(Closed) Is Get Games Go legit?

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I was interested in buying Mafia II from GGG, but the site (and descriptions for games) looks pretty unprofessional. Is it a trustworthy site?

999888 (2 years ago)

Yes it's legit. It's run by Eurogamer.

JohnnyS (2 years ago)

Yup i bought Red Orchestra 2 from them, got the key in 2 minutes. And also, i thinks it's non-steam.

Mafia 2 is Steamworks, so it needs Steam.


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Drakhor (2 years ago)

TotalBiscuit has also endorsed it in his latest Salebox video. I bought FM2011 there earlier, got the key immediately, entered it and had the game in my list... even though I can't even find it in the store. ^^

Mafia 2 is steam-able, it even says so on top.

Jozzz (2 years ago)

Its a great site. I bought Serious Sam 3 from there for $12 when it was on sale. They gave me a Steam key as soon as I paid. They also did the indie bundle with Explodemon etc.

I did this as well, such an amazing price! Great site! Instantly sent as well!


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Woodster (2 years ago)

Get Games Go is perfectly safe and legitimate.

axakovec (2 years ago)

Are all keys steam redeemable, or only those marked with Steam.

I'm pretty sure you can answer this by yourself...


(2 years ago)

I cant actually, couse those with Steam may reque Steam to be played (like valve games), but i think i understood u


(2 years ago)

I sent a message to support and the reply was: "If a game uses Steamworks we usually tag it on the product page."

So if you find a particularly good offer that isn't tagged, you could write to support just in case.


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aapinator (2 years ago)

I bought two copies of Serious Sam 3 there when it was on sale. Fast delivery, good price. The customer service is very responsive as well.

oscilloscopa (2 years ago)

Yes it is a legit store, it i part of Th Eurogamer Network

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