(Closed) Are Humble Bundle Pack Steam keys giftables?

7 Comments - Created by pablox 11 months ago

I still have some keys that are actually "packs" of more than one game, for instance:

Fieldrunners, BIT.TRIP BEAT, SpaceChem, and Uplink Steam Key

Am I allowed to post them here?

Alientcp (11 months ago)

Single ones yes, i dont know about packs, but if i guess that ill count as 1 game only.

Jammyr (11 months ago)

I think, yes. I think you can post them here, but you can't sell or trade them here.

dys (11 months ago)

A long time ago, the Humble Bundle items in the Create a Giveaway list required an unused gift link to the entire bundle. The key wouldn't cut it. I have no idea of the current stance on that. If you're not in a hurry you could make a support ticket. :P

TStodden (11 months ago)

Humble Bundle website no longer give unrestricted Steam Keys because some jerks were loading up on them (likely paying the bare minimum of $1.00 for them) & then flipping those keys for a profit by selling them elsewhere for a reduced price.

The Humble Bundle now provide "restricted" Steam Keys, ones that are redeemed to a user's account. This means that only the person who purchases the bundle can either redeem them OR gift them. You can click on the Gift icon for that game & e-mail it to the person you want to give it to. They'll get a page for them to redeem it on their Steam account. Still, you don't get a key that you actually have to punch it, it's all done through both Steam & the Humble Bundle websites.

You may want to double-check with the admins here, but I believe gifting individual games from a bundle is permitted.

That wasn't much an issue, the real issue was when it some people began purchasing with stolen credits cards, thus making humble bundle hand out steam keys but not getting any penny from them.


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antoniossomatos (11 months ago)

As far as I know, sure, provided you say what the key is for in the giveaway's description. You could, for example, make a giveaway for Spacechem and mention in its description that the key was for the above mentioned games.

pablox (11 months ago)

Thanks for your answers, closing this thread!

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