SteamGifts Plus 0.9.86-BETA @ 150,000 Downloads!

The official SteamGifts Addon!


SteamGifts Plus is a very large addon for Firefox, Chrome and Opera that adds numerous customizations to the site such as advanced giveaway filtering, user ignoring and new comment highlighting. Almost every feature in SGP has been suggested by members of the site! It's designed to be an all-inclusive addon.

Screenshots (Outdated)

User profiles
Control panel


  • Endless Scrolling - The next page loads when you scroll to the bottom.
  • Comprehensive giveaway filtering - Selectively filters games from your library, add custom game names to filter, filter giveaways by their win chance, entries, group/private and more.
  • Import filters from Zo's Addon - Import all of your existing filters from Zo's Addon into SGP with the click of a button!
  • Grid View - Giveaways are displayed in a grid of their game logos for faster browsing.
  • Hide DLC for game you don't own - Hide all DLC for games you don't own.
  • Live comment preview - Previews your comment with formatting as you type it!
  • Parse new lines into formatted new lines - No more typing double spaces at the end of each line!
  • Easy comment formatting with an expanded comment editor with format buttons. - Easily add links, bold, italics, lists and more to your comment!
  • New comment highlighting - Easily see which topics you've previously viewed have new comments and easily navigate between those new comments within the thread.
  • Comment linking - Share comments with your friends by giving them a link to it!
  • User awards & badges - Just like Steam Community, earn badges on your profile for participating in SteamGifts events, reaching milestones and more!
  • Ignore users - Hide comments, topics and giveaways by users on your ignore list!
  • Tag users with nicknames/notes - Tag a username with a colourful custom tag that displays next to their name.
  • Float down menu - Never again have to scroll back up to the top of the page to use the navigation menu bar!
  • Mark replies by the OP - Marks all replies by the topic or giveaway creator with (OP) next to their name.
  • Giveaway quickview - Easily and quickly open a giveaway while browsing the giveaway homepage.
  • Topic and Giveaway row spacing - Compress the amount of space each topic or giveaway takes up for preference or just to browse faster.
  • Hover Images - Preview image links by hovering over the link with your mouse!
  • Almost every feature can be toggled or tweaked! - SGP has an extensive array of settings for almost every feature in the Control Panel that can be access in your Account menu!
  • Auto-updating If enabled, SteamGifts Plus will always ask you if you want to update to the newest version. You can view the latest changelog for SGP in your control panel.
  • Sticky topics in the forums are seperated from normal topics - Sticky topics are now more noticeable.
  • Alternating comment block level colours - Alternates the background between dark and light to make following what comment is a child of what easier.
  • + Many more features and tweaks

Download Now!

SteamGifts Plus is not compatible with the SteamGifts Enhancement Addon or my previous addons. However it includes almost every feature from them!

Install for Firefox

  1. Greasemonkey is required, install it if you don't already have it.
  2. Download the install script from the downloads page.
  3. Open the script with Firefox. You will be promoted with the installer, after you click Install you are done!. Just reload SteamGifts to use it.

Install for Google Chrome

  1. Right click, Save Link As... the install script to your desktop.
  2. Open the Chrome Extensions page. (Tools > Extensions)
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded install script from your desktop into the extensions page. You will be promoted with the installer, after you click Add you are done!. Just reload SteamGifts to use it.

Install for Opera 12

  1. Go to 'Preferences' (CTRL+F12) > Advanced > Content > Javascript Options.
  2. Choose or create your 'User Javascript folder'.
  3. Download the install script from the downloads page and save it into your User Javascript folder.
  4. You're done! Just reload SteamGifts to use it.

Install for Internet Explorer

  1. Uninstall Internet Explorer.
  2. Install Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera.

Bug Reports and Suggestions

For a better chance of me seeing bug reports and suggestions please post them here!


Q: DLC for a game I don't own is not being filtered.
A: The DLC list is manually maintained by me. It's updated roughly every week. If DLC is missing or needs fixed please submit an issue report for DLC. and I'll fix it for the next DLC database update.

Q: I have IE, please make a version for me.
A: Please update to a modern browser that supports addons. IE will never be officially supported.

Q: I keep losing my settings and filters.
A: Please ensure that your cache and cookies are not being deleted when you close your browser. The addon relies on them for saving settings.

Q: Can I import my filters from Zo's Addon into SGE?.
A: Yes! You can import all of your custom filters from Zo's Addon by pressing Import Zo's Addon (SGE) in your giveaway filters control panel.

Q: A topic says it has new comments, but I can't find any.
A: The New Comment count within a thread is per page. There may be new comments on a different page. However due to technical limitations with how new comments are tracked the counter may be incorrect if comments are deleted. You can mark a topic as read by clicking on the # New button on the forum index.

Q: Some of my wishlist games aren't being highlighted?
A: Most often this is an issue caused by a limitation of SteamGifts. SteamGifts only records your top 25 wishlist games. Unless your game is in your wishlist in your sync page then SteamGifts Plus won't know that its in your wishlist.

