Do i need to play the game to randomly have one ?

Hatec (9 months ago)


charlieakatsuki (9 months ago)

make a craft

So when i craft i will intantly have booster pack ?


(9 months ago)

+keep steam stay online


(9 months ago)

i doubt that its necessary. i crafted one 2 days ago, didnt get any booster pack with it


(9 months ago)

Mallorn (9 months ago*)

Booster Pack Eligibility - you can now confirm your eligibility for a booster pack drop from your badges page. Just click on "How do I earn card drops", and the dialog will tell you if you are eligible to receive booster packs for that game. Note that booster pack eligibility is different per game. More information about booster packs has also been added to the Trading Card FAQ.
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