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THQ Bundle $9.99

Upcoming Amazon PC DD Deal
Right now all of these are Steam keys (individual keys when you buy the bundle just like the last one) except for Stalker and Guerrilla. There is a high chance we'll get those as Steam keys.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
Metro 2033
Red Faction Guerrilla
Red Faction Armageddon
Space Marine

"I'm still not locking down a date but it'll likely happen sometime next week."
Source: Amazon DVG rep

virusbogdan (2 years ago)

>_< !

enter key =/= tab!


(2 years ago)


Same offer as always stands once this goes live. If you need help getting it, you're not from the US, and you have Paypal, we can probably work something out, so just add me and ask.


(2 years ago)

You can use any US addresses as billing adress - works perfectly.


(2 years ago)



(2 years ago)

The shark goes fishing. :P


(2 years ago)

I wouldn't really say that so much. On the Square bundle I had quite a few people ask for help. :P


(2 years ago)

And thank you one more time for my bundle ;)


(2 years ago)

C4nn1b4l (2 years ago)

have 6/6

have 5/6 might buy just to give the remainer to friends


(2 years ago)

Goatroth (2 years ago)

Oh my god...

Ekaros (2 years ago)

Sharing information how to exploit their system is wrong. REMEMBER!

As the total amount of keys for the bundle is likely to be limited, and you have to pay actual money (as opposed to just having to make a new email account), I don't think this can be 'exploited'.


(2 years ago)


You can't exploit something you have to pay for.

Unless paying one cent for a bundle, but that's a different story.


(2 years ago)

Circumventing region restrictions and sharing information how to do that is exploiting.


(2 years ago)

Where does he say that?


(2 years ago)

No, circumventing region restrictions and sharing information how to do that to get something for free that you shouldn't have is exploiting. This isn't. You pay for the games.

If I used a service like Borderlinx to buy physical goods that are on sale in the US, would that be exploiting the system in your book, too ?


(2 years ago*)

Try to do that with Steam. I wonder how long you'd have to read "whatever Valve write to announce account closing".


(2 years ago)

Different things.
If I tried 'that' (i.e. simply provide a valid US address) with Steam, it simply wouldn't work because Steam checks the IP address, so they wouldn't close my account. If, on the other hands, I used VPN to bypass that restriction on Steam, I would be in breach of the TOS (which explicitly forbids using VPN to buy games from the Steam store), and Steam would should down my account accordingly.
For the Amazon deal, however, all that is requested is a valid US address. I have a Borderlinx address, which happens to be a valid US address. What exactly is the problem ?
I have been buying physical games that were on sale from Amazon (US) and had them shipped to me in Europe for more than 10 years. Was I 'exploiting' those deals on physical goods ? How is it different for digital deals ?


(2 years ago*)

Isn't Amazon have that "only US can buy digital" (unlike physical)? Anyway, only reason why Amazon isn't fighting against that is because they doesn't lose any money when you do that. If, like Steam, they'd have US and Europe Digital Store (which they don't), then probably Europe would have to pay more for same games (10 euro, not $10), which would take away those $1-2 every time, and then Amazon would start fighting it.
Because that's why Steam is so against VPN and so forward with region locks - money, money, money.


(2 years ago)

He didn't share any information about how someone not in USA can buy the bundle. Besides people would have to pay for the bundle and not abuse some key to get codes.


(2 years ago)

"circumventing region restrictions and sharing information how to do that to get something for free that you shouldn't have is exploiting "

are u from NSA or FBI ? i have a feeling ive heard these "arguments" before . remember its either U break the system or the system will smash u down


(2 years ago*)

I highly doubt there will be a 'limited' amount of keys with THQ. You have seen their stocks, right? uDraw is being advertised as $10 for blackfriday ads even though it's normally like $20.. which sold for $150 originally. I think $150.


(2 years ago)

Jamoke (2 years ago)

Hopefully it's all steam redeemable !



(2 years ago)

Lunk (2 years ago)

Nothing in there that I particularly care about, but that's a hell of a deal for people who want the games.

+1 I've got enough games to play


(2 years ago)

Same... I really only wanted The Last Remnant from the Square Bundle, I tossed everything else out in a dumpster o_o''


(2 years ago)

BernardoOne (2 years ago)

Hmm, already have Metro and Stalker, but I may pick this up.

Asperyules (2 years ago)

If thats all gonna be steam steam redeemable, I'll buy it in the second it arrives.

Kleiser (2 years ago*)

9,99$ for STALKER, Space Marine and Metro 2033...no way I could resist it.