Q: Why is SteamGifts Plus not on the Google Play Store or Mozillas Add-On Store?
A: Both of these stores would limit the development and features of SteamGifts Plus and in some cases delay updates to SteamGifts Plus by weeks.


andreadandrea (1 year ago)

Great plugin, i always use it on chrome

Question: does it work with chrome on android?

ShaunV2 (1 year ago)

Very nice add-on.

soultaker (1 year ago*)

Plsss fix for Opera 17! what to do don't know how to install?

Telendar (1 year ago*)

Not sure where the problem is for me. Possibly the older Firefox I run to maintain compatibility with tree tabs, vertical tabs, and a few other plugins. Either way, SG+ would not work for. Settings would not be accepted when clicking on them (example could not disable endless scroll). This was even when selecting settings from the top menu.

More annoying though was every page load it would tell me about that it was a new version and give me the option read the notes (which if I clicked OK came up in a window I could not escape from without reloading the page (and getting prompted again, this time cancel)).

Read through this thread didn't see anything like that so I assume it is my configuration which is fine. Just wanted to say from what I saw it looked good and if I could have adjusted the settings it would have been great.

One thing I did learn though is that based on another user I am now also using the older SGE because that did work for saving settings.

Just wanted to mention it in case there were ideas.

DonVino (1 year ago)

Getting this now all the time.

Me too :/


(1 year ago)

I was uploading the screencap right now, I'll just +1 this instead instead.


(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

Getting the same error now. It's broke.


(1 year ago)

Me too. In Google Chrome.


(1 year ago)

Same here, and that Download link is not working either (403).


(1 year ago)

Same here. Someone repair this please.


(1 year ago)

Same. (in Firefox)


(1 year ago*)



(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

Same here. It's probably just a matter of time before it gets fixed. :)


(1 year ago)

same here


(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

me too :( pretty annoying...


(1 year ago)

Now I know how much I depend on SG+. :|


(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

Me too but in Chrome clicky


(1 year ago)

Same here


(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

Just disabled SGE and tried SG+ again. I also experience that with SG+.
Disabled SG+ went back to SGE due to the other issues I have (above).
Just did this quick test as another confirmation of this new issue. Did not exist when I made that prior post.


(1 year ago*)



(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

Yep +1


(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

Getting it in Firefox. Time to turn off SG Plus, I guess. :/


(1 year ago)

SevenFates (1 year ago)

I can verify that I am also getting the same issue as DonVino. Further, I am unable to redownload, resultant of an 403 Forbidden. Your image for the Google Chrome install instructions has also been removed.

MasterXtrem (1 year ago)

Yeah site does not support script anymore ... i had to delete script to get rid of that google loging bs .

ThePonz (1 year ago)

same googlecrap issue here :(

MrAuto (1 year ago)

One question, someone have a copy of this file: if yes, this can be fixed quickly, if not...

Yes i hope so but doubt it.


(1 year ago)

DoctorJellyface (1 year ago)

I just get a "You don't have permission for this URL" page :/

I get a message that I need to enter a password from google code something


(1 year ago)

Same with me :/


(1 year ago)

Texasic (1 year ago)

Same problem, how to repair it

dotazured (1 year ago*)




Uninstall Steamgifts Plus and install via this one instead:

This will change the source to "steamgiftsPlus.src = '';"

thanks. works great now


(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

+1 Man it's scary how great this addon to the site is.


(1 year ago)


(1 year ago)

Thank you for this backup. If it doesn't work for someone try enabling javascript for (in case you have noscript or similar active).


(1 year ago)

Will add that, thanks for the heads up!


(1 year ago)

Thanks! Too bad I'll have to filter all those 500~ games again :D (or not I don't know)


(1 year ago)

Tinik (1 year ago)

Where could i download the chrome's addon?

Gezzaia (1 year ago*)

Hi, all of a sudden I got this authentication window pooping up, telling me that the server at steamgifts requires a user name and password. SG+ wasn't working anymore. So sarching around I found this thread and thought "ok, it's updated, I shall uninstall and redownload it". However now I can't even access the changelog. The authentication window pops up at the steamgifts-plus.googlecode page. So, I can't find a way to use SG+.... Suggestions?

P.S.: I used SG+ with Chrome. My primary browser is Opera, but SG+ didn't work on it.

Thanks and sorry. Found it at the end of the thread.


(1 year ago)

hehe, just came in here to find this out too =D thanks for asking


(1 year ago)

Thanks :)


(1 year ago)

Tsok (1 year ago)

Can someone provide me a download link?

egoism (1 year ago)

Thank you. You may add the button "add to black list" in quick view or inside giveaway?

Mazuro26 (1 year ago)

Oh this is doesn't work anymore?

MythGabriel (1 year ago)

i get a authentification window..what's all that about?

01002920 (1 year ago)

I can't download for chrome.

Invader (1 year ago)

Is this addon broken?

Everytime i open a SteamGifts page i'm asked for authentication on Google Code.

Crossbourne (1 year ago)

Support is no longer provided for this add-on. I'm closing this thread until the creator of the add-on decides to work on it again.

In the meantime, you can access the alternative version maintained by other users here.

This topic is now closed.