I'm sure mine's is old: http://steamcommunity.com/id/commft It's only 6 digits but I have heard of 3 digits before o.o is there anybody here who has the oldest Steam account?

TheEternalComedian (1 year ago)


Wow, of course XD

It's better than an unusual because I can never have one =D

Guess I'm never playing TF2 with him again


(1 year ago)

i just notice we can report gabe for a violation.


(1 year ago)

I wonder how many random adds he gets per day..


(1 year ago)

I've sent him a friend request a while ago. I don't have any hopes of Gabe adding me, but sometimes when life is really hard on me I just look at my friends list and seeing Gabe in it - even if it's "Waiting for response" section - just makes me find inner strenght to keep going.


(1 year ago)

I was actually considering clicking on it too... XD


(1 year ago)

link42586 (1 year ago)

i'm at 9 years and closing in on 10 very soon..I was a cs player and around the time steam launched i was moving and had alot going on or i would have been on a couple weeks sooner. Saying that A friend of mine has one a couple weeks older than mine and i'm almost positive it doesn't get much older than his. But i'm not going to look it up and provide links right now i'm too lazy with satellite internet.

Sweet! This was my brothers account because WON closed down, so I can't believe that it's so old!

I hear that! Steam sure has changed over the years. I remember when there wasn't a friend system at all.


(1 year ago)

My brother does, but maybe not me XD

You joined 12 days before me, and 10 days before OP. You're the current frontrunner for oldest.


(1 year ago)

CSX (1 year ago)

I wonder what you mean with 6 digits? you have way more http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197961764699 your ID can be changed in your profil

Nope, I'm talking about the Steam32id digit XD http://steamrep.com/search?q=commft look at the id's

I see, well I am at Steam since 14 September 2003 http://steamcommunity.com/id/CyberSoniX/badges/1


(1 year ago)

aCAssassin (1 year ago)

2009 Nov when I started my account.

Hmmmm... so that's 4 years!

Chupong (1 year ago)

I joined December last year.

This profile is weird


(1 year ago)

So are his/her "Demo" friends.



(1 year ago)

He is probably an employee of Valve. He is in "Valve" group. and check this out:

Release date for Steam:

Initial release Windows: September 12, 2003

And this guy:

Member since 10 September 2003.

Although I know there was beta before release, don't know if that counts.


(1 year ago*)


He doesn't have a Valve employee badge so I don't think it's an employee, maybe an account used for testing stuffs? :P


(1 year ago)

it explains why his library has all the available games on steam.


(1 year ago)

All those games, almost no play time, THE HELL MANNNN!


(1 year ago)

You can see he only have 17 games and If you check THIS tab, you will see the suprise thing :3


(1 year ago)

So, that means there are 1919 games at this very moment on Steam. :P


(1 year ago)

Team Fortress 2 24 hrs on record

Has 594 TF2 items in his inventory... hmmmmmmmmm


(1 year ago)

This profile turned 10 years old 15 minutes ago! Happy birthday, oldest Steam Account!


(1 year ago)

NariG (1 year ago*)

My current acc is 6 years old. However, I've had another, and it was registered in 2004.

g0mer314 (1 year ago)

I didn't check the other posts in this thread, but my ID is STEAM_0:1:889601

I also remember when everyone first came to steam because of Counter-Strike making the change, and people were selling low number steam accounts... I remember hearing that account 1337 went for quite a bit of money.

Rofl, yea I remember that as well. Thought it was just sad and silly at the same time.


(1 year ago)

Link to that account?


(1 year ago)

Damien1P (1 year ago)

4 years

Scrap (1 year ago*)

Joined 2003-09-12 so I registered on the very day Steam was released. It will be 10 years in 15 days.

Steam ID has 5 digits so I wasn't that fast and got a shitty Steam ID. ;I

I was the 83,550 person to register on Steam so at least I got the under 100,000 number.

This guy is the new frontrunner.


(1 year ago)

logan5 (1 year ago)

Older ones have already been posted, including the OP, but I reg'ed April 10th 2004, so coming up on that decade club.

Honestly I only had CS on it for years cause I figured the service wouldn't make it. Its a miracle I managed to remember my account name and password.

Pr0n (1 year ago)

Robin and Gabe, they may come here sometimes.

