So I see that a lot of gamers use Keypads instead of Keyboards. People say they're more comfortable and faster to use than a keyboard, but this really is true? Here some examples of Keypads: Razer Orbweaver & Razer Nostromo, and some Gaming keyboards. Someone of you are using keypads? and do you stop using your keyboard after this? and also you wean/break the habit to use a keyboard? How it feels in general using a gaming keypad, is worth buying instead of gaming keyboard? Give opinions :3

AloXX (1 year ago)

I tried some of those razer things in a store once and they were downright uncomfortable. For me a keyboard still feels the best plus it has more options for key bindings.

But maybe is for special game genres? like mmo or rpg's?


(1 year ago)

I feel in a mmo or rpg you would want more keys to use. Either way they're just too uncomfortable for me to use


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Pangalaktichki (1 year ago)

It's mostly for people who need portability (for LAN parties and tournaments). If you already have a good keyboard, you don't need a separate keypad.

Prox7 (1 year ago)

Its good depending on what game you play,

I play mostly shooters and action :D


(1 year ago)

It's really good for games like World of Warcraft (A lot of macros), Shooters not bad either for sure after all, Secret to of Pro's at Shooter games is sometimes to have your mouse behind your screen so, Keypad would allow you to have your movement behind it too. But of cause you will have to get used to it and see if it's comfortable, Razer always gives you advantage they are not like other gaming company's they give you high quality products.


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DoctorCosta (1 year ago)

Depends on the game, really. Some games were made with keyboard + mouse in mind, while gamepad is the ideal solution for others. But if you play on the PC and you're into first/third person shooters, you should roll with keyboard + mouse always.



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kosovaarcher (1 year ago)

Keypads look really weird. never tried one. don't think i ever will buy 1, keyboard seems fine enough to me.

kataztrophik (1 year ago)

I would imagine that keypads are generally better for gaming but there's a few things to consider. Adjustment period, type of game, and the gamer's budget. Like with any new peripheral, it takes time for you to adjust to them and learn how to use them efficiently. They're not going to magically improve your skill, though with practice they can be a great benefit. Some games just aren't suited well for use with a keypad, and while most every game allows you to change your key bindings to work, it may still not be ideal. Also, a keypad won't replace a conventional keyboard, so that's something else to factor in as well.

Martin1592 (1 year ago)

keyboard ftw

HillaryClinton (1 year ago)

Its to late for me.

Been keyboarding since I was 4, way to late to adjust to one of those....

Haha! I was just about to mention this one! I've got big hands, so wish they actually made mice that size!!!

Sadly my SC didn't see much playtime, and is gathering dust in some forgotten corner of the garage. It was a nice idea though...


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Rendolf (1 year ago)

Razer Orbweaver

Ruzinus (1 year ago)

I'd imagine it's like Dvorak... technically superior, but the delearning and relearning isn't worth it for the vast majority of people.

If you're super hardcore and you wanna be the very best (like no one ever was), then go for it and start adjusting that muscle memory.

AllRoCol (1 year ago*)

I choose the combo of a keyboard with macro buttons, if needed, and a mouse with many buttons, to compensate for not wanting to keep my hand around too many buttons unless the game calls for it. I think the combo can work for any game, if you buy the right equipment.

I went with the Corsair K90 keyboard, which has 18 macro keys on the side. It allows me to keep mechanical keys (Red in this case) to play regular games, but I can use the macro keys to play something like WOW. The gaming keypad could be accomplished on a keyboard just by moving your hand and rebinding some keys. It doesn't really offer any advantages. Even if you use it on the side, you don't get any real benefit because you can just do that with keyboard keys too.

I chose the Logitech G700 mouse because it has 13 buttons, but doesn't suffer in FPS games, like most mice with a lot of buttons do. The Corsair M90, for example, has trouble with buttons being held down, which hurts you in some games. I went for a mouse with good placement of buttons, as well.

If you get a combo like that, you will never think of a gaming keypad because you can macro the hell out of both of them. I found that most mice won't work optimally for both MMOs/RPG types and FPS types. I like the combo I chose, but one could probably do better.

