I just discovered something today, I found weird that Warhammer 40k : Dawn of War GOTY that came with my Humble THQ Bundle actually installed in a directory named 'Dawn of War Gold' and it also contains the executables for the Winter Assault expansion. If you try to start the game from the Winter Assault executable it will open the regular Dawn of War game and not the Winter Assault like you would expect .. BUT .. if you use the 'add a non-steam game to your library' and point to that same executable of Winter Assault. Yep !! You can play the Winter Assault. Unfortunately that applies only to single-player but it's still a nice bonus for anyone who intended to play the DoW game.

I thought some people might enjoy that little trick. ;)

CoolieMcAwesome (1 year ago)

Good find :D yey I get to pley it naaooo

Awesome. This is perfect for me. I'm not must of a multiplayer person anyway. (Just a small case of sour grapes.)


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abcxyz91 (1 year ago)

woooaaa, thanks for that great finding. That's really a surprise for me

GuyDiggle (1 year ago)

Great find man. TIme to go play some mo' Dawn o' war

mikagee (1 year ago)

People spam basilisks.... ;)

I used to slay them, but then my slayer task was over.


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LukeMistycrest (1 year ago*)

Nice find. Thanks for sharing!

chronicdiscord (1 year ago)


sabin1981 (1 year ago)

Awesome trick, thank you very much :)

Darkkrows (1 year ago)

I wonder this will apply on SaintRow 3 DLCs or not.

Because I downloaded Humble THQ SR3 base game & have it installed, then I bought SR3 full pack, Applied it to overwrite my SR3. it didnt download any additional files, I launch the game with my old saves all the DLCs is enabled. So I wonder if people who only own SR3 will gain access to the DLCs this way or not, because the DLCs are actually in ur HDD already.

Except the DLCs aren't separate executables, they are in-game content, so you can't do it the same way at all.


(1 year ago)

it is still already on ur HDD. u probably gonna find a diff way to enable it XD


(1 year ago*)

In some cases (read: some games), the work it took to enable DLC was as simple as editing a 0 to a 1 in a .ini file (or something similar). I doubt that it'd be this simply in the case of SR3, seeing as later games have the habit of hiding such information in .data files (or similar), thus requiring a hex-editor to change the values.
How who knows, maybe searching google would provide useful clues as to what one could (potentially) do, to enable DLC without paying for it.
I would, however, rather be on the safe side and buy the DLC myself. Risking banning, or worse; legal action, for some DLC isn't really worth it, in my opinion.


(1 year ago)

Since no one bothered to find information to back up these claims, I'll do it for you.

Disc - Online Pass (Co-Op Mode)
Disc - Invincible Pack (Cheat Pack)
Disc - Funtime! Pack (Genki Pack)
Disc - Warrior Pack (Outfit Pack 01)
Disc - Z Style Pack (Bling Pack)
Disc - Explosive Combat Pack (Grenade Launcher)
Disc - Shark Attack Pack (Shark Pack)
Disc - Special Ops Vehicle Pack (Saints Military Vehicles)
Disc - Nyte Blayde Pack
Disc - Money Shot Pack
Disc - Bloodsucker Pack (Unlock Pack 01)
Disc - Unlockable Pack (Unlock Pack 02)

DLC1 - Genkibowl VII (Genki Missions Pack)
DLC1 - CheapyD

DLC2 - Gangstas in Space
DLC2 - Penthouse Pack
DLC2 - Horror Pack (Halloween Outfit Pack)
DLC2 - Steelport Gangs Pack (Gang Outfit Pack)
DLC2 - Genki Girl Pack

DLC3 - The Trouble With Clones (Monster Mash)
DLC3 - Witches and Wieners

I'm assuming DLC 1-3 are included in patches as you claim you didn't have to download anything.

(Sorry that I require concrete evidence before believing something that I read on the internet)


(1 year ago*)

They were probably included in the updates for co-op between people who have different DLCs, or one person has some DLCs while another person doesn't.


(1 year ago)

which also mean u get to play all DLC content when u co-op with people that have full DLC XD


(1 year ago)

Not exactly. The people that have the weapon/outfit DLCs can access and use it but the player who doesn't can't, in the case of vehicles the player who owns it can access the vehicle in their garage/helipad then let the one who doesn't own it use it. But the mission DLC is unavailable to either player unless both players have the DLC.


