As described in the title I want to know how to connect a PS3 controller on steam to play in big picture mode.

Torai (1 year ago)

i dont think the PS3 controller has PC support, but a wired (not the wireless with wire adapter) Xbox360 controller works with windows

The wireless 360 will work, too, if you have the special PC adapter for it.

However, the PS3 controller can be used with 3rd party drivers.


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PS3 controller can be connected to PC by installing drivers. Read this simple guide:


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jatan11t (1 year ago*)

I use MotioninJoy to emulate an XBOX controller for most games

Best Option!

Plus if you have Bluetooth, you can use it wireless without any adapters.


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+1 for this! I got one of those simple Bluetooth adapters (smaller than a finger nail), and it was quite a bit of work, but using MotioninJoy I managed to get my wireless PS3 controller to work.

BigScreen from the couch! Good times!


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Same here. Every time I boot up my computer, I just launch this and turns my PS3 controller into a 360 controller and it works with everything.

bobofatt (Support)

(1 year ago)

This works but bare in mind that if you ever buy an xbox controller you'll have to unistall the drivers that came with MotionJoy since it'll cause your pc to not recognize the controller.


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I use that too


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ZaknazaaR (1 year ago*)

I'm not sure if this works with the official PS3 controller but you might want to look here. I'm using cheap unofficial PS2 controller(Hama Black Force) and I had no problem using this tutorial and x360ce.

Liboicl (1 year ago*)

The PS3 controller is a Generic USB Joystick Device, so yes it is supported. The configuration would depend upon the individual game.

EDIT: I missed the Big Picture Mode part. I haven't made use of it because I enjoy my PC with a mouse and keyboard. It shouldn't take much effort to find the answer though.

microsoft removed the compatibility with ps3 controllers, only xbox controlers works, you need a program to play with ps3 control


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That is dumb. That has to be illegal. That's Microsoft trying to be a monopoly as always. Good thing I use GNU/Linux.


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Not including drivers is not the same as monopolizing.
Thing is there are no official PS3-controller drivers for PC (as in, made by Sony), and Microsoft has a tendency to err on the side of not including third party drivers (from non-large companies).


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The PS3 Controller uses the standard generic usb joystick driver. Not some third party mambo jumbo. Therefore, they would have to check for the PS3 controller and then disable support.


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RustyBacon (1 year ago)

Download the DS3 tool and install the drivers with it, it is a controllet emulator that support PS3 controller. Also when using it remember to emulate a xbox controller and not the ps3 since many games does not support it.

omuletuk (1 year ago)

I use a PS3 controller to play my steam games.Download Motionjoy(aka ds3 tools) and emulate the ps3 controller for xbox.If you want to connect it without usb you will have to install some BT drivers.

elfena (1 year ago)

i use motioninjoy

hackerkok (1 year ago)

i use xpadder

I prefer Xpadder. It's really cool and you can easily make macros and stuff with it as easy to just set the keys ;)


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SakataKun (1 year ago)

I use DS3Tool/MotionJoy. Works really well.

whiteman222 (1 year ago)

DS3 tool motionjoy is what I use, then make it act as an xbox controller or map the keys yourself :)
you can bind it to a bluetooth dongle or to your bluetooth in your pc (if you have any)
or use the cable ofcourse :)
good luck and happy gaming!

i personally bind it to keyboard keys. But then again, i only really use it for Tony Hawk games. But +1 - i agree


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