(Closed) SG Enhancement Addon @ GitHub

1,276 Comments - Created by Zo 3 years ago

Features @ over 50,000 downloads so far! Now on github!

  • Giveaway filter with lots of options
  • Search giveaways (slower than site search), light-speed when loaded
  • Option to filter out games from the sync library http://www.steamgifts.com/sync
  • Minified quick view for giveaways through their banner
  • One button Comments+Enter from minified page
  • Endless scrolling
  • Live preview of markdown as you type
  • Vertical row compression
  • Floating menu bar
  • Newest comment on top
  • Preview of comments while you type them
  • Hide reply to thread comments
  • Always up-to-date
  • Runs is Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera
  • Muffins not included

Install for Firefox

  • First step, you will need to download Greasemonkey from here
  • After you installed Greasemonkey and restarted Firefox, download the script from here.
  • You will be promopted for the installation, after you click install you are done!
  • Now you are ready to use it

Install for Opera

  • Go to 'Preferences' (CTRL+F12) > Advanced > Content > Javascript Options
  • Choose your 'User Javascript folder', somewhere nice
  • Right click here > 'Save Content Link As'
  • Put it in your special nice javascript folder you just made and you are done. :)

Install for Chrome

Press WinKey+R


chrome --enable-easy-off-store-extension-install https://github.com/downloads/rossengeorgiev/sg-enhancement-addon/sg_enhancement_init.user.js

Press enter, confirm installation at the bottom

Install for Safari

Install for IE

Create a bookmark with:

javascript:(function(){var script = document.createElement("script"); script.type = "text/javascript";script.src = "https://github.com/downloads/rossengeorgiev/sg-enhancement-addon/sgenhancementinit.user.js"; document.body.appendChild(script);})()

Open steamgifts, click bookmark, win.


Settings popup

Endless scroll (loooooooooooooooooooooooong)

Quick view


Issues and solution

  • Downloaded, but it does not work: If you are using script blocking addon, such as NoScript. Please make sure you allow/trust rossengeorgiev.github.com

Contributions and Bug reports

Your suggestions and bug reports are greatly appreciated. Drop a message at Issue page.

Contribute to the addon? Just fork @ github

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lokonopa (3 years ago*)

YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT! Thank you for the Opera script!

Edit: Is deleting the other thread necessary? Maybe just lock it, if possible, for archival purposes?

It was getting pretty full and the title was misleading. I appreciate all the input from people and their gratitude. Plus now you get to be on the very top. \o/

edit: SNAP, you can edit the title....


(3 years ago*)

Didn't get a chance to update comment in that thread, but the SGE addon works perfectly after updating. Endless Scrolling is flawless and speedy. Ignore buttons work great, except for a couple bundles. Cthulhu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII Double Pack. Tried adding manually, but still pops up. Which isn't a bad thing, otherwise I'd be down to 11 games that appear out of the 155. ;)


(3 years ago*)


In Chrome, you don't have to disable the extension security by running the switch --enable-easy-off-store-extension-install Just download the script, find it in explorer, and drag-drop it in the Extensions window. That's the official way to install an extension that's not from the Chrome Store.


(2 years ago)

Intresting I'm going to try this :)


(2 years ago)

You are probably the only person who uses Opera on a non-embedded system.


(3 years ago)

No, he is not.


(3 years ago)

look at my avatar.


(2 years ago)

Also using Opera


(2 years ago)

Also a long-term Opera user.


(2 years ago)

i use opera wherever i can install it :P


(2 years ago)

Alchemistlord (3 years ago)

Really nice!

MadDogTen (3 years ago*)

Cool, it finally works for Chrome. :D

Though, I have a Couple Problems with it, The Giveaway's are All Mixed up, its not in the order of ending soonest to Latest, but has no order to it.

Plus, the 7 Page Hard Limit seems a little too low.

Order bug is fixed in v1.1.2. 7 pages are 70 giveaways, its likely that anything after that is just closed giveaways. Don't want to flood the site too much when user has ignored most giveaways. :)


(3 years ago)

Thanks for the Order Bug Fix! Works Great now!

It only shows me 15 Giveaways to me before it Reaches the End, Which I know for a fact that there are more after that, TONS more. :/

Edit- Now I can only see 9 because I went though the list and Ignored Giveaway's I'm not Interested in. Lol

Also, "Cthulhu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII Double Pack" cannot be hidden.


(3 years ago*)

ChangosDown (3 years ago)

Thanks! I'm loving this addon very much.

