 12 hours ago, 18 hours ago.)

adamofgreyskull (2 years ago)

False. It was $5.08 when I bought it at 800 bundles sold.

Log (2 years ago)

They put in a few hundred $5 entries in the database when they start it, it's the only way the average wouldn't be a constant $2 like I've seen in previous Groupees bundles.

tazzmaniac (2 years ago)

It started at 4.99 then jumped to 5.78 pretty quick. And the 1$ for full happyhour bonus doesn't work anymore ;)

wojtek858 (2 years ago)

They are just cheating us, they did it all the time with previous bundles. They LOCK average price if it's descending too much. Also sometimes they just change it, because they want - example: last IG9, average price 4,99$, Happy hours start - magically price is now ~6$ or more. HH ends - price is back to 4,99$.

bobiK (2 years ago*)

Total payments: $36797.8

Purchases #: 7117


DreamDrop (2 years ago)

I thought the topic meant Indie Gala is average, which it is. HiB ftw!

BrianFarnet (2 years ago)

I believe in the IG Average as much as I believe in Portal's cake

Arthor (2 years ago)

at 468 bundles sold it was $5.78 too me.

yes the same for me


(2 years ago)

TheGreenFairy (2 years ago)

That's because it's not a BTA price, and I don't know why they insist on calling it that. If they called it a "bonus price" or whatever, it would be all good and clear, but instead they call it BTA which is such a white lie.

adamofgreyskull (2 years ago)

It's at $5.13 now, 8306 sold.

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