I like cookies. Do you?

Sugar cookie recipe!

Also: to cook you need a Timer

Also: don't hint, don't cheat, be nice. Thank you.

General hints:

  1. There are six cookies. You can see them in my profile.
  2. All hidden cookies need 5 ingredients. Mix them in given order.
  3. You don't need math at all (by math I mean scary stuff, like something harder than arithmetic operations) for two of the hidden cookies (actually even 3).
  4. No guesswork involved.
  5. Everything is hidden in plain sight.

Levels of difficulty for cookies:

  • Free Cookie - effortless
  • The Cookie of Wise Choice - very easy

  • The Inquisitive Cookie - easy

  • The Cookie of Understanding - normal
  • The Cookie of Perseverance - hard
  • The Greek Cookie - hard/very hard

  • The Obvious Cookie - normal?

Number of cookie-eaters, per cookie, at least:

  • Free Cookie (infinite)
  • The Cookie of Wise Choice (53)

  • The Inquisitive Cookie (9)

  • The Cookie of Understanding (6)
  • The Cookie of Perseverance (9)
  • The Greek Cookie (3)
  • The Obvious Cookie (13)

Anthrobomination, Award (7/7!)
froost (6/7+) first to get to original cookies

Sorry! Wrong alarm for Q3!
I should sound like Wheatley from Portal 2. "False alarm! False alarm!"

Clarifications/Corrections for math questions.

By the way i have solvers for all these questions. So they are solvable! :)

Q1. Concerning the following:
"What is the maximum number of copies Tommy can purchase but STILL waste at least 1 copy?"

1) You are looking for a number of copies (games) or friends, not bundles. 
2) Tommy is forced to gift only with bundles  
3) Games in bundles are gifted only at the time of purchase. They are instantly used.
4) Example: Tommy wants to gift 10 of his friends with bundles of 6,9 and 29 games.  
   To do this he has to purchase 2 bundles of 6, 6*2=12. And thus 2 games/copies are wasted.  
   So he cannot gift 10 friends with bundles of 6,9 and 29 copies without wasting a copy!  
5) There is maximum number which cannot be made by any combinations of 6,9 and 29. Or of 10,15 and 27.  
   Any number exceeding the said maximum CAN be made with some combinations of bundles. 

Q3. Puzzle version is correct.

Q4. Consider that every game in those 15 similar chance giveaways is different, same for 6.

Also relevant:

In the Hall of Perseverance you can find Tom (not Tommy). It is Jimmy in disguise!

Also there (silly me!) for Stephanie it's 'hours' not 'minutes'!


Hint #1. Basic help.
If this very thread were "a cookie" its recipe (ingredients and order) would be:

  • first, take the letter which asks questions, and whip it until it thickens
  • second, add the buzzing letter
  • third, add the letter that unlocks doors
  • fourth, take the main compass letter (at least in my hemisphere), a sizable one will do
  • and lastly comes the last, in good quantities

Basic help comprehension test

Hint #2. Advanced help.

  • 4 cookies are hidden independently.
  • Their ingredients are also given independently, in every question.
  • There are 4 patterns in the quiz. You look at them every time you look at the quiz.
  • Patterns DO NOT require, but may need guesswork. In truth they are absolutely logical.
  • For Greek Cookie you may throw a glance at Q2.
  • For the Cookie of Perseverance you need quiz hints, which are not hints. And you can check your solutions (or brute-forced guesses, haha) with the quiz!

Additional hints:
* Look. Suppose you 'think' you found 'something' in one question. If this something is NOT found in other questions this 'something' should be abandoned at once.
* You really need to explore, not to guess.
* Nothing is hidden in the opening description (only suggestion to find 5 ingredients).
* The final description gives only this: access to the Cookie of Wise Choice, hint for the Greek Cookie and the fact that there are 4 hidden cookies. Nothing more.

Hint #3. The Obvious Cookie.

Get it here

Small mistake in Q3. Correct picture here


First, you had to get to the quiz. The link was hidden in the Sugar Cookie Recipe.

The actual quiz was easy. You had multiple choice answers and could just guess the right answer.

By solving the quiz you are given certain pieces of information:

Link to the Cookie of Wise Choice.
The information that there are four other cookies hidden somewhere.

The link: http://www.steamgifts.com/giveaway/xfxvX/cookie-of-wise-choice

That was invalid.
When closely inspected the link itself reveals the code 'lxbxl' while the clickable name shows 'xfxvX'.
It's a mixture of giveaway code itself and its format (x for lower case, X for upper or digits) usually given here on steamgifts.
When combined, it gives 'lfbvl' as a code and 'xxxxX' as format --> 'lfbvL'.

