Disney Buys Valve

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According to PC Gamer:

"[on buying Valve] We hope to make better games, that will appeal more to our audience, and make Steam more kid-friendly, by removing social features, and limiting the ESRB for only Ec-T ratings. Also, with the purchase of Valve, we will have a better team to develop our games, such as the upcoming "Shake it Up: Interactive Dance Studio", and "Phineas and Ferb: Summertime fun". We also asked Disney whether or not they will continue creating original Valve games "Well, even though Half-Life 3 is planned for a 2017 release, we decided to scrap the game, and start it from scratch with a less violent atmosphere, and a planned ESRB rating of E10+. One of the big changes we are gonna do to upcoming Valve games is more product placement, and classic Disney characters you can interact with in game". When asked about Gabe Newell's standing in the decision, Disney CEO,Bob Iger, responded "Gabe Newell agreed to sell Valve to us if we agree to continue Valve's series Left 4 Dead and Half Life. He wants to stay in Valve, but we are negotiating with him so he could leave, and we could put our own Jerry Smith in charge of Valve."

According to them it will be finalized in August 1st and Disney will be fully in charge by September 2013!

PCGAMER- "Disney Buys Valve"

BloodyRo (9 months ago)

Mickey 4 Dead 3 or Half Princess 3

Disney characters in a L4D game? I would play.


(9 months ago)

GladOS in Kingdom Hearts?

Lorkhan (Support)

(9 months ago)

I'm sure there's a mod for that somewhere in the Steam workshop.


(9 months ago)

Left 4 Duck 3


(9 months ago)

Luller (9 months ago)

Happy background music, lots of colors in the UI? I'm totally down with this!

They're replacing blood with confetti.


(9 months ago)

Just move to Germany and play TF2.


(9 months ago*)

I don't like TF2


(9 months ago)

Shame on you.


(9 months ago)

gasfella (9 months ago)

i giggled abit just abit

i giggled a lot just a lot :3


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sviat93 (9 months ago*)

lol I thought this is the end of the world!!!!!

mm00 (9 months ago)

hell yeah!!!!!, i've been waiting for this to happen

Kasnar (9 months ago)

So freaking lame...

Trialofnightmare (9 months ago)

Anyone who smokes a cigarette will now have a piece of straw instead. You will now be fighting zombies with key blades and Gordon Freeman will be fighting the Combine with a pop gun.

ArtyX7 (9 months ago*)

Half-Life 3 would come with shiny and coloured aliens that you may play with them to earn archievements, it would totally be GOTY.

XXvincent (9 months ago)

left 4 dead princess edition? oh god, why???

SilentShadow117 (9 months ago)

Well, time to go kill myself! Wait, maybe we'll see Half-Life 3! And then, they'll make movies about it, and spinoffs!!! Then, they'll shut down Valve and license out those games to EA!!! YES!!! THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!

Now, I'm going to shoot myself...

here, have some ammunition.


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S173NT54MUR41 (9 months ago)

Boycot the steam summer sale

Ri0Rdian (9 months ago*)

This is a hoax right? Right?! Cause it sounds so bad that it might actually be true lol.

Edit: Oh, yeah, the link...pfew :P

MadDogTen (9 months ago)

Well, This can only be good for Half Life 2 Episode 3/Half Life 3, As I always thought there wasn't enough cartoonyness in it, This will be completely epic, Less Blood, More Micky Mouse! :D:D

JayJaytheAnt (9 months ago)

you know guys this is a... wrrrr slash "Ohh Boy! hahahaha!"

ChrisITA (9 months ago*)

Mickey Mouse 3? Heck yeah!

Glotzeulor (9 months ago)


NastyNate813 (9 months ago)

I didn't believe it until I saw the video of Gaben shaking hands with Donald Duck. This is crazy.

IKR first George lucas, now gaben, disney is the devil!


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musirasta (9 months ago)

ghghghh... nice joke is a giveaway inside!! :D ty to share!

stop tryong to cover the truth, we know you are heartbroken because of this news


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GregStrat (9 months ago)

Holy shit not again. Disney will fuck up everything like they did with LucasArts. Sons of bitches.

Caerbannog (9 months ago)

Atleast Disney can count to 3.

r1j1k (9 months ago)

What a pity! They are going to kill Valve, bastards!

Ludicus (9 months ago)

Boycott Steam!

SkywardOcarina (9 months ago)

Hey, if they make me a 3D open-world Ducktales...

Naw, it still wouldn't be worth it

Angrygamer (9 months ago)

Um.. The beauty and the beastly zombies 3. I REALLY HOPE THAT HAPPENES, being a damn princess killin' all of em' zombies them teabagging their faces. Then BOOM! A hunter pins the princess to the ground and rips her face off. Then her close friend who had been fighting zombies got mutated and had suddenly turned into an evil witch. The princess had watched as the ugly witch had started charging at her with mighty sharp and long claws. Until right then, a fat heavy who ate way to many sandwiches, had randomly fallen from heaven and crushed the witch. The blood spew everywhere, all over her dress. The heavy just had sat there on a picnic rug with a basket filled with delicious sandwiches. The princess loved sandwiches, she sat down with the heavy and ate delicious sandwiches. They ate for a while and a huge force field had surrounded them. The princess had all the beauty restored. Until the heavy got tired of the sandwiches and ate her.

The end.

myruthus (9 months ago)

almost a heart attack!



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Pur3Bolt (9 months ago)

why did you revive you 9 month old topic? No spam allowed man! >:(

New members new reactions. PLUS, I added a giveaway.


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LodanZark (9 months ago)

Dont scare me dude >.>

AtomicWoodchuck (9 months ago)

It's a good fit with Valve's Mickey Mouse customer service...

Me: Hi my account got stolen, can you please help me? Mickey: Haha, mickey mickey mickey, haha, you must be crazy like me haha Me: Fuck you Mickey: Haha, watch your language, haha Me: FUck u mickey Mickey: Haha, I will come and rape you now, haha Me: IN the backround Me: no mickey you really don't have to do this Mickey: Haha too bad *rape rape


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ANDEEZY (9 months ago)

Ban this guy.

MeMasumi (9 months ago)

Scrooge McDuck bought Valve?

TwisttedElement (9 months ago)


wardeathfun (9 months ago)

Kingdom Hearts is gonna haz a good time.

spacegoblin (9 months ago)

That would be the worst thing ever...If Disney bought Valve...

TheChack (9 months ago)

About damn time.

Dainius (9 months ago)


Blasteroids (9 months ago)

Oh man, I best buy fortix before Disney make it bad.

PeanutsKill (9 months ago)

Kingdom Hearts 3 now can have a Black Mesa world????

could you imagine a companion cube keyblade :)


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darkmatterdhk (9 months ago)

This thread won the internet for me .

Probrotector (9 months ago)

Sequel to Jedi Academy confirmed.

BrownieDragon (9 months ago)

This is just a joke right?