YOURFATCOUSIN (1 year ago)

har har, mine's slightly better - 17094.


(1 year ago)

madnessnewb (1 year ago*)

9 years for me.

alffie (1 year ago)

I can only wonder who is the 1337 registered user. >.>

This guy. - steamrep

Another Valve employee, of course. If I worked at Valve, you'd better believe I'd reserve that spot for myself. lmao.


(1 year ago*)

Sisyphus17 (1 year ago)

Member since November 13th, 2003.

falsifiable (1 year ago)

7 years and change.

daedin (1 year ago)

My steam account was created in 2004 but I did'nt use it at all until last month (my only games were Half-life/CS)

crackerbear (1 year ago)

Apparently mine's 5 digits. Too old.

FlyPodGaming (1 year ago)

Started my account on 15th October 2012 but only bought my first game on 7 May 2013

UndyingZombie (1 year ago*)

Mine is old.. Might have been older if I was not soo stubbern about not wanting to use steam at the time. Yes it had Half-life 2, and eventually a new mod came out that had a TON of people talking about it ( Garry's Mod ) but I still did not want to touch steam with a 10 foot pole back then.. ( Keep in mind, steam was VERRY buggy when it was first out.. and that was part of the reason why I did not want to go near it lol. That and I liked the mods I was playing in the WON version of Half-Life.. :P )

Things change :P

If you really want to know, it was in 2004 or 2005 that I made my account. If I remember correctly anyways.

Edit To note, really does not matter, but I do still have my original Half-Life copy, got it when it was first released. Sucks I no longer have the box it came in.. but at least I still have the disk lol.

HBMarco (1 year ago*)

Member since 29 October 2003 but before valvegamer since 1998 under wonid :รพ

genbatzu (1 year ago)

member since 18. September 2004 - just for CS1.6 back then

LAW666 (1 year ago)

Had the account since 18 Feb 2013, also for CS 1.6!

hevis (1 year ago)

My SteamID is 111179, member since 13 Sep, -03.

blackxdragon (1 year ago)

i dont now 4 or 5 Years?

SilverSoldier (1 year ago)

Member since 12 September 2003. :) And Valve gamer since '99-2000.. Since the beta stages (beta 5.2) of Counter-Strike. :D (still playing beta 6.1 nowadays btw :D)

SCHUMI4EVER (1 year ago*)

I reckon many of the earlier Steam accounts will have been people that got The Orange Box since that's when Steam experienced it's first real growth spurt.

ShiroRyuujin (1 year ago)

It's about time I've seen some accounts older then mine, all of my friends and everyone I know usually only have about 2-3 years tops.

Ekaros (1 year ago)

I'm part of the sad 2004 group. Not CS:S player so no luck there...

bondKI (1 year ago)

9 Jul 2013 @ 9:17pm Made the account for the CSS MP Pack. (CSS, DoD:S and HL2:DM)

Miirraa (1 year ago)

Your profile is interesting, you suddenly got all achivements at Aug 27, 2013 2:59pm.

I am Sam

I am Sam

Sam I am

That Sam I am

That Sam I am

I do not like that Sam I am


(1 year ago)

FedtTony (1 year ago)

My old account was from September 2003 but I sold it to a friend because I was going to "stop playing counter-strike" (that was basically what Steam was for back then.) My current account is from March 2007.

ryuga (1 year ago)

11 October 2004, almost 9 years... ATI Radeon 9600XT + HL2 bundle :)

Raynys (1 year ago)

My first account http://steamcommunity.com/id/thewarmachine 8 years

Z3k3 (1 year ago)

Member since 12 september 2003.

Corwinn (1 year ago*)


Since Sept. 12 2003.

Any of you got a lower steamid than mine? 0:0:17094.

I don't think anyone is going to beat this, haha.

Edit: Among the four that are Day-Oners, Corwinn is =still= the oldest.


(1 year ago*)

STEAM ID 1 !!!!

Not mine, but first steam acc ever !


(1 year ago)

webbbrandon4 (1 year ago)

Ive been a member since July 12 2004, I guess that's when i finally upgraded my CS game to 1.6

wolvesandpizza (1 year ago)

9 and my library is sad.

TimL (1 year ago)

I regret making a new account and buying all games on there... 2009 here

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