When getting to the giveaway you were hinted to look into the HINTS to the quiz.

“I hope you did not use Hints, because there are none! Ha-ha!”. Hints section was critical to get to the Cookie of Perseverance.

The Cookie of Perseverance.

This was on a straight path, but required math.

The actual ingredients were hidden in the hints to the main quiz. You had to solve math problems and get answers. All answers were numbers which you had to translate into symbols using the corresponding ASCII code.

Full solution here

Also you need drawings for Q2. Here

In the end you have the following numbers: 113, 53, 84, 75 ,72, which in ASCII is 'q5TKH'. This directs you here , the long forgotten giveaway. There you should find my comment and get to The Hall of Perseverance. Which is another quiz.

There you have to answer 5 questions correctly and use the correct sum as an answer.

Answers for the questions:

Any number, but 3, can be represented by combination of 6 and 9.
29 mod 3 = 2
29*2 mod 3 = 58 mod 3 = 1.

So the maximum number is 58+3=61.

Q2. You have it already. 22.
Q3. So it should be 'hours' as pointed out. It is 7+33+1 = 41
Q4. To win at least 1 is not to lose at all. To lose all giveaways: (1/2) * (3/4) * (9/10) = 27/80
To win at least 1 is 1 – 27/80 = 53/80 = 0,6625
Q5. About a Mite, Fishing Floor and Super Fleet Buoy will sum up to 35. Fees for submission: 1+2+4+8+16+32+64=127. Total 35+127=162

The sum of answers is 162+0,6625+41+22+61 = 286,6625

The Inquisitive Cookie.

If you were inquisitive enough you'd check the main quiz for all multiple answers. And find out, that in every question exactly one was wrong. You could do it even without math just by checking 'letters'.

The letters corresponding to wrong answers are: c,C(!),f,d,a. What is this? A giveaway code: cCfda. It goes here. There you need to find my comment and get to The Hall of Inquisitives .
A simple name the game quiz! Do it yourself if you want to get to the giveaway.

The Cookie of Understanding.

And it was hiding in the same place as the Inquisitive Cookie! In the wrong answers (“check answers twice!” hint). Wrong numbers are: 55,110, 73 (this one is tricky), 65 and 48. Or in ASCII it is '7nIA0'.

'73' is tricky because it's the only wrong number in sequence.

Now that you have the code you should go here. Find my comment and proceed to the Hall of Understanding. There you need to answer 3 easy questions.
Q1. 191
Q2. 201
Q3. 75

Answer to the quiz is 750

The Greek Cookie.

That's my favorite. The only explicit hint you had is word 'Greek' written in italics. So you had to find something written in italics in the main quiz. And that what you should see:

Leopard Hot lines
Inhuman Car Loop
Too Intimate Roach
A Mad Magpie Battle
About a mite

Again you could be wondering what it is. The answer is simple: it's Greek, it's math, you have 2 examples in Q2 (alpha, beta). So you need to use the Greek alphabet. And those strange names are just anagrams. Of Greek letters. Besides the number of words means how many letters to look for.


Leopard Hot lines = rho + delta + epsilon
Inhuman Car Loop = alpha + omicron + nu
Too Intimate Roach = omicron + iota + theta
A Mad Magpie Battle = gamma + beta + delta + pi
About a mite = mu + iota + beta

But then, again. What should you do with them? The answer is Greek numerals.

Leopard Hot lines = rho + delta + epsilon = 100 + 4 + 5 = 109
Inhuman Car Loop = alpha + omicron + nu = 1 + 70 + 50 = 121
Too Intimate Roach = omicron + iota + theta = 70 + 10 + 9 = 89
A Mad Magpie Battle = gamma + beta + delta + pi = 3 + 2 + 4 + 80 = 89
About a mite = mu + iota + beta = 40 + 10 + 2 = 52

Turning to ASCII (myYY4) leads you here. There you should find my comment and proceed to the Greek Hall

In the Hall again you are asked 3 questions. Answers are:

Q1. Aeronautic Tomb = beta + omicron + tau = 2 + 70 + 300 = 372
Q2. Adult Enigmas = sigma + delta + nu = 254
Q3. Immolated Organics = omicron + sigma + delta = 274

Q1 + Q2 + Q3 = 900.

