lately it has been warlock, i will enter a thousand for that game until i win, i wonder what it will be next week XD

CaillouofSwag (1 year ago)

ok? gl

seamzo (1 year ago)

damn, usually these threads have giveaways

nope! Just venting into the forums... sorry though :)


(1 year ago)

That's okay I've entered in over 1300+ giveaways and I've only won 1 dlc... Wasn't even something I really wanted. Just kind of throw away points at the time. =(


(1 year ago)

since when?


(1 year ago*)

Everyone one of these I've clicked on (2, including this one) have had giveaways


(1 year ago)

Hanneman213 (1 year ago)

I thought the very same about the Medal Of Honor (Yeah, I'm without cc at the moment and the HB couldn't be paid with Steam Wallet), which have been in my wishlist for a while, and I didn't win it after 50+ ga I entered, so... good luck with that.

Do you want it? I can give it to you on origin.


(1 year ago)

Actually you can get it with Steam Wallet. Just find a guy that will place something on Market for a bit more than 1$ and buy you the bundle. You have to overpay a bit, but it's possible.


(1 year ago)

Game was really bad


(1 year ago)

No, MOH 2010 is great


(1 year ago)

luneaux (1 year ago)

You don't have to win. Just want to.

unwan7ed (1 year ago)

I entered Mirror's Edge, Europa Universalis III Complete, and Burnout Paridise hoping to win. Got them all. Working on Warlock and Medal of Honor now now.

wow u got some serious luck, go buy a lotto ticket lol


(1 year ago)

You ain't lying. My first win was on the 12th of this month. Been on a roll.


(1 year ago)

midnightshooter (1 year ago)

No, you dont. You are just another sunshine pointing at earth.



(1 year ago)

TheSecondChocobo (1 year ago)

These first days of bundles are always fun. Good luck all!

TheDynamicFish (1 year ago)

yeah i have a ton of warlock entries, and 1 for the total war grand master collection

dbbmax12 (1 year ago)

Lol I used over 50 entries today for nothing :)! Maybe tomorrow will be better :D

Edocsil (1 year ago*)

Warlock Steam Key [six]YFFR-XDNV8-WB6BR

Leviathan: Warships Steam Key [two]G3N9-EQJ0G-BPT2B

Europa Universalis 3 Complete Steam Key KH[two]GW-2HV2I-ATTHL

thanks for trying... i didn't get one :) but someone else did so it is all worth it :D


(1 year ago)

Let's try again!

Larva Mortus: P6677-X8FK9-HQWGV

Greed: Black Border: MHLDB-DY73Q-CTJ3V

Obulis: NCV22-Z5NX9-5WKN5

Space Trader: Merchant Marine: NWKJL-DFTXH-4EJBZ

Sadly for you none are Warlock again though :(


(1 year ago)

i missed 'em too, but thanks anyway :D


(1 year ago)

Azzaboi (1 year ago)

With a probability of less that 1 in 15 billion years to randomly just create a single protein cell by chance in this universe, that doesn't even include any complex life form. It's a extremely high chance that there will not be any life out there and actually be more logically to believe in a Creator of this Universe.

Earth or any other planet sustaining actual life forms is 1/10236. Once you get to 1/1015, the probability of an event ever happening is negligible. If you get to 1/1050, the event could not have happened even once in 15 billion-years. After studying the complexity of a protein molecule, it is concluded that the probability of life occurring by chance is 1/10236. 1/10236 takes into account all the atoms in the universe, and the chance that the right ones came together just once to form a protein molecule. In other words, life here on Earth is pretty much impossible and a fluke which could never happen in 15 billion years or miracle done by a Creator.

A Creator of this universe is a requirement for current logic, if not another invisible entity is still required for mass/energy. It's just a matter of whether or not you believe it comes from total chaos or intelligences. What seems more logical due to patterns/rules/etc?

It narrows down to as simple as Random Chao (with a probability of less that 1 in 15 billion years to just create a single protein cell - which still doesn't have life) or Intelligences. Who's more ironic?

So do you believe in extreme luck of life or fate?

You have a higher chance of winning a stupid game on here than living at all...

very deep...


(1 year ago)

femto (1 year ago)

I still trying...

we can do it!


(1 year ago)

are we? i hope so... XD


(1 year ago)

wow 983 tries


(1 year ago)

that's what i tell myself everyday: "hey it's already xxx entries i must win soon"

i must win... right? please let me be right i said right? guys? ... aah i'm screwed!


(1 year ago*)

Gladgamer (1 year ago)

Never give up I guess, try everyday might get lucky.

APhatKid (1 year ago)

It's a shame you weren't just in the group chat, some nice fella decided to give me a free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla; I was the only one in the chat at the time :P

well that's nice of him!


(1 year ago)

bigzgod (1 year ago)

I know the feeling! There's always one game that eludes you, no matter how many giveaways you enter for it.

i still have a ton i entered, but probably won't win XD


(1 year ago)

Koalix (1 year ago)

But you know, there is a special hell for those who gives McPixel, even for his worst enemy :P



(1 year ago)

seriously ????


(1 year ago)

McPixel was a fun, albeit silly game. It brings hours of mindless entertainment.


(1 year ago)

You say hours, but you mean seconds.


(1 year ago)

Grizzlywolf (1 year ago)

This thread is piontles

Ruaben (1 year ago)

I'm doing that too :) to War of the Roses and Europa Universalis 3

Necroblight (1 year ago)

Yeah, so this thread is still in the "why I don't win anything" class.

Khalaq (1 year ago)

Real Soon, Now(tm).

webbbrandon4 (1 year ago)

Everyone knows u must give away games in order to win them :p

KaBob (1 year ago)

Your estimated wins isn't even 1 yet =/

icedani (1 year ago)

I still wait to win a copy of Fortix and Magicka

but fortix is like... i don't like it


(1 year ago*)

TheEternalComedian (1 year ago)

I'm currently going for a 3.33% win chance.

Seeing as 3 is my lucky number and 333 is comprised of 3 threes.

Tonyturismo (1 year ago)

Talk about being unlucky!

Have some contributor Fortix.

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