(Closed) Steam says "Disk Idle"

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So, here in my home, I'm kind of far away from the wifi router, and sometimes it slows down the internet so much that even though Windows 7 is connected to the network, I can't browse the net.

And some minutes ago, I bought Farming Simulator on Steam with my trading cards money, and was downloading it when the internet slowed down, and Steam's downloading page reported "Disk Idle"

I went to search it, and it is a hard disk issue.

Has anyone had this error before?

zoahporre (11 months ago*)

its not an error,its a status message, it will change when your computer writes to the hard drive.

Zapek (11 months ago)

Your disk is a lazy fuck, you gotta make him do some work and not stay idle like that all the time :/

Use more whip


(11 months ago)

wazzaptheone (11 months ago*)

before they added that, you would be downloading the game and it would slow down on speed and you never knew why. Steam is basically letting you know if it is installing/writing to the hard drive during that time of the download for your game. Disk Idle = not installing and Disk busy = installing

Incog (11 months ago)

Disk is the lesser known younger brother of Eric. Not suited for comedy like his older sibling, Disk went on to become a status message in a digital game distribution system.

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