Is this possible? Just found a $1 Gift card laying arround here and was wondering if I could buy Darksiders and Red faction: Armaggedon with it using AmazonPayments..

You can also use an gift card along with the Amazon Payments balance to pay for an order.

Effort (1 year ago)

You can't use a gift card through Amazon Payments.

movac (1 year ago)

I'm afraid not. Amazon gift cards only work with purchases through Amazon's main website. Amazon Payments is a separate system.

check out the link I've just found..


(1 year ago)

I guess you can try it, but that help page is part of the payment help section for, not Amazon Payments.

The worst that can happen is your transaction will fail. And the best is that you get some games and I learn something new. Go for it, maybe?


(1 year ago)

Rachadell93 (1 year ago)

Let me know it works, I also have some amazon gift card credit to spend, wouldn't mind buying the BTA for Darksiders II

CookieCrumbles72 (1 year ago)

I tried to, but there was no option to pay with your gift balance, it only gives you the option to enter new card details.

Vercinger (1 year ago)

It doesn't work with the Gift Card Balance.

Gianlucca (1 year ago)

Yeah, seems not to work with gift cards.. What about amazon mechanical turk balance?

That will work. I've done it. :)


(1 year ago)

smog0 (1 year ago)

you can only pay with your CC through amazon payments

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