Disturbed0ne is currently unable to log in. Any attempts to try so have resulted in in going to the main page without being logged in. He also tried asking on the SteamGifts chat, but got banned from posting further when trying to find out what was going on.

Anyone know what the problem might be?

DaSinist (1 year ago)

He's having issues entering the humanity code check thing or w/e?!

"I'm already signed into Steam, the problem is only signing into Steamgifts.com"


(1 year ago)

Gam3rone (1 year ago)

Try cleaning the Cache,or try login with other browser.


You didn't mention them, so you have to start with the basic stuff.


(1 year ago)

Cleared cashed, tried IE and even restarted the PC.


(1 year ago)

wykydvamp (1 year ago*)

make sure cookies are allowed for steamgifts.com
I have all cookies blocked and add them to whitelist as needed
Edit:does this site use java?

chairmankao (1 year ago)

"... but got banned from posting further when trying to find out what was going on."

Wondering if there's a reason he was banned beyond the stated reason. Is this what a ban does? Doesn't allow you to log in?

Chat bans are different from website bans, and even if you're ban or suspended you can log in.


(1 year ago)

yeah that's true


(1 year ago)

cass1234567890 (1 year ago)

This may be related to me not being able to sync my account here.

ladynadiad (1 year ago)

I saw in another topic someone was having some issues until they refreshed their network connection and got a new IP. On most connections that is just turning off the modem and router for about a minute and then turn them back on.

wbarton (Support) (1 year ago)

Usually if the basic solutions already mentioned have been tried, it's just Steam community derping. Try again later.

Taoito (1 year ago)

Same problem with my brother's account, he can log into Steam.

But on Steamgifts, clicking on 'Sign in through Steam' would lead him to the Steam community sign-in page, which shows he's already logged into Steam, and then clicking on the "Login" button there just takes him back to the Main Steamgifts Page, where he's not signed in.

wotgamer (1 year ago)

Friend of mine has the same issue, and has been going on for at least half a year, meaning he can't use the site or enter my private giveaways at all. He logs into Steam just fine, but the login button on this site fucks up for him.

addicTT (1 year ago*)

I assume there is some kind of a problem on the Steam side. Because when I try to sync my account on SG, I get the following error message:

Error: Steam not responding to request. Please try again.

No matter how often I retry to sync, I get this message over and over again. Anyone else?

Edit: Sync works again (for me).

KaBob (1 year ago)

I had this problem for the past couple hours but it just started working again =D

cg (Admin) (1 year ago*)

Ask him to try again, it should be fixed.

"I disabled my addon and I still get the same thing when trying to log in. :S"

At least he did earlier. Seems trying later like WBarton said has worked.


(1 year ago*)

Try again, there was a bug with the web server.

cg (Admin)

(1 year ago)

I'm able to log in now.

I disabled Steamgifts plus and tried again and it worked. (I thought it might have been a conflict earlier so I disable it and I still couldn't log in, worked this time though)

Thanks CG. :D


(1 year ago)

Don't ever do that again!

I was worried sick about you. -sobs-


(1 year ago*)

Yay :D wubbaaa


(1 year ago)

Yes it works now. Thanks for quickly fixing the issue!


(1 year ago)

good work on getting this fixed :3


(1 year ago)

Thank you, I was having the same issue.


(1 year ago)

Gladiadorpt (1 year ago)

i had the same problem last night.

its working now.

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