(1 year ago*)

Doubt it. When I put my darksiders 2 DLCs in steam, steam downloaded a bunch of 1-3kb file


(1 year ago)

Not sure about Darksiders 2, but on SR3 I am positive those DLCs are not smaller than 1-3kbs lol(it did not do any sync/update at all, I was staring my library when I applied the fullpack key). it is merely a switch. The content is already on my HDD. I think SR3 needed to include all DLCs for co-op purpose.


(1 year ago*)

All of the SR3 DLC is indeed patched into everybody's game regardless of whether it's owned or not. It is simply unlocked upon purchase.


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HillaryClinton (1 year ago)

So odd, nice but odd.

Axegrinder (1 year ago)

Good work, that man.

CrysisX (1 year ago)

Whoa, nice find!

SecretRecipe (1 year ago)

Great find :)

dragon50469 (1 year ago)

Cool, does this mean that we should actually have access to winter assault through steam though?

No, why would you?

You only paid for the base game.

THQ simply failed to remove the Winter Assault files.


(1 year ago)

I'd say it's more of Steam/Valve failing to removing the WA files, seeing as THQ probably has nothing to do with which files are on Steam/Valve's servers (and are thus downloaded).


(1 year ago)

Doesn't THQ/Relic supply the files anyway?

It's like how developers get their patches onto Steam, they just upload their files to the content server.


(1 year ago)

Ah, right. In that case, maybe it's an oversight on THQ's part.

Why didn't I think of that? D:


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crazyseeder (1 year ago)

Wow, awesome trick xD
This should be sticky for a while.

Jschnitz (1 year ago*)

Kudos! Thanks for sharing

ExzoSSG (1 year ago)

Platinum Edition contents

Steam's Platinum Edition

It shows the GotY including it and that is what we got. The box versions never had it because they came packed with a coupon to buy Winter Assault for cheap, I know this because I own all the box versions. I think the GotY is just title misprint on Valve's part.

Steam's "Platinum" and "Gold" editions both confused and annoy me. Mostly because I'd like to buy a single bundle containing both Steam's "GOTY", and then Dark Crusade and Winter Assault. Currently there are two different bundles, the platinum you link to (which includes GOTY and DC), and their "Gold Edition" (which includes GOTY and WA). ):


(1 year ago*)

I saw that you had posted this earlier, but it seems the person I replied to deleted their post and as such, yours went with it as well.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Game of the Year Edition was given away in the Humble THQ Bundle. When you activate it, it states Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Game of the Year Edition in the account details. There was no store page for this at first and it linked to the Gold Edition which is the GOTY and Winter Assault. If it included Winter Assault then you'd see a separate library entry for it. The GOTY key was given out on December 10th and as you can see here the entry wasn't created until December 11th.

tl;dr - Gold Edition is not the same as the GOTY Edition. By looking at the links, you can clearly see that the "Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault" app that is included in the Gold, but not the GOTY. The fact that you receive the files required for Winter Assault while downloading the GOTY is clearly an oversight.


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co5oos (1 year ago)

i,ve bought all of them

Okkuro (1 year ago)

thx for sharing that tip matey

charonb13 (1 year ago)

nice one

Cha0sSt0rm (1 year ago)

Nice find thanks!

ZPavelZ (1 year ago)

Nice, thank you!:)

SaiBork (1 year ago)

Nice find, thanks!

Skylight (1 year ago)

Good to know, thanks. :)

dondiablo29 (1 year ago)

Pretty cool, though I loved my Dawn of War from the bundle so much that I ended up buying the Dawn of War franchise pack during the sale for £8 something so I have it all now

RanGo (1 year ago)

Thanks man! :)

Grrkek (1 year ago)

That's awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Rabbidking (1 year ago)

Thanks, I had no idea that this was possible. Two Warhammers for the price of one. Genius!

BoGG (1 year ago)

Just a bump coz I'm sure some people missed this trick ;)

humankillerz (1 year ago)

this is a good find, downloaded the game again jsut to try it lol

spector111 (1 year ago)

Your my hero!

Carenard (1 year ago)

apparently steam critic sees it as gold edition in my library


darkdude8 (1 year ago)

I have it already but nice find :)

sueyen (1 year ago)

Cool thanks :)

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