I'm sure the title pique your curiosity :)

I've 10 games to give and instead of doing 10 "normal" giveaways, I thought that it can be fun to do something and see what happens ;)

So I group them in bundle like this:

  • Halloween Bundle : Haunted Hell Reach (gift), All Zombies Must Die! (gift), Bunch Of Heroes + DLC (gift)
  • Bundle Bundle : The Ship (gift), Secret of the Magic Crystals (gift), Blueberry Garden (key)
  • Flight Bundle : Flight Control HD (gift), Lunar Flight (gift)
  • Good-Old-Days Bundle : LucasArts Adventure Pack (gift), Commander Keen Complete Pack (gift)

And I've create 4 public group:

The groups will be open until Sunday 30th December around 3pm French Time

Sunday afternoon I'll put them in private and I'll use Random.org to assign each bundle at one group. Games will be given with Steamgifts in group giveaway.

You can join only ONE group, you cannot know which bundle is attached to which group before they go to private.

If you're in more than one group (between the 4 groups) you will be disqualified!


  • How long giveaways will length? => one week to let everyone enter
  • Do I need contribution? => nope, no contribution required
  • Why 4 groups? => To avoid link leak
  • Do I need to stay in the group after the giveaways end? => Nope
  • How many giveaways there will be? => One by game, except for Bunch Of Heroes where I'll also give the DLC to the winner :D
  • How much time is left before they are made private? => Group will set private around 3pm French Time Sunday 30th December
  • When the giveaways start? => Monday 31th December when I wake up, all giveaways will be launch at the same time ;)

This my first public event, I hope all will be good but if you've questions feel free to ask :)

getmyass15 (1 year ago*)

IM FIRST!!!!!! Thanks Joined Under the tree #4

Me too :D


(1 year ago)

4 for the win.


(1 year ago)

How much time is left before they are made private?


(1 year ago)

Private Sunday 30th December, around 3pm French time (when I come back from work) ;)

I'll add this in the FAQ


(1 year ago)

Chris1507 (1 year ago)

Nice idea, thanks. :)

kataztrophik (1 year ago)

This is a very cool idea, can't wait to see which bundle is assigned to my group :)

Crocross (1 year ago)

Thank you ^^

SladeStrife (1 year ago)

cool =^.^=

Nicktim (1 year ago*)

lol, can't he read?

thanks, joined group #4 :)

He is not the only one, I've separate and bold the part of the description relative of that, hope people will see it ;)


(1 year ago)

well, you can't do anything with such people :) good luck anyway :P


(1 year ago)

even with that big text, i joined the 4 groups, lol (now i left 3 of them)


(1 year ago)

Nice ;)

While the group are open people can freely regularize theirs situations, but after they will be remove from the group before giveaways start.


(1 year ago)

Gramis (1 year ago)

group 3 for me.

Solnaga (1 year ago)

Cool idea thank you for this fun semi-mystery giveaway :)

ixigia (1 year ago)

Nice idea! Thanks :D

godprobe (1 year ago)

Nice, very cool idea; hope it goes well, and happy holidays! :)

Gianno (1 year ago)

Thanks! Joined the fourth group.

GoodMan12 (1 year ago)

Thank You very nice idea :)

Brotbaum (1 year ago*)

Nice idea, thanks! I think you will have a hard work kicking all the people that enter more than one group ;)

Desidiosus (1 year ago)

Cool idea!

orpi (1 year ago)

im in second tree :p, funny idea, and thx for the giveaways

madnessnewb (1 year ago)

Interesting :D

ExusPL (1 year ago)

Interresting idea :) I`ve joined to group 2 :)

Cymbaline (1 year ago)

Thanks :)

Tuga (1 year ago)

Awesome idea! Thank you!

sepang (1 year ago)

2nd group, here I come!

Vashista (1 year ago)

Nice event, joined group 2.

BubbyBobble (1 year ago)

"If you're in more than one group you will be disqualified!" I just know there are gonna be at least fifty people who join all of those groups without reading the rules that you posted. Public giveaway groups seem to attract some of the laziest leechers.
Hopefully they don't prove to be too much of a pain in the ass for you to deal with. ^^

Thanks! I joined group #4. :) Good idea, by the way. I don't think I've ever seen giveaways done like this before.

Thanks, and I'll make a little script to sort all the members who are in many group otherwise it'll be too long to do :D


(1 year ago)

You're welcome. :D

That's an awesome idea! I'm sure a script will save you countless hours of time.


(1 year ago)

danielpeach (1 year ago)

Joined group 2, good luck everyone!

Fynal (1 year ago)

Great Idea ;)I wish that i got in Good-Old-Days Bundle groupe ;)

Delorian (1 year ago)

Joined all 4, then read, then deleted 3 :P (Maybe put the groups at the end forcing a chronological read :P) Thanks!

Nomaf (1 year ago)

Nice. Many thanks for this event. I joined group 4.

fiftykyu (1 year ago)

Looks like fun, what a generous person you are. Thank you!

Will try #4, looks like some good old games in there. Vaguely recall finishing Zork (the text-mode thing) once upon a time, but I suspect my brain isn't up to the challenge of these kind of games any more. :)

hellinperson (1 year ago)

Thanks! I joined #4.

scaryblood001 (1 year ago)

Thanks,joined group 1.

shimna (1 year ago)

nice idea, joined group 2. thank you for the giveaways

Oxol (1 year ago)

Group 3 had 45 members while the others had 46, so I joined #3 to even it up. Thanks!

mangenkyo (1 year ago)

joined the group 4.. thanks!!

Piku (1 year ago)

Great idea, joined group 4.

wwfarch (1 year ago)

Pretty cool idea. Thanks for the opportunity

ShiroPT (1 year ago)

Thanks, joined group 1

kid38 (1 year ago)

Thanks! I'm in #3.

Naluk (1 year ago)

Thanks a lot, I joined group #2.

shadowwolf7j (1 year ago)


skullsboy (1 year ago)

Ni idea! joined to the group 4!

adderke (1 year ago)

eee! Gifts!!!

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