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my first puzzle No sharing, no hinting, no cheating, no leaking or questions...

slight hint after 8 hours...

contrib of $5.98

clickety click


CoolieMcAwesome (1 year ago)


you've heard of google right?


(1 year ago)

Ah, but the trick is to know what to Google. Which I do not.


(1 year ago)

The first question really isn't that hard....


(1 year ago)

I feel like I'm answering it wrong. I suspect I'm just choosing the wrong word but I'm pretty positive that I have the actual animal correct


(1 year ago)

Abaction (1 year ago)

Everyday I'm puzzling..

LOLYOU (1 year ago)

Wtf is question 3 cmon man

3 is easily solvable, it's 1 that's the guessing game.


(1 year ago)

1 didn't even require a search. It isn't guessing.

On the other hand, I know what sort of thing 3 is, just not what it is. Onwards...


(1 year ago)

I don't know what I'm missing then. It's not obvious to me.


(1 year ago)

aevanilla (1 year ago)

LOL! I actually thought to myself... What animal would I be? And it was right... hahaha.

I tried 'boobs' but it didn't work. :-(


(1 year ago)

I was not aware "boobs" were animals... lol!


(1 year ago)

bobofatt (Support) (1 year ago)

Bump for solved :)

I hate you with a passion.


(1 year ago)

Goooooood, let the hate flow through you.

bobofatt (Support)

(1 year ago)

Be careful TartFlavor, it's a trap!


(1 year ago)

L1NU5 (1 year ago)

How many words is 3?

"no... questions"! But, would liek kno too. :)

Edit: Have now solved. Unfortunately, I can't say a hint, only that you should keep searching.


(1 year ago*)

TartFlavor (1 year ago)

Having problems with 3



(1 year ago)

cxiong93 (1 year ago)

glanced at it...
not my kind of questions, good-bye puzzle

Kadath (1 year ago)

Solved 1 and close to 3, But 2 is killing me.

q00u (1 year ago)

No hint on Q1?! I waited all that time, it's the only one I can't figure out. I'm beginning to think there's something wrong with me.

you know how to use google? thanks MONO


(1 year ago)

Oh schnikes, I tried a different version of that and when it didn't work I moved on to other animals.

So, confirmed. Something definitely wrong with me, haha doh.


(1 year ago)

cucumber (1 year ago)

too many hints :) there will be 200 people entered by this time tomorrow :)

dagr (1 year ago)

Thanks for Q3!

GamerPlava (1 year ago*)

lol I'm stuck on question 3, google doesn't seem to be helping and it's clear what I should be looking for but can't find any exact results and the one I keep getting I've tried every variation with no luck.

knowing my luck it will be a game I already own

Edit: do not own, entered and thanks (you tricksy person you)


(1 year ago*)

Same here... :'(


(1 year ago)

cams02 (1 year ago*)

1, 2 was easy, 3 seems hard to google.
I wish I could play it online, but I don't know how to read it. :(

Marumisu (1 year ago)

Questions 1 and 2 were easy, but I have absolutely no idea what to do with 3... Well, this one is going to the pile of puzzles I'm unable to solve, I'm afraid. Thanks for your efforts though, it's a nice puzzle. :)

Nonos (1 year ago)

I see what is Q3, but I can find the answer... Any other hint?

monogana (1 year ago)

all the questions are easy if you know how to approach them!!! the right terms in google will lead you to the correct answers

no more hints im afraid its unfair to those that already go it!!

Cymbaline (1 year ago)

Bump for solved! :)

Incognitoe (1 year ago)

Will you post the answers afterwards? I can't finish Q3

Collin (1 year ago*)

OK, stuck with Q3 as well. EDIT: and suddenly it stared me right in the face...

monogana (1 year ago)

i will post the solution after its finished - no questions!!!

monogana (1 year ago)

first question answer was monkey -- mono is spanish for monkey - very easy to find with google of mono and images - fisrt image is of a chimp

second qeustion answer was hamberger the question was a md5 hash of it - it is the 2nd mostt common decrypted md5 hash on the internet and is why i chose it description of the quiz "i can haz win" is a reference to this from the popular phrase "i can haz cheezeberger" also hint MaD5Kills :) showing the MD5 in caps

third question answer was more than words last question was probably the hardest if you dont know anything about playing an instrument - it was the chord progression for "more than words" by extreme i changed the add in the chords to + so that it could not be found with a straight copy and paste in google.. otherwise it was the first result.... easy peasy

congrats to the winner.... add me on steam and i will give you the game mono

Now I know why I couldn't find the 3rd answer. I'd like to thank Google for local search results...


(1 year ago)

Since I wasn't familiar with guitars, I just removed the + sign. As you said, it was easy to search with Cadd9.


(1 year ago)

Awww... I've only removed "+"...


(1 year ago)

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