(Closed) Why i can't win anything?

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I guess i have no luck :'(

Steam id: sanerdk

please send me something guys i entered 159 giveaways win 1 that was a this http://www.steamgifts.com/giveaway/0XItL/faerie-solitaire

25.000 copies - 15.000 entry :(((

rizuhbull (1 year ago)

I wish I could hate you to death.

I do hate him to death,


(1 year ago)

I'm working on a machine for this. I'll send you a prototype.


(1 year ago)

glosniks (1 year ago)

159 giveaways is not a lot. People with 1000 giveaways entried didn't win anything, so don't complain and beg for anything.

UndyingFlames (1 year ago*)

159 entries and you won a game? That's better than most people. Plus you only have 3 comments and you've given no games away? What makes you worthy of winning a game?

NB264 (1 year ago)

Hm, here's a free hammer!

OllieD (1 year ago)

The only thing you should be given is a BAN! Begging is against the rules. It took me 9 months and 800+ entries to win my first giveaway. Stop breaking the rules and begging and start being patient!

seasonedtofu (1 year ago)

707 and no wins. Stop complaining.

BloodyRo (1 year ago)


MorphineBear (1 year ago)

Will you miss us when you're gone? :(

HillaryClinton (1 year ago*)


You haven't even entered much, I didn't win till 500+ entries and thats considered good, plus you are begging which is asking for a ban...

Also N.Y Sucks, I live here, bunch of buildings, crowded, and everything stinks like piss.

DanKnee (1 year ago)


Sparkle (1 year ago)

First of all, i have no reason to send something to a random guy on internet which i don't even know personally, that's like throwing money on street and hoping that someone who will get them will be happy. Second, it's not our work to give people games for begging, it's all based on luck, and if you desperate for wins, join private giveaway groups. Also, don't be such a greed and give away games too, giving is better than receiving.

vidmavidma (1 year ago)

Listen to yourself, whining and begging like a little bitch. Go get some balls, kid.

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