FenixOverride (3 years ago*)

There appears to be a limit on the filter? Is that the case?

If I add some titles by hand (Portal, Left For Dead, The Ball) and reload the page, everything works correctly. However, if I use the SYNC button, my library gets added but upon refresh the filter is empty. I have an extensive library, so my assumption is that either a game in my library is causing issues, or there is a limit to the number of games that can be filtered. I have seen the issue in Firefox and Chrome.

Also - thanks! This works really well when I add stuff by hand. Not being able to sync my library isn't really a big deal, I just wanted to let you know it isn't working. It's pretty easy to add things to the filter as I realize I need to.


(3 years ago)

I had the same issue a couple of times, not sure why this happens. You should see the filter field filled once the button indicates sync'd. Try a few times.

edit: nvm, figured it out, will include a fix when I can. For now refresh the page > edit > sync, if you touch the input box it wont update it. :)


(3 years ago*)

Pias (3 years ago)

Wow sweet addon mate!! Thanks a lot ;)

yamalight (3 years ago*)

dies with error (cannot split null) in latest chrome dev branch ~_~ (reported to google code)

why not github btw? :)

Ask myself the same question. Google code gives an error trying to delete or update downloads -_-


(3 years ago)

github <3 for push updates from other users :3


(3 years ago)

swiftwella (3 years ago)

Chrome, the land of simplicity. Thank you for the script!

mawile (3 years ago)

there is a problem with "&", it should be probbably escaped, i don't know how. i can't filter out Cthulhu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII Double Pack and Beat Hazard iTunes & m4a file support which i already have. but that's a great thing anyway! thank you very much! hope, that will be implemented into the site some day..:)

On which browser?

I filtered out "Beat Hazard iTunes & m4a file support" successfully on FF.

PS. Oh I so love the ignore button.


(3 years ago*)

it's on Opera


(3 years ago)

Rand (3 years ago*)

Love this. Thanks for the Opera script! The ignore button is a godsend.

knymed (3 years ago)


nofing (3 years ago)

Awesome, works like a charm. Thanks!

Slinden (3 years ago)

Very cool, awesome job!

wilflare (3 years ago)

this site is getting more and more awesome

d3sdichad0 (3 years ago)

+1 for the opera love!!!

TheKisho (3 years ago*)

The chrome plugin doesn't seem to be working quite right. Endless scroll is broken. Always says "Loading more giveaways. Please standby..." with a spinner of death but never loads. No option to manually go to the next page other then disabling the plugin.

Chrome Plugin version 1.1.4

EDIT: Updated to the latest Chrome and works now. And now running version 1.1.5 of the plugin. (Portable Apps don't auto-update). >_>

skzorak (3 years ago)

I don't know much about Chrome attachments, but I think on the last one for this site it said the app would be able to access data from SteamGifts.com, but this one says it can access all website data. Is this necessary? I don't even know what it all means anyways, but just wondering :)

Worried about this as well


(2 years ago)

MrRazzle (3 years ago*)

Don't know what I am doing wrong. How do I get the settings popup to appear -.-


Working now

If you look at this screenshot there is a link in the background, saying [.... settings], if click it should bring the popup. If the link is missing then the addon has not managed to load due to a lack of bacon. At this point you have a couple of options: 1. curse the gods 2. pop in your local store and buy all the bacon 3. post a bug report on here


(3 years ago)

pwnflakes (3 years ago)

i somehow don't see where i can change anything in opera .. i have done it like you described above but could not find anything new anywhere, could you maybe help me out a little? btw great work, i really appreciate this

^^ check out the reply above ^^


(3 years ago)

i've updated the plugin to 1.8 (had 1.4 before) and now it works. it looks really great, i appreciate your work! one question: do we need to manually update the plugin like i just did?


(3 years ago*)

wasabinator (3 years ago)

I installed it on my Chrome (12.0.742.122), but it doesn't seem to do anything? Maybe I'm being stupid but I've got loads of other extensions working. Strange.

@pwnflakes, that's an awesome username. lol.

It has been reported not to load on some versions of Chrome, could be due to addons. Could open an issue on http://code.google.com/p/steamgifts-giveaway-filter/issues/list and list extensions and messages from the developer console? Thanks :)


(3 years ago)

sN1pz0r (3 years ago)

Wow nice. :)

razorih (3 years ago)

I love you.

