It's a shame really.. I'm sad since my cv doesn't rise and i can't enter the cool kid giveaways :(

What to do, HELP!!!?!

DJBartek1 (11 months ago)

Read FAQ...? ;]

tristetea (11 months ago)

I'll bump the thread once for now, if i'd get atleast some answers... :/

Good luck with that ;D


(11 months ago)

Have no mercy - SPAM for effect :)


(11 months ago)

Two things.

  1. Who cares about CV? what you cant do giveaways for the sake of being a decent person?

  2. its something to do with bundles im sure.


(11 months ago)

  1. Everyone cares about CV, and nobody is a decent person.

  2. You mean like bundles of wood or something? I don't really see how that's relative to this site. :/


(11 months ago)

I dont care about CV. The giveaways ive done have been because I had a copy of the game that I thought someone else would enjoy.

The bundled game list.


(11 months ago)



(11 months ago)

Necroblight (11 months ago*)

Don't ever login here and you'll never ever face this problem ever again . . . ever.

I see how that might be helpful,


(11 months ago)

Orgodemir (11 months ago)

you have to send cg a homemade pastry

I thought robots didn't need homemade cooking.. I'll send him a can of motoroil instead.


(11 months ago)

Motor-oil is too mainstream for CG.


(11 months ago*)

Freshly pressed magnificent drops of life from a superintelligent android then perhaps?

Just to get the sensation of doing something. :D


(11 months ago*)

FapFap (11 months ago)


GoombaOwnsAll (11 months ago)

CV is love CV IS LIFE

Seibitsu (11 months ago)

tristetea, are you serious? Plis this be a joke.

I need someone to guide me on my way to the riches... Err, to bleeding wallet, nonetheless.


(11 months ago)

yellowcaster (11 months ago)

You have a limit on bundled games, you can gift bundled games untill 30$ CV, then you have to give non bundled games ;)

Really? I hope you c&p that :-D


(11 months ago)

Yeah lol i was JK-ing c(:


(11 months ago)

Hahaha,i belive you my friend:))


(11 months ago)

xboxer (11 months ago)

You forgot to give CG his weekly tribute? You must have forgotten to wet his beak a little.

Now i have to straighten my act and do something special.. :(

Once again.

Poor CG, or myself, not sure yet. Will keep you informed.


(11 months ago*)

ThePonz (11 months ago)


CHTonRage (11 months ago)

Simple. Giveaway stuff like Skyrim. That is not in a bundle currently.
On the bright side, you got the warm fuzzy feeling for the games you gifted.

tristetea (11 months ago)

Thanks for the all helpful answers, i'm quite sure i'll need some more help later though (I'm slow i know :/ ), If i ain't getting helpful answers i'll just have to ask them again later on.

i'm pretty sure i'll help you later:-"


(11 months ago)

waskaxo (11 months ago)

It's a shame, I've given away tons of games with the asterisk and didn't get the X2 CV that I heard about. ¬¬

PTG (11 months ago)

Games with asterisks beside them give triple CV!

I thought it was double... this is getting even worse... Dammit!


(11 months ago)

cg increased it because not enough Dota2 or Metro2033.


(11 months ago)

Reminds me, i need to start hoarding on those, just to do a massive giveaway that will make everyone happy and let everyone think i'm generous person.


(11 months ago)

Dota 2 and Metro are worth 10x CV because you have to work so much harder to give them away.


(11 months ago)

HenryLeonheart (11 months ago)

You must apease the Fortix gods with 100 copies before the end of tomorrow or the world will know the true terror of... Pikatlhu

Damn, that's awesome. :D


(11 months ago)

CyberneticYouth (11 months ago)

You can only get up to $30 from giving away bundled games. Basically, if you want your CV to rise you need to giveaway games that have never been in a bundle, aka games without asterisk next to their names.

Captain Obvious out.

But apparently he's stuck at $2,029.51 CV xD


(11 months ago)

Damn you trolls!


(10 months ago)

xFidelCashflow (11 months ago)

You must dive into the active CV volcano on the outskirts of the island of Moloka'i. ONLY THEN will you be reborn as the savior of SteamGifts & be showered with the blessings of CV.

holy golden shower of CV


(11 months ago)

iamjellyman (11 months ago)

You don't want to enter the cool kid giveaways. They're sour anyway. Just like their grapes.

My grapes taste like grapejuice.


(11 months ago)

Zrr00 (11 months ago)

Thanks for Fortix.

beefs (11 months ago)

I'll just leave this here.


SoulNibbler (11 months ago)

Aaaaaand...... tagged for blacklist. Phew, it grows larger every day :)

You're not very inquisitive, I see.


(11 months ago*)

I really hope this post is sarcasm.


(11 months ago)



(11 months ago)

I hope you're kidding... he's making fun of people who do this. Check his profile. He has over 2000 cv...


(11 months ago)

I didn't check his cv and even I knew he was doing it for the lulz


(11 months ago)

Jesus, guys, this is a troll thread, my comment wasn't serious as well. I have a total of 2 persons on my blacklist since I joined this site, so people have to be really fucking dickish to get onto it ;)

Oh btw, one of those is commenting in this thread lol


(11 months ago*)



(11 months ago)

rollerandrei (11 months ago)

Thanks alot !

ahoym8 (11 months ago*)

Ya hav to pray to cg for CV, dawggy G!

Anadia (11 months ago)

U must sacrifice the upcoming bundle and make a giveaway from those games in 1000 copies. After that u get 1cent per skyrim. Hope this helps :>

honglong17 (11 months ago)

What a dilemma , may i suggest you pour fresh blood on CG Altar , and offer one Boiled Chicken , i hear it help raise your CV by 150%

Rendolf (11 months ago)

moaaaar bundle games!

bibboorton (11 months ago)
Optimaximal (11 months ago)


AtomicWoodchuck (11 months ago)

You're not using enough yeast.

spacy1993 (11 months ago)

Use cheat engine to hack your CV.

Lowis (11 months ago*)

It's like in Pokémon, when you reach 800 hours it stops counting. You'll have to create a new profile.

Gaaalv (11 months ago*)

Install more RAM, ive heard it fixes it

I'll purchase more ram and stick it to PCI-slot... That'll work just nicely.


(11 months ago)

Yep, just download more RAM to fix all your problems. ;)


(11 months ago)

Wow it's so cheap!


(11 months ago)

uremytoy (11 months ago*)

delete this site from ur favourites, and never come back. This helped many people it should help u too

Check his profile...


(11 months ago)

^^ The post that launched a thousand facepalms.


(11 months ago)

RedFrix0075 (11 months ago)

Bump for solved

PapaSmok (11 months ago)

go away

no u


(11 months ago)

wauwi90 (11 months ago*)

put peanutbutter all over your internet cache.

But then i'd just have to throw some jam + bread in there and afterwards wander there myself when i get hungry.


(11 months ago)

you forgot, that you can always use bananajuice, extracted from a tie as a substitute for that process.


(11 months ago*)

RDBruski (11 months ago)

Pressing Alt-F4 enables increased CV.

Not that helpful i'm afraid :/ I've been trying that for the past hour now.

Also heard that hitting alt+ctr+delete consecutively would help.


(11 months ago*)

Alt+ctrl+del hasn't been a thing for years. Shift+ctrl+esc is all the rage now.


(11 months ago)

Khalaq (11 months ago)

I'm doing my part to help by responding with something other than a sarcastic comment.

Pr0n (11 months ago)

Do more giveaways like these.

JooJooFace (11 months ago)

I never had this problem. However, if I see something strange I call Ghostbusters.

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