Hello guys, did any of you receive a GameFly change of password request on your e-mail today or some time recently? Meaning someone wants to break into your account basically. I got one today and it was fairly weird and a little alarming ...

Any ideas what might be the reason for that? Like, why is someone interested in my GameFly account in particular?

sviat93 (9 months ago*)

Same here, also always when I logged the web(since I registered I think or since they changed their site design) I need to change password because it was never working when I try to log in, so I need to restart my password, but I could just put the old one again in the "changing process" but always when site logs out me, I need to make this process again. I think is some kind of error in their system, but this time I didn't requested any change.

That never happened to me I think but I barely use that site anyway. So that change of password today was even weirder, lol.


(9 months ago)

Mew2 (9 months ago)

Same here.

ZPavelZ (9 months ago)

I think there was a thread here that GameFly got hacked some time ago and lots of personal data was stolen.

That's what I thought of too, but I don't find such a thread here at least. Might be new or who knows ...


(9 months ago)

mm3n (9 months ago)

So at least 2 people got change of password requests out of nowhere? Ok then, might have something to do with their e-mail database ...

Skylight (9 months ago*)

Same here. Although, I don't even care about it because GameFly refuses my money anyway - I can't buy anything due to regional restrictions.

konyo42 (9 months ago)

Same here.

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