(Closed) Database query failed?

8 Comments - Created by Pyeman182 3 years ago

I logged onto the site this afternoon and all I can see it a picture of the current givaway, a picture of the persons hosting it and some randomly tabbed Database query failed messages. Just thought I would let you know.

AliSama (3 years ago)

i see it as well. though it seems to be running the contests fine.

Kane (3 years ago)

The site seems to be down a lot.

Nox (3 years ago)

But you can't join these contests so it's not fine

metalmanijak (3 years ago)

This is not good!

DokusatsuYuiitsumo (3 years ago)

Mine is like this as well. I'm ok with waiting for a bit, but it does seem to go down a lot. Maybe there should be something to subscribe to that mentions site issues and updates?

cg (Admin) (3 years ago)

Database query failed was being displayed because the table for entries became corrupt. That's now been repaired. Aside from that, we're just completely overloaded with traffic. We're going to switch over to Litespeed soon and see if that improves performance, and if not, upgrade servers.

So what database management system do you use MySQL right?


(3 years ago)

Pyeman182 (3 years ago)

Thanks its all up and running now

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