But that was not the answer. Because you should have used the Greek letter instead of the numbers. And this letter is 'sampi'.

The Obvious Cookie.

Answers to the quiz:

Q1. Easy to calculate: (1626 - 4)/2 = 811, (811 - 3)/2 = 404, (404 - 2)/2 = 201, (201 - 1)/2 = 100, (100-0)/2 =50.
Answer is 50.

Q2. The probability can be calculated like this: the chance to pick out letter 'c' as first is 1/6, letter 'o' as second = 2/5, 'o' as third = 1/4, 'k' as fourth = 1/3, 'i' as fifth = 1/2, 'e' as sixth = 1. The total probability is the product of these, because they need to happen simultaneously. So P = (1/6) * (2/5) * (1/4) * (1/3) * (1/2) * (1) = 2/720 = 1/360.
Answer is 1/360.

Q3. The answer is 'cake'. Full explanation for that on the giveaway page, in one of the comments.

kotkas44 (1 year ago)

Good cookies

Mew2 (1 year ago)

Them result cookies are driving me almonds!

Chocolate drives almonds away!


(1 year ago)

ChrisITA (1 year ago)

Bump for cookies.. ehm, solved!

badaboom (1 year ago)

brute force, don't fail me now

chour (1 year ago)

Ok. See you tomorrow. Don't eat all 6 cookies! (first hint)

Anthrobomination (1 year ago)


mercer88 (1 year ago)

Thanks for the cookies. :)

6you7me (1 year ago)

Dammit, I suck at these "Figure out the link yourself" puzzles. I've only found the link once before. >.<

chour (1 year ago)

Ok. New day. Cookies are still fresh. General hints appear.

Award (1 year ago)

Coooooooookies ok I haven't looked yet so I'm not scared yet, but nice to see something from ya!

Award (1 year ago)

Happy to report my jar has now 3 cookies, I think majority of folks got only 2 :3

Now that you possess the Cookie of Understanding I hope you'll catch the rest!


(1 year ago)

chour (1 year ago)

If you happen to get down to math (*gasp!), well, feel free to ask me to elaborate on questions if anything is not clear.
You know, math does require precision of thinking!

add me on steam, it's not comfy to chat in comments


(1 year ago)

xamtheking (1 year ago)

I give up

chour (1 year ago*)

Update wrong. Puzzle stands as it is.

tomasxxxx (1 year ago)


chour (1 year ago)

Some clarifications for questions have been added.

Thanks for clarification on q1 :)

But the correction in Q3 confused me :D
I thought i knew what to do with the results (and all the other answers I got matched it), but now I get an answer to Q3 that doesn't make sense...


(1 year ago)

Exactly! I am also confused by the change. What does it really mean?


(1 year ago)

Disregard the correction, please :)


(1 year ago)

Sorry. Got confused myself. Q3 should be read as it is.


(1 year ago)

No problem :)
Seems like I have made mistake in another ingredient, let's see...


(1 year ago)

I'm still not ok with the last part of the Q1: there is no limitation on how much gifts Tommy can send, except his wallet. Imagine Tommy is in fact Bill Gates in disguise, he can buy 3,000,000 copies (300,000 10copies bundles for example) even if he only has 2 friends. He'll waste 2,999,998 copies, which is AT LEAST 1 copie. It think you want to say AT MOST 1 copie, but there's still informations we're missing:

-If there is a restriction on how much bundles he can buy of each time.

-If he sent a gift to every of his friends the first time.


(1 year ago)

If he wants to give away 2,999,998 copies, he can buy exactly that many.

If he want to give away, say, 7 copies, he can't buy exactly that many. The question is asking what is the highest number he can want to give away where he'll still be forced to buy extra copies.

I've figured that one out, but it's not really helping me at all anyway. Still, if that helps you out, that's great.


(1 year ago)

Tommy can try to buy any number of gifts (games, copies). But he is forced (thanks Award for the word) to buy in bundles. And thus there are certain numbers of gifts (not bundles) that he can't get by any combinations of, say, 6,9 or 29 copies bundles, namely, 10. But there is a maximum number after which any number of gifts can be purchased by some combinations of these bundles.


(1 year ago)

Ok I think I have it, I was searching for a proper theorem, but with the given number there was a very easier way. And I still dont know what to do with the number ^^'

I'll crack the greek one, I already spotted the clues.


