So schalart was messaged by a beggar and stuff happened, you can click here to read.

That same beggar added me later that same day and when he got on immediately messaged me and I decided to have some fun...

I have the chat images and the pastebin but I feel like the images are more fun to read.

Chat image 1

Chat image 2

Chat image 3

Chat image 4

Chat image 5

or Pastebin of convo if you are boring. :p

I had a different plans in mine to mess with him but he wasn't over 18 so I didn't do it. Oh wellz.

Hope you guys enjoy the read. :D

( And if you are curious about me linking him to 2 other people it's because they wanted me to do it )

Mohs (1 year ago)


IgotElbows (1 year ago) can block someone and they can still be on your friends list.... wut...? What an odd feature...



(1 year ago)

Yes if there added as a friend and you block them you still have to remove them from your friend list there in red at the bottom of it.


(1 year ago)

I noticed the same, was like what's the point steam?!? It's easy enough to remove a friend during the block on the coding side of things.


(1 year ago)

Corinne (1 year ago)


nosef (1 year ago*)

Meh, this guy is a pretty bad troll >.>, BL2 will be pretty cheap this winter sale. At least half off, he should just get it himself instead of begging.

AND LOL, so evil you linked him to two other people

ChelseaGrinK (1 year ago)

Busted again haha

Mozendo (1 year ago)

I want to see Tsundere's reaction. Heh.

lucidus (1 year ago)

haha .. great key! :P

Sewaz (1 year ago)

10/10 would read again

gotestra (1 year ago)

Had a good read :D

HardcoreWoody (1 year ago)

Superb job! :D

InJ3cTiOn (1 year ago)

Epic troll, i'm your fanboy now. Teach me master.

vidmavidma (1 year ago)

Good one.

FaithNoMore82 (1 year ago)

Good read

Obscurin (1 year ago)

Lol, nice work messing with him.

satoru (1 year ago*)

Ironically thre are probably parents that ban games because of religion.

I mean that whole rediculous lawsuit about the RFID tags on students being put forth because of 'religious convictions' that it's the 'mark of the beast'. How is that going to fly in any way is beyond me. It gives us religous people a bad name. We're not all raving lunatics! Please stop going in public with your rediculous religious claims.

If we could abolish the institution of church, religious people would be fine (sadly it's not likely to happen)


(1 year ago)

Winn (1 year ago)

Any TL;DR version?

A TLDR in this case would ruin it, trust me it's worth taking a few minutes to read.


(1 year ago)

Mabel (1 year ago)

this one was pretty good :P

ahoym8 (1 year ago*)

"Can buy but not play them." - lol'd thanks!

you're "pritty rich"

ArmadX (1 year ago)

awesome xD

JNT (1 year ago)

Well played hahaha

killergp123 (1 year ago)

25/10 would peruse again. Also I hope he adds those other people and they post their logs up :P

UnD1SpU7eD (1 year ago)

ROFLED :D That name you gave him was awesome.

Rafatto (1 year ago)

amazing idea, but i don't get how the guy actually fell for that...

CrysisX (1 year ago)

ROFL Good job! :P

cxiong93 (1 year ago)

yay, you sent him my way
i should probably think of something good to miss him with

icedrey (1 year ago)

Nice one man! I had a good laugh, too bad he`ll continue doing it with other people :(

Alekzander (1 year ago)

Give him a Skyrim, or something. Somehow this makes me feel sad. (Maybe a Fortix... nah, everyone wants that)

Or a Farming Simulator... Kids love working, and hate begging anyway!

...Oh, wait.


(1 year ago)

jasper (1 year ago)

First off, I don't like beggars, but this hype about hating beggars is just getting stupid.

The way i see it is just harmless troll, equal or much greater damage could be done if he were to actually scam someone or take advantage of someone who's generous by nature.


(1 year ago)

Onomatopesha (1 year ago)

This gets better and better.

Lezz (1 year ago)

those devil's minions...

GamerGuy (1 year ago)

that is awesome, i kinda wanna talk to that guy now xD

Sadlerd (1 year ago)

i laughed so hard good one

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