I've used gaming keypads and I can say that I feel like you are better off spending your money on an optimal keyboard/mouse combo. Just my honest opinion.

+1 for Logitech G700. I got it to replace my venerable but ageing MX Revolution a few months ago and am very happy with it. Possibly the best gaming and all round productivity mouse you can get right now.


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TyrantHalfEvil (1 year ago*)

Orbwear here, it's pretty handy if wants to add a crapload of shortcuts on the fly (I'm not that good with key combinations half a keyboard away when it goes That bad you might need them), used to have a nostromo (R.I.P.) and even the oldest version (first of the name produced by an obscure company I don't recall same design).

Beware to not fall into the "I wanna try this out, and this and that to match colours and blablabla" like me (shall I dare to say most of us ?).

Typical "why not a naga mouse, to go with my g510 but I still like my lycosa...". I'm waiting for the deathstalker ultimate to see what's more comfy or good looking.

In the end, to go away from keyboard 15 hours a day the comp running as is, you get the half a million "It's handy I had to have it" barely used (really, no kidding)...

Still, I realize how comfortable it is each time I have to use someone else computer, or play, must have if you ask me.

P.S. : Try out anything you can at friends before buying if you have the chance no matter what's the product concerned.

Piranha2004 (1 year ago)

Its good for MMOs and FPSs in particular as you can do multiple actions very quickly.

Nicaprio (1 year ago)

I have been with my nostromo for almost two years, and this is my experience:

It really gets comfortable as time passes for some several gaming hours, and after 4 hours, try to use the keyboard and feel the difference. But it is expensive if you just want some additional comfort. The real deal with this are the answer times and the macro stuff, because it does not only work with your games, it is a full programmable secondary keyboard with a directional pad and 16 keys, and yes, it take time to check, review, download custom profiles for some software, but after 3 months it is amazing for things like photoshop, illustrator, indesign, even office like in excel and outlook or some special software for school needs (math and biology) stuff in my case) if you can spare the time.

Do not cheat yourself neither; You can map keys and macros in every keyboard and almost any software, but with the razer software and knowing is apart and that you do not need one or two keys before using your maps is something great.

It takes sometime for you to adjust, but within 6 hours you should be on your way.

I finished Dead Space 2, American Mcgee´s Alice, Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 3, Crysis, Bioshock 2 and in the backlog with some hours played basically all the THQ humble bundle with the exception of Darksiders that as a port is better with a control.

And now that i´m playing the first witcher, everything is better with the nostromo

For RTS like Company of Heroes and Starcraft 2, it takes a lot of time to had something you can play with it, but at the end it is pretty regarding.

The best Experience was with Arkham city, just adjusting some keys and the additional pad for the bat-items and i was doing some incredible shit. And this one i tried first with x-box controller, the with the keyboard for the quick access numbers, but at the end, the nostromo was another game completely because it was faster than my humble wireless microsoft keyboard.

I don´t know about the goods in MMPORPGS because some of this keypads had screens and stuff like that.

At the end, if you are playing FPS and alike you will experience comfort and easiness in the handle of things. But a keypad it is only a worth purchase if you are planning to dedicate some hardcore hours looking and testing for what it is good to had additional full macro programmable 16 to 20 keys with a directional pad that can handle several 1-click profiles for different softwares.

Spancer (1 year ago)

Don't see the point getting one if you already have a keyboard..

MattyMatt (1 year ago)

IMO the analogue stick is much better for movement, but the rest is about the same.

tritian (1 year ago)

hahaha, all I know about something like the nostromo pad is what a complete lunitic I used to game with told me through team speak (was def a while ago when team speak was the best). he would go on and on and on about it saying that he could never game again without it. I've never used one, or felt the need to, but if I had plenty of expendable income I would give it a shot. can always return it heh

InJ3cTiOn (1 year ago)

+1 to Gaming keyboard.

BananaNation (1 year ago)

Would not use.

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