(1 year ago)

blackfyre (1 year ago*)

I was also not sure what to do with the corrected Q3 answer, but when I guessed different possibilities none of them were right! Maybe one of my other ingredients was wrong :(

Edit: I found the Cookie of Perseverance!

Confirmed. Nicely done.


(1 year ago)

DarkDay (1 year ago)

I've got the first(free) cookie, but i have no idea how to get the second one. Quiz is solved, what what to do with that? Any chance for a small hint?

chour (1 year ago)

Sorry guys, disregard the corrections on Q3. The correct version is on the puzzle.

Being busy at job place makes you think really bad.

Again sorry for confusion.

chour (1 year ago)

The walls to the Cookie of Perseverance have been breached!
Mind you - by a different solver than the one who first touched the Cookie of Understanding.

I'm just being too lazy :P


(1 year ago)

chour (1 year ago*)

Aaaaaaaand the Inquisitive Cookie is already being eaten! Ok, slowly chewed.
And by another completely different cookie-eater.

chour (1 year ago)

Number of solvers increased slightly.
Greek cookie is still in virgin state.
See you tomorrow.

chour (1 year ago)

Update so far. 7 different people found different hidden cookies.

I bet it means people think differently.

Award (1 year ago)

Gotta say that "The Secrets of Maggie and Christel" sounds kinky. I'd play that.

Anyway, got another cookie, perseverance one.

I hope you don't dream about math problems after that...
...or about these 'Secrets'


(1 year ago*)

chour (1 year ago)

Small update for solvers. And another silly mistake from me! :)

TheLaughingMan (1 year ago)

I can't even see the free cookie :P I'd guess it has something to do with the games marked with asterisks on your Steam Profile, but beyond that I'm lost :P

To get a cookie you need a...herring!..erm..recipe!


(1 year ago)

Same here...


(1 year ago)

alamarjan (1 year ago*)

Okaaay. Four cookies down, two to go.

chour (1 year ago)

Three people found 4 cookies out of 6 (not necessarily same cookies btw)

Oh man, ain't I jelly. "Hard" was not so hard compared to "easy" and "medium". I can't find even the direction to dig in, that's frustrating D:


(1 year ago)

irule9000 (1 year ago)

im still at a lost for the non easy cookies

chour (1 year ago)

Hints time!

Hint #1 published.

ukoHKa (1 year ago)

Add me in Steam, please. I have a question but I'm not sure if it is answer sharing

ukoHKa (1 year ago)

In Q5, does fee for sumbmission means fee for checking every achievement

Yes. In Q5 Steam charges for submission AND for cheated achievos, if any. You need the sum without submission fees (1$ per achievo).


(1 year ago*)

Richie (1 year ago)

Wow, this is tough. Those cookies... are in very tight cookie jars.

(By which I mean they are very well hidden. But, you know, continuing cookies metaphors.)

zZE94 (1 year ago*)

Solved puzzle for "The Cookie of Wise Choice"

It says "invalid Giveaway Code" :

Look closely!


(1 year ago)

chour (1 year ago)

Hint #2 appears.
Sincerely, it's more than a hint. It's a walkthrough!

Made a small mistake in hints (was referring to Q3, while in truth it was Q2). Corrected.


(1 year ago)

ukoHKa (1 year ago)

Jimmy entered 15 giveaways (for 1 game) with 50 entrants each, 6 giveaways (for 1 game) with 20 entrants Can we count that Jimmy can win only one of 15 and only one of 6?

I don't understand but you have got to the cookie so let it rest :)

I got it: consider you have different games for 15 and 6 copies.


(1 year ago*)

chour (1 year ago)

Small update for cookie-eaters. 4 people found 4 of 6 cookies. Greek cookie is going to rot, it seems.

chour (1 year ago)

Additional hints for hints added :P

I heard you like hints in your hints for your hints xD

Greek cookie is one tough cookie, but I also can't find the apparently easy inquisitive one. Ah well.


(1 year ago)

You'll chew your hat instead of a tasty cookie after it ends!


(1 year ago)

well at least my hat is safe from chewing now. I don't think I'll chew it over the Greek one xD Don't want to spread defetism, but it still is one tough cookie.


(1 year ago)

I am already thinking of making an independent puzzle out of it.


(1 year ago)

icedani (1 year ago)


It's math. No reading required!


(1 year ago)

chour (1 year ago)

Two lesser giveaways have ended.
Solution for the Cookie of Wise Choice revealed.

Solvers updated (6 people found 4/6 cookies). No-one can boast he/she got at least 5/6 cookies!

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