This simply blows my mind. I thought XBLA was a bit more indie friendly, thanks to releases on it like Braid, but this is insane.

“But the indie community is now moving elsewhere; we’re figuring out how to fund and distribute games ourselves, and we’re getting more control over them. Those systems as great as they are, they’re still closed. You have to jump through a lot of hoops, even for important stuff like patching and supporting your game. Those are things we really want to do, but we can’t do it on these systems. I mean, it costs $40,000 to put up a patch – we can’t afford that! Open systems like Steam, that allow us to set our own prices, that’s where it’s at, and doing it completely alone like Minecraft. That’s where people are going.”

Source with a source

$40,000 to patch your game on XBLA?

ZPavelZ (2 years ago)

WOW! Just WOW! Do they REALLY have THAT much control over at MS? I simply do not believe it would cost MS 40k just to put up a patch for a game.

Don't doubt the Shafer :p


(2 years ago)

Aargh (2 years ago)

Wasn't is also XBOX Live that forced developers to charge for DLC they planned to give away for free, so Microdoft could take their cut?

yup :(


(2 years ago)

Micro-D'Oh-t :P


(2 years ago)

Micro$oft :x


(2 years ago*)

notthelegs (2 years ago)

I have heard about microsoft sucking more money out of indie devs compared to PC/Steam services, but this sounds ridiculous.

EvilMoo (2 years ago)

Holy crumpets! That's ridiculous.

Yamcha (2 years ago*)

What the actual ...?

EagleEy3 (2 years ago)

I don't think that this is true, Microsoft was always indie friendly company and still is. Back in original Xbox days you would get Indie games on XBL at that time PS2 has seen nothing like that only few home-brews all you had to do is do a presentation of your indie game and Microsoft would get 30% profit. Charging for DLC is not Microsoft's idea it just involved like that even in RETRO days on pc you want game addons ? you buy them same goes until this day, Patch is always free you wouldn't see many addons for pc until Xbox 360 and PS3 came out.

For the xbox live indie games section you may be right. I believe Schafer for the XBOX Live Arcade section though.


(2 years ago)

Taerdin (2 years ago)

From what I've heard XBLA is really not friendly towards indie at all. But hey they don't have to be, they have such a huge chunk of the market that devs HAVE to jump through hoops and BS to get on there whether they like it or not.

Yet people continue to support big business and buy games that are merely riding on their popularity and millions of dollars in advertising :<


(2 years ago)

Jeyko (2 years ago)

40k? This is outrageus

Xee0 (2 years ago)

Gosh. This is just no comment.

Monukai (2 years ago)

Yeah, I've heard before XBLA sucks for indie developers.

maitenieks (2 years ago)

You just have to see positive. It means there will be more indie games for PC(not just ported to PC) and that is a good thing.

KEKCbl (2 years ago)

new indies always welcome on steam :)

vash12788 (2 years ago)

It's not just Microsoft, all consoles do the same thing. Consoles really do need to change dramatically or just go away completely for the better of the industry.

demodash (2 years ago)

this is true. come to steam or self publish! we will welcome them with open wallets!

simonli2575 (2 years ago)

It costs $40,000 to put up a fucking patch! Oh my gosh

That is so fucking insane

BadKarMa (2 years ago)

Microsofts policy for patches is quite strange. Even Valve had a lot of trouble with it (TeamFortress 2 died on the consoles and they had to fight hard to get free L4D DLCs). My guess is that Microsoft wants to stop the way games are produced for the XBox. On PC there have been to many games that were released in what others call a beta. That's not so cool for consoles.

Klementh (2 years ago*)

It costs $400,000 to patch XBLA games for twelve seconds.



(2 years ago)

nKoshi (2 years ago)

In all honesty it's not that surprising coming from a company that charges users of it's online matchmaking and friendlist service annually whilst also advertising on the same service.

Microsoft seems to be racing with Capcom, EA, Ubisoft and Activision for the title of Most Hated publisher/developer in history.

naw, capcom has only been bad because of the fall out with kenji ifumia, most of the time their good. but getting back on topic, it our own faults that XBLA got this way, i mean if people would stop paying for the services than Microsoft would do something drastic to get people back, but us feeding into a broken system only fuels them to be more ridiculous. XBLA sucks, and we should all stick with PC's


(2 years ago)

You mean Keiji Inafune, a.k.a. Inafking?


(2 years ago)

Not really... I mean, they should be hated but they aren't at all. The Xbox is huge and incredibly well-received, the Xbox Live service is insanely popular, MS-published games sell millions of copies in hours, etc.

If people actually cared and expressed discontent to MS, thing would change. But they don't and you can hardly say they're hated.


(2 years ago)

Inle (2 years ago)

Wait WHAT? OH SHI- o_O

godprobe (2 years ago)

I'm curious how this compares with XBLIG.

KobaltKnight (2 years ago*)

Well, on the plus side: this may mean that Castle Crashers 2 (if it ever ends up happening, a guy can dream) will be for PC and therefore have free online multiplayer.

UltraJesus (2 years ago)

You know I'm not surprised actually. I'm just not. After all what Microsoft has done it's just not surprising. Meanwhile Steam offers their services free to publishers/indies and the users. I can see why Schafer said he loved Steam in at kickstarter

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