(Closed) Frog Fractions

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You people must try this game.

I know somebody already brought this up about 2 months ago, but it seems to me more people must try this game. Just keep your game genre prejudices away, and go right to their site -- it is free, and it is fun. You will not regret it. Maybe.

Here is the Clicky!

No spoilers please. :) :) :)

(Trust me, I am a Mathematician.) :) :) :)


P.S.: There is a bit of bug porn in it, so, caveat emptor. Except you are not buying anything, so....

Phanir (1 year ago)

I had to stop playing. I'll end up missing class later tonight if I keep playing; too good.

AmmokK (1 year ago)

25k fruits? Oo Hm, sure i´m missing something but don´t want to try out everything.

If you're stuck, your answer lies with the "S" key.


(1 year ago*)

TheDopefish (1 year ago*)

fun, I'm at the command module =)

Edit: I have a can, a paper and tape, but progress is slow

Edit 2: damn perfume, not letting me sleep

Edit 3: finished =) though I made mostly losses selling my "stuff"

fox01313 (1 year ago)

Such a great game, just try it out until you get the turtle/dragon upgrades & then the game really goes nuts.

TheDopefish (1 year ago)

very entertaining =)

so the music screen is the "final" end?

Tairar (1 year ago)

I Learned mOre about fractions than I eVEr thought possiBle. i'm still Unsure reGarding my oPiniOn on laseR targetiNg.

emotionengine (1 year ago*)

Glad to see other people have discovered the wonderful Frog Fractions! I made a thread about it some time ago, you can go there if you're stuck, someone else made a walkthrough for the text part.

Games4Dead (1 year ago)

great game!

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