Zo (3 years ago*)

Update 1.1.5

You know how you scroll and scroll just like nyan cat scrolls the universe and then you have to scroll back to get to the menu. Arghh... Dreadful, i know. No worries, with the latest version the menu becomes your faithful companion whenever you scroll. SO GO! and scroll away...

Looks a little weird how all the content in the stalker bar is stuck to the right side, not centered like on the site.

The feature itself is great though, huge props for making this!


(3 years ago)

Fixed @ v1.1.6


(3 years ago)

XenoLair (3 years ago)

This is very nice.

AnjelUK (3 years ago)

Aha! Love it - now all the games I already have don't appear. I think it's cut out about 50% of the giveaways :D

LN3000 (3 years ago)

Unfortunately I must be doing something wrong, because even though I'm no stranger to installing extensions and whatnot, but I can't get this to work in Opera, Firefox, or Google Chrome. I'm all updated in all browsers (running dev Chrome though) OSX Lion I do see the Filter thing, but it doesn't 'retain' any information.

This is a known problem and it should be fixed @ v1.1.6.


(3 years ago)

Luisfius (3 years ago)

This is an awesome addition! Thank you for making such an addon!

Japo (3 years ago)


potatolemons (3 years ago)

the filters are deleted when i clear browsing data... or it just works like that?

Mavromatis (3 years ago)

The ignore list function getting data from the sync page now adds the newly added wishlist games on the list too.

Addon uses cookies to store the filter, so clearing will clear it as well. Currently, sync replaces the current list.


(3 years ago)

Is it possible to make a local storage for the script settings?


(3 years ago)

I would like to wait CG to roll out his build-in filter before going into this.


(3 years ago)

potatolemons (3 years ago)

oh and yea.. can you make the games scroll but not interrupt when im viewing the recent winners?

I know it's been a year now, but yes, I also would like to see the bottom.


(2 years ago)

kisio (3 years ago)

It works badly with the wishlist

Wishlist is a recent addition and the way the addon pulls the list clashes with it. It will probably will be addressed over my next iteration. However it the format allows the games not to be filtered. Consider the addon as very short term option for filtering games as this feature will be available on the site very soon. Any feature suggestion are welcome.


(3 years ago)

It was a bug, now its a feature. Wishlist games will not be filtered, instead highlighted in green. :)


(3 years ago)

It's not working correctly for me either, I'm being shown games like Audiosurf, Terraria and Portal in green... despite owning them and not having them on my wishlist.

In fact, even if I open up the Filter Settings and remove all my Wishlist'ed games they still show up as green. It's not until I remove them from my owned games list that the green highlight disappears.


(3 years ago*)

Must be gremlins


(3 years ago)

Seems like you took them out back and shot them prior to releasing 1.1.8.

Only seeing games in green now that are actually on there. ;)


(3 years ago)

DoublePLayer (3 years ago)

This addon is pretty sweet, thanks for sharing it with us!

pwnflakes (3 years ago)

great work so far! suggestion: ignore DLC's for games that are not on your account? (not on your sync list)

AnjelUK (3 years ago)

Re: Chrome extension

It worked fine the first time I used it, then the ignored giveaways started showing themselves, then the games in my account started showing themselves and now endless scrolling wont load any more games after the first 5. I tried re-syncing my account and even reinstalling the extension but it doesn't seem to want to work again :(

same problem


(2 years ago)

TheAnthonyNL (3 years ago)

Awesome :D , installed on firefox 5 :D works like a charm.

dragosmihai94 (3 years ago)

Thanks a lot..it's awesome on chrome

iLiaWneK (3 years ago)

Brilliant work again! One thing though: it's enhancement, not enchancement ;D.

Extensive research and computer models suggest this message is pretty accurate.


(3 years ago)

KGBAgent185 (3 years ago)

I was amused today when I clicked on the "Ignore" button for the Humble Indie Bundle 3 (As I bought it myself) and the entire first page disappeared.

Thanks for the updates!

DeTard (3 years ago)

Awesome extension, though I seem to be running into a problem where syncing my games appears to hit a character limit of what seems to be 4096 characters. Is there any way you can extend it something more reasonable for people that have a lot of Steam games?

This is due to browser limitation. As I mention above I would like to wait for CG to roll out the features around the sync page. Possibly, one of them is a build-in filter for games people already own. For now I advice you to only use the ignore button to fill in the filter. Hope that helps. :)


(3 years ago)

Actually yeah, it's just fine using the ignore feature. That might be all I ever need in the first place, but who knows. Thanks again, Zo.


(3 years ago)

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