I would have wanted to be able to buy the last one (Deus Ex + Hitman + Just Cause 2...) but I arrived too late for it. I won't miss this chance.

PS: Thanks for the warning!

numberoftheword (2 years ago)

Pretty cool deal.

Buzer (2 years ago)

bundle is great but im only missing homefront and stalker. those 2 arent worth 10$, specially since im not really interested in those games

jatan11t (2 years ago)

"We're going to run it as a test case for a short burst, if it does well (which I think it has to) we'll do it as a Deal of the Week.

Also, I ordered enough keys this time so that if we sell out, everyone will have bought it...EVERYONE."

Looks like it won't die as quickly as the Square Enix pack

Yokuo (2 years ago)

Only one I want is Space Marine..

Same, I got Metro already.


(2 years ago)

copsofhalo (2 years ago)

Thanks for the info

deathbunny32 (2 years ago)

and to think a year ago I thought I got a steal on space Marine paying $12.50

I bought it for $7,5 at GMG like 2 weeks ago and i thought that was a good deal but compared to this one... O_O'


(2 years ago)

Bor (2 years ago)

interesting....it could be worth picking up just to trade it and give it away, unfortunately I only want Space Marine from that list, thanks for heads up!

TekZero (2 years ago)

Nice bundle, but Homefront is the only game in there that I would be interested in and do not have yet.

JNT (2 years ago)

Wow, awesome. But Stalker isn't steam redeemable, is it?

They will try go get keys for Stalker.


(2 years ago)

jazzelmejor (2 years ago)

Stalker? Damn i need this

Skizzik0 (2 years ago)

Damn, that's a good bundle but once again those with no credit card are screwed. :(

Deiru (2 years ago)

Holy shit, That's worth it just for Red Faction and STALKER for me, The rest can get traded or something.

Araita (2 years ago)

Niiiiiiiiiiice, gotta dust off my amazon account.

wolfpup (2 years ago)

But my backlog...must resist...

wolfpup uses resist Resist failed.
bundle uses "get me" wolfpup gets bundle.


(2 years ago)

hahaha that's probably what will happen


(2 years ago)

Xkhaoz (2 years ago)

Already have Metro and Guerilla, but if they give Stalker keys, I might grab it

Gramis (2 years ago)

So want space marine :)

elfena (2 years ago)

link to the source : http://www.cheapassgamer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=10128379&postcount=4012

jackofhats (2 years ago)

Dammit y u no let Canadians buy dis

xfumblesx (2 years ago)

I'll pass on this one. Only interested in Stalker and I can get that cheaper than 9.99.

darkdude8 (2 years ago)

already have everything other than the Red Faction games but thanks for the heads up! :)

WarrantOfficer (2 years ago)

I think I'll skip, have 4/6, don't know if Stalker and Homefront are worth it...

STALKER is amazing, but it'll probably be on sale for like $2 in December.


(2 years ago)

iBeatz (2 years ago)

Most likely only available in america :(

you do have the american adress alternative.


(2 years ago)

Yeah, they really should extend...


(2 years ago)

service4nopurpose (2 years ago*)

This bundle is better than Absolutely Great Square Pack (only Hitman Blood Money, Just Cause 2, and Deus Ex were good games)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, Metro 2033, Red Faction Guerilla, Red Faction Armageddon are all good games except Homefront and Spacemarine

TheGreenFairy (2 years ago)

Just in time for me to not have any money! But it's cool, I think I have the only one that was interesting me for some time, which is Metro, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. can wait until I have a better PC, because it's making my current one its bitch.

Gooregu (2 years ago)

Aw crap. Another one?! I think I may go for this one tho. Wanted to give RF and SM games a kick for some time.

vitoscaletta89 (2 years ago)

You're awesome Amazon, really awesome!

IgotElbows (2 years ago)

Damnnn dis a guud deal.

Better then the last one even... looks like Amazon knows how good these are.

MrTypos (2 years ago)

Terrific bundle, I have all the games except Stalker which I want, sounds like a great opportunity to get some excellent trading stock.

salionski (2 years ago)

Definite pick up for me. I only own Metro from that pack.

PE99 (2 years ago)

Imo last one was better. Not sure if i gonna get this, got both RFs and Metro already.

Last one was definitely better. But this is still a good deal.


(2 years ago)

notnsane (2 years ago)

So this is the last attempt of THQ to save it? Not a good move for them, I bet, but good enough for me. Never spent money on any of those games, so I'